Clinical Studies in Neuro-Psychoanalysis: Introduction to a Depth Neuropsychology

Clinical Studies in Neuro-Psychoanalysis: Introduction to a Depth Neuropsychology


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Clinical Studies in Neuro-Psychoanalysis: Introduction to a Depth Neuropsychology by Mark Solms, Karen Kaplan-Solms

Winner of the 2002 Gradiva Award

Hailed as a turning point in psychoanalytic research in its first edition, this new edition will be relied on as a model for the integration of neuroscience and psychoanalysis. The authors have added a glossary of key terms to this edition to aid their introduction to depth neuropsychology.

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ISBN-13: 9781855751156
Publisher: Karnac Books
Publication date: 01/28/2000
Pages: 320
Product dimensions: 6.02(w) x 9.04(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Karen Kaplan-Solms

Karen Kaplan-Solms is a speech and language pathologist and neuropsychologist. She was an Honorary Lecturer in Neuro-surgery at the London Hospital Medical College at the time she conducted this research. She is an Associate member of the British Psycho-Analytical Society. She has published broadly in neuropsychological and psychoanalytic journals.

Mark Solms

Mark Solms is a neuropsychologist and psychoanalyst who has done pioneering re-search into brain mechanisms of dreaming. He is co-chair of the International Neuro-Psychoanalysis Society and, with Karen Kaplan-Solms, author of Clinical Studies in Neuro-Psychoanalysis.

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Clinical Studies in Neuro-Psychoanalysis: Introduction to a Depth Neuropsychology 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
'Freud, in his 1895 'Project for a Scientific Psychology', attempted to join the emerging discipline of psychoanalysis with the neuroscience of his time. But that was a hundred years ago,when the neuron had only just been described, and Freud was forced - through lack of pertinent knowledge - to abandon his project. We have had to wait many decades before the sort of data which Freud needed finally became available. Now, these many years later, contemporary neuroscience allows for the resumption of the search for correlations between these two disciplines. The Drs Solms are uniquely qualified for his task, having trained in both psychoanalysis and the neurosciences, and the work described in this volume ushers in a new era for our field.' - Arnold Z. Pfeffer, from his Foreword

'In this one volume the Solms have expanded the frontiers of psychoanalysis, by bringing new meaning to a host of topics that in the past seemed to have little to do with psychoanalytic theory. It is difficult to imagine whether this volume will be of greater interest to psychoanalysts or neuroscientists. Either group will find this book fascinating and will wonder how the conceptual connections which seem so natural in the hands of the Solms, have eluded other investigators and theorists.' - Steven J. Ellman, PhD

'Mark and Karen Solms are each outstanding scientists in their own right who have in a short period of time moved the field of psychoanalysis forward by integrating data from the laboratory and the consulting room. They have brought to this tasks an in-depth knowledge of neuropsychology, neurobiology, and psychoanalysis. Their work is in the best spirit of E.O. Wilson's concept of consilience (the bringing together of different disciplines), wise, and a pleasure to read.'