Climb Beyond the Crest: A Visionary Tale On the Appalachian Trail

Climb Beyond the Crest: A Visionary Tale On the Appalachian Trail

by Don Defreeze


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Separate yourself from the world’s hectic whirlwind and become part of an Appalachian Trail hike into enchanting wilderness. Buy into Don Defreeze’s personal narrative and be ticketed on a journey to supreme acuity. The thread is the hike while various trail segments jog thoughts ranging from philosophical to the practical, almost a discussion of reality’s nature. These ideas collectively create a frame of reference which walks the reader into symbiotic solitude and a personal challenge.

Already hours into the hike, the adventure begins with Don resting beside the Appalachian Trail where he wrestles with a quandary. His decision nixes all considerations to scrub the hike and marks the start of an inspirational trek that weaves through a myriad of settings. Travel through various scenes of forest, streams, and mountains that initiate internal perspectives and external experiences. Accompany Don’s struggle to reach his goal as he also entertains a few trail-side meetings and recollected stories.

After intense hiking, his journey and ideas culminate at a distant mountaintop as darkness falls. Alone, he’s subject to the unavoidable grip of night’s blackening onset which prompts a provocative examination of existence. His common-sense use of knowledge and ordinary clues define a vision, a model of reality which cannot be denied. It’s a view that can redefine how life itself is experienced. His acute claims are reinforced in rallying spirit at a roaring campfire to end this installment of the Please Read trilogy.

Based on a 2001 spring hike, Climb Beyond the Crest is an adventure story with metaphysical overtures. Born 1959, Don Defreeze (BS Oneonta, NY) has interacted with a wide variety of people, both economically and educationally, providing him with a diverse bank of perspectives to postulate, each human has their own outlook. For Don, he lives and breathes outdoor adventure and has developed a hiking guide business to facilitate others. His life-long quest to seek the natural essence of all things is interminable—please read his conclusions.

The Please Read trilogy begins with the book Please Read. It launches the hike while forming a historical foundation for the adventure. Climb Beyond the Crest fulfills the destiny of the present plight all face, mirrored by the hike. The final installment peeks at future ramifications of the vision instilled while the hike comes full circle.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781543914795
Publisher: BookBaby
Publication date: 12/16/2017
Series: Please Read Series , #2
Pages: 302
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Don Defreeze is the owner/founder of Excihiking, a wilderness guide service located in Roanoke, Virginia. The Appalachian Mountains near Roanoke are fantastic and Don has explored every niche. He’s availed his knowledge to the public and leads exciting tours to eager customers seeking Appalachian solace. His background in the natural sciences compliments his skill as a leader on specialized excursions.
Don’s Please Read project was established during his college years at SUNY Oneonta, where he earned a BS Meteorology, 1981. Since, his employment has tapped many industries including construction, manufacturing, retail, energy and transportation. This wide-range of occupations has been a boon to his project as a source of diversified opinion about the human condition. The 1st book of his project’s trilogy, Please Read, was published in 2009.

Don’s vast experiences have included various sections of the Appalachian Trail, Mt Marcy (NY’s highest peak), the Aurora Borealis and a total solar eclipse just to mention a few. You can find out more about him and his service at

Table of Contents

Preface v

Introduction ix

Chapter 1 Time in an Appalachian Bottle 1

Chapter 2 The Military Surge 25

Chapter 3 Spurn or Spur? 47

Chapter 4 Nature's Twist 87

Chapter 5 Echoes of the Present Past 121

Chapter 6 The Face of Nothing 173

Chapter 7 The Singularity of Timeless Variety 207

Chapter 8 Melding Prospects 245

Author Biography 285

Photo Archive 287

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Climb Beyond the Crest: A Visionary Tale On the Appalachian Trail 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Divine Zape for Readers' Favorite Climb Beyond the Crest: A Visionary Tale on the Appalachian Trail by Don Defreeze is an inspirational memoir that takes readers on the author’s hike into the wilderness of the Appalachian Trail, an experience that allows readers to explore themes like solitude, living in austerity, and the strength within the author. Withdrawing from the hum of his busy life, the protagonist makes a journey into the mountain wilderness, a journey that will bring him face to face with himself and allow him to touch both his vulnerability and his inner strength. This is a book that can be read as a spiritual journey, or the author’s adventures into nature, or better still, his awakening into the subtle mysteries of life. Readers will enjoy the way the author deals with challenging situations, and mustering enough strength for the next step, but the lessons that derive from this experience are gems for the reader. While this book offers beautiful and powerful scenes to feed the reader’s imagination, it is a very philosophical book, one that describes a metaphor of one’s climb towards success. The author has used his hiking skills to explore the nature of the human quest for success, human growth, and what it takes to bring out the best in a human being. Don Defreeze’s writing is highly perceptive and the prose features a style that is unique. Climb Beyond the Crest: A Visionary Tale on the Appalachian Trail will encourage readers to develop a more positive, daring attitude towards life, to believe they have answers to the many questions life throws at most of us. It’s very inspiring and packed with a lot of insightful reflections. A great read, indeed!