Climbing: The World's Best Sites

Climbing: The World's Best Sites

by Garth Hattingh


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While, extreme sports have become increasingly popular over the last decades, mountain climbing has always been a well-known test of man against nature. People don't climb mountains just because they're there; the discipline and skill required to scale these takes humans to the highest heights and exposes the most incredible views of Earth. "Climbing: The World's Best Sites" explores the pinnacles of this sport.

Offering essential guidance and beautiful visual images of inspiration to mountain climbing enthusiasts, this breathtaking book covers various categories of climbing, with special emphasis on the challenging Himalayan, Big Wall, and Alpine chains. Beginning with 8000m peaks, including the illustrious Mount Everest and the K2, crossing continents to Kilmanjaro, then on to the Matterhorn, and across the Americas, "Climbing: The World's Greatest Sites" explores each mountain in detail.

Delving into the history and picturesquely displaying the process of reaching the peaks, this invaluable book offers a practical discussion of climbing concepts, techniques, and equipment. It also recreates the first ascents using topographic maps, diagrams, and pictures, as well as features personal profiles of famous climbers, and an illustrated time line from the eighteenth century to the present, reflecting the high points of climbing around the world.

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ISBN-13: 9780789310231
Publisher: Rizzoli
Publication date: 08/20/2003
Pages: 160
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