Clinical Assessment of Children's Intelligence

Clinical Assessment of Children's Intelligence

by Randy W. Kamphaus

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ISBN-13: 9780205142569
Publisher: Allyn & Bacon, Inc.
Publication date: 01/01/1993

Table of Contents



1. History of Intelligence Testing.

2. Theories of Intelligence.

3. Research Findings.

II. Assessment Foundations.

4. The Assessment Process.

5. Psychometric Principles and Issues.

III. Interpretation and Reporting.

6. Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children Third Edition (WISC- III).

7. An Integrative Method of Interpretation.

8. Report Writing and Oral Reporting.

IV. Assessment Tools.

9. Kaufman Assessment Battery for Children (K-ABC).

10. Stanford-Binet Fourth Edition.

11. Woodcock-Johnson and Differential Ability Scales.

12. Other Measures of Intelligence.

13. Infant and Preschool Intellectual Assessment.

V. Advanced Concepts and Applications.

14. Assessing Exceptional Children: Mental Retardation, Giftedness, Hearing and Visual Impairments.

15. Assessing Exceptional Children: Learning Disabilities, Brain Injuries, and Emotional and Behavioral Problems.

16. Multicultural Assessment and Bias.

17. Ethics and Practice Standards.




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