Clipped by Love

Clipped by Love

by Toni Aleo


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ISBN-13: 9781511728812
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 04/14/2015
Series: Bellevue Bullies Series , #2
Pages: 350
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.73(d)

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Clipped by Love 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 17 reviews.
kysrinaria More than 1 year ago
Yet another great book by Toni. I seriously love her characters. They are so relatable. I love the Sinclair boys and Jayden was just someone I can really understand. Someone who tends to carry the weight of the world and feel responsible for everyone in their life. It took me a while to warm up to Baylor simply because she pushes people away so hard. Which I also get and I think I had a problem letting her in because I'm too much like her too :) There was some kerfluffle about a reader not liking that Baylor was going to get into the NHL. What in the world is so wrong with that? In most sports, women are an after thought. So you have to play like the boys to even have a shot at being taken seriously. Even doesn't happen. I think it was awesome for Toni to write up a character like her. One of the reasons I love Toni's writing is because it makes me laugh. Especially in the Bellevue series. Maybe it's because the characters are a little younger than the guys in the Assassins series. It just cracks me up! I can't wait for the next installment :)
dsubsits More than 1 year ago
Clipped by Love (Bellevue Bullies #2) by Toni Aleo Jayden is expected to be the next Sinclair brother to be drafter in the NHL.  He is set on focusing on his goal.  Then he meets his biggest competition, Baylor Moore, who is hopping to be the first woman drafter into the NHL. I loved this story!  Toni Aleo never ceases to amaze me.  Just when I think that her stories cannot get any better she writes another one. Baylor is a fantastic heroine.  I love that she doesn’t give up and sets high goals for herself.  Her father and coach won the Stanley Cup with the Boston Bruins and forsake his hockey career to raise her after her mother left them when she was a newborn.  She is set on making her father proud.  She is stubborn to a fault. Jayden is a great guy and brother.  He is loyal and responsible.  He looks out for those that he considers his.   I appreciated how Jaden and Baylor challenged each other.  I love that Jaden considers Baylor his hockey twin. I was thrilled that some of the Assassin series characters make an appearance in this book.  I was also excited to get an update on the lives of Jayden’s older brother Jude and Claire. I think the plot was very realistic because in 1992 Manon Rheaume became the first woman to play in an NHL exhibition game as a goalie for the Tampa Bay Lightning versus the St. Louis Blues.  Plus, the NHL and USA Hockey have been actively promoting the sport to young female hockey players.  My son plays travel hockey. We have seen many girls that have given the boys a run for their money.  It is only a matter of time until someone tries for the draft. Toni Aleo wrote another phenomenal book.  She is very convincing. The individuals have their ups and downs.  They show tremendous growth.  She does an amazing job making you fall in love with the characters in the series.  I ended up with a serious book hangover from not being able to put this one down and get some sleep.  It was well worth it. If you love sports romances and have not tried the Bellevue Bullies or Assassins Series you need to give them a shot.  You will not be disappointed. A gifted copy was provided by author for an honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed this book
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I adore Toni!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Love this series and author. This series, as well as the Assassins series are excellent. It's nice that she ties in both series to one another.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
heater_28 More than 1 year ago
Clipped by Love is the second book in the Bellevue Bullies series and it showcases Jayden Sinclair, who hopes to become the next captain of the Bullies as he works towards his goal of being drafted into the NHL and Baylor Sinclair, the girl who has always excelled at hockey, played with the boys and has her sights set on being the first woman in the NHL. Jayden has had a difficult year with his father up and leaving their family; causing him and his siblings to have to step up to help out his mother, his brother has gone off to the NHL and that has proven to be a bigger adjustment for Jayden than he anticipated. Jude, his brother suggests a brothers trip, which includes their other brother Jace and little does Jayden know, chance was going to bring someone into his life that could prove to the be one to change it in more ways than he could anticipate. Baylor is focused on nothing more than being the best hockey player she can be, while always wanting to make her father (who is also her coach) proud of her both on and off the ice. Because she wants to succeed so badly on the ice, she shies away from making friends and wants no distractions at all. That means staying far away from the temptation of boys. When her two girlfriends, who have bullied their way into her life, make her go on a weekend trip to the beach, Baylor has an encounter with Jayden that tempts her to throw her thought of distractions out the window, it's she who ends up on the losing end. As Baylor and Jayden go their separate ways, they both know the other was special, but they figure they will never see one another again after the one day they spent together. When fate steps in and brings them back into one another's universe, the question becomes will their competitiveness derail any potential connection before it's made? And, will the walls that Baylor has up around her heart be able to be scaled? I have read all of Toni Aleo's books and Clipped by Love is by far my favorite of all of her novels. I connected with both Jayden and Baylor and the story that Toni wove was one that left you rooting for the love story that you knew was right there for the taking.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved the Assassin's series and Boarded by Love. I know these books are fiction but I need a book to be remotely believable in order to get into the book. I have a daughter that plays D1 college hockey and nothing about Baylor's store would happen in real life. I woman would never play on men's college hockey team and the only way a women will be in the NHL is if she was a goalie (and at the moment no one has gotten past the minor leagues). I am looking forward to Jace's story to see what happens to the youngest Sinclair brother.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Absolutely loved Jayden and Baylor! Can't wait for Jace's story!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
