Clinton's "Little White House Lie": Preventing WWIII

by Mr. Harvey Carroll Jr.


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Clinton's "Little White House Lie."
Harvey Carroll, Jr.

I called Presidential Consultant James Carville's office and asked Clinton to tell a "Little White House Lie" (Lewinsky Scandal) to protect 1st Lady Hillary Clinton's Diplomatic Mission into Eastern Europe after Russian President Yeltzen had threatened WWIII if the United States returned to Iraq... The "Little White House Lie" may have prevented WWIII... You decide...

(Were gonna need real leadership to deal with the current Putin aggression into Ukraine and the occupation of Crimea)...

I now hold a Bachelors of Business Administration Degree specializing in Real Estate and Finance, and three partial Masters in Business, Public Administration as well as Diplomacy and International Commerce...

I've been considered the most influential international political figure in Kentucky-US, and some would say that perhaps in the World at one time.

I have dealt with Governors, Senators, Presidents and Foreign Heads of State; and in the process I have saved millions of lives, and affected the economic fate of nations...

Yet, I have made mistakes, and even cost lives and often ponder if the "End Justified the Means."
It had always been quite easy for me to deal with complex U.S. National and International Policy.

From a young age I dealt with local, state, national and international policy that includes Latin America i.e. "Panama," Middle East (Iraq, Libya, Syria, Israel, Iran), Africa, and even coming to the AID after the collapse of the Soviet Union to protect U.S. and Global Security by suggesting buying out the nuclear weapons to prevent them from ending up on the Black Market for Terrorism, as well as preventing the former fifteen Soviet States against each other.

I also suggested financial bailouts, and another financial AID via the IFC/World Bank for Ukraine that saved seventy-five banks a few years ago (a similar plan presented to the U.S. House and Senate Financial Services Committee "Frank and Dodd" to bailout the American Economy to assist 2/3rds of the American States and Top Banks from Collapse.

More recently, I have shared suggestions to have the OSCE get between the separatist and the Ukrainian Army to the Ukrainian Presidents people tasked to negotiate the Minsk Agreements that may have prevented Ukraine from turning into another Syria...

In the process I have noticed that Russian President Putin sent Troops "Little Green Men" into Crimea much like my suggestions for the "Panama Invasion,." which you're about to read...

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