Clinical Pearls in Naturopathic Medicine, Vol. I: Acute Diseases

Clinical Pearls in Naturopathic Medicine, Vol. I: Acute Diseases


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Naturopathic writings (1900-1923) with case studies of Naturopaths forging natural health with simple but effective tools: hydrotherapy, diet, exercise, herbs, sunshine, fresh air and therapeutic clay. Topics include the handling of birthing crises, infections, nerve pain, rheumatism, bleeding, lung illnesses, malaria, diphtheria, colds, flu, pneumonia, and much more.

“When organizing the material for this collection of acute diseases, I was impressed by the conviction and certainty with which these early Naturopaths approached very serious and life threatening diseases. Exemplary and astonishing clinical outcomes for diseases that today might cause major grimacing, even fear, are worth reviewing closely. With few tools at their disposal, the early Naturopaths succeeded in providing what we now call primary care to their patients.” —Sussanna Czeranko, Ed.

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Publication date: 01/14/2019
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About the Author

Sussanna Czranko, ND, BBE, is a 1994 graduate of CCNM (Toronto).
She is a licensed ND in Oregon. In the last twenty-two years, she has developed an extensive armamentarium of traditional naturopathic therapies for her patients. Especially interested in balneotherapy, botanical medicine, breathing and nutrition, she is a frequent international presenter and workshop leader.
She is a monthly Contributing Editor (Nature Cure-Past Pearls) for NDNR and a Contributing Writer for the Foundations of Naturopathic Medicine Project.
Dr. Czeranko founded The Breathing Academy and along with Dr. Karis Tressel
The Nature-Cure Academy, both of which provide training and practicums for
Naturopathic doctors, the former in the scientific model of Buteyko breathing therapy, and the latter in traditional Naturopathic modalities. Dr. Czeranko also founded Manitou Waters Clinic, Spa and Health Education Centre in
Saskatchewan, Canada, on the shores of a pristine, highly mineralized northern lake.

Table of Contents


1900 Staunching Of Bleeding Of Wounds 37; Nose Bleeding 38; Asthma 40; Diarrhea, Congestion And Overeating 44; Abdominal Complaints Of Women 47; Bright’s Disease 51; The Kneipp Cure, Diseases 55; Abscess 62

1901 Measles 67; Blood Poisoning And Epistaxis 72

1902 Some Sound Advice For The Winter Season 81; Cough And Bronchitis 83; Eyes And Sores 94; Croup 97; Diseases, How to Treat Them According To The Kneipp System 99

1903 Nature’s Methods Of Cure 111; Children’s Diseases 118; Appendicitis Cured In Six Days 121

1904 Throat Diseases 125; Many Ways To Relieve Pain Without Drugs 151

1905 Influenza, Simple Treatments 161; Ulcers 166;

Puerperal Fever, Its Prevention And Natural Treatment 171

1906 Cholera, Its Safe Prevention And Cure 185;

The Rational Treatment Of Tuberculosis 202

1907 Malaria 209;

1908 Cold Air And Cold Water 221; Diphtheria 226; Sea Sickness 233

1909 Carbuncles And Boils, Pulmonary Hemorrhages

1910 The Earth As Curative 243

1911 Measles 255; Pleurisy And Pulmonary Diseases 260;

1912 Diagnosis, What For 271

1913 Poison Ivy 293

1914 Nature Cure 297; Sciatica 300

1915 Rusty Nail Wounds 310

1916 Acute Articular Rheumatism 321; Treatise On Fever 326; Dysmenorrhea 332

1917 Diarrhea 343; Measles, Scarlet Fever, Diphtheria, Smallpox, Whooping Cough, Scrofula


1918 Typhus, Dysentery, Cholera, And Diarrhea 377; Conduct After Birth 387

1920 Why We Become 406

1921 Treatment Of Bronchitis 415; The Treatment Of Acute Diseases 418

1922 My First Case Of Pneumonia 435

1923 The Curative Agency Of Water And 443

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