JSantoroReads1302 More than 1 year ago
I loved Jude Sinclair from Boarded by Love, but Jayden took over the top spot as my favorite Sinclair boy. He is sensitive, sweet, hard working, sexy, funny and doesn't take anything for granted. He has amazing skills on the ice (and off the ice *wink wink* LOL) but he works his butt off to keep them and improve them. He is not selfish, he encourages everyone on his team to be the best and off the ice he thinks with his head and heart, not his dick. He was just all around a great character. Baylor Moore was a hot mess. She was emotionally stunted because of past hurts, leaving her very closed off to personal relationships of any sort and very insecure but on the ice she couldn't be more confident. She is extremely attracted to Jayden, but threatened by his hockey skills and unsure of his pursuit of her. Jayden pursued her hardcore, but he did it subtlety. He knew when to press her and when to back off and let her come to him. With Jayden's leadership on the ice and his attention off the ice Baylor learned how to let people in and how to be more open. Jayden was a great character by himself, but Baylor brought out the best in him and he brought out the best in her. The book had just the right amount of drama, sexiness, humor and heart.  I really enjoyed this book and it definitely goes into my top two by Toni Aleo.
mslizalou More than 1 year ago
***4.5 out of 5 stars*** I was lucky enough to get a review copy of Clipped by Love with the promise of an honest review. I'm a huge fan of Toni Aleo and love her hockey books so much.  Baylor Moore is now one of my most favorite characters Toni Aleo has ever written. She hasn't taken top spot from Elli or Shea, but is really close. She is one of the most kick-ass characters I've ever read. First of all she is training to play hockey in the NHL. She is also smart and beautiful and truly is the whole package. She has been burned from guys in the past using her to get help from her dad, who not only played hockey in the NHL, but won the Cup and is now a college hockey coach. Baylor and her dad are super close since her mom walked out on them when Baylor was born. I loved the relationship Baylor had with her dad, as it reminded me of how close I've always been to my own dad. Baylor is all about hockey all the time, so of course when get has a girls weekend away, she and her friends would run into 3 hockey players to hang out with at the beach. I've always loved how sensitive Jayden is to his family and those around him. Jayden and Baylor had super hot chemistry from the moment they met. I absolutely loved that they were playing street hockey and were fighting to win like they were trying the win the championship. I knew both Jayden and Baylor had finally met their match for one another and couldn't wait for them to be together. I have to say that Jayden has always been more sensitive to doing the right thing than either of his brothers, even when it bites him in the butt. I loved his protective instincts went into over drive when Baylor got drunk at the party, even when she was so pissed that she punched him in the face. Like I say Baylor is totally kick-ass. When Baylor's dad takes a position as head hockey coach at Bellevue, I couldn't wait for the fireworks to start between Baylor and Jayden. We didn't really have to wait long either. I loved their relationship, yet hated that Baylor made Jayden hide the fact they were together from her dad and their other teammates. I understood her reasoning, but really wanted them to be out in the open way sooner. Baylor and Jayden had some of the hottest moments and sweetest moments of all the characters in Toni Aleo's books. I honestly could gush about this couple for days. I loved that both Baylor and Jayden were always looking out for one another on and off the rink. Jayden has such a natural protective instinct, it didn't really surprise me he would always look out for Baylor, but I loved that Baylor had that side of her that only really came out with those people she truly loved. I also have to say I loved how accepting the guys on the team were of Baylor overall. I would guess it isn't normal for a woman to play on a men's hockey team and even less normal for that same woman to be able to out-score most of the men. With the exception of one teammate, I loved the overall feel of the team. I knew this one player would be an issue and sadly he proved himself to be the biggest ass in the book.  I loved that we got to see some of my favorite characters from the Assassins series as well as lots of time with Jayden's brothers and mom. I also loved we got to spend time with Elli and Shea Adler. I love them both so hard and my absolute favorite part of the books was Elli going toe to toe with her uncle.  Clipped by Love is another winner from Toni Aleo. I felt pretty much every emotion possible while reading and wanted to go back and re-read it as soon as I finished reading it the first time. I'm loving watching the Sinclair brothers fall in love and can't wait to see Jace finally meet his match.
APB524 More than 1 year ago
Jayden & Baylor have just become one of my favorite couples!! Toni Aleo is knocking this Bellevue Bullies series thru the net with book 2! Clipped By Love brings even more awesome from the Sinclair Boys!! I thought no one could be better than Jude after reading Boarded by Love last year, because he & Claire were just magic but Jayden Sinclair & Baylor Moore have chemistry for days from the first look they each have of the other!! The sexual tension, the animosity, the need to best the other and the need that they have for the other were just perfection for me!! I loved the way that Baylor gave just as good as she could take and when Jayden says that she is a "hybrid", well that was just the best description! Baylor is strong, she is beautiful, she is a hockey player thru and thru; but she's also shy and unsure and a bit awkward socially and completely emotionally insecure. As much as she doesn't want to be vulnerable, she is with Jayden and she hates it and loves it at the same time because he makes her feel safe and cared for like a girl! Jayden loves all her messy parts and I love when he calls her a beautiful disaster, because she is and well he is too in a way. Jayden has always felt like he is responsible for those he loves, especially his family and he has taken a lot onto his shoulders. He and Baylor get each other in a way that no one has ever gotten the other before. He knows that Baylor is something special and something that he needs, and he knows that it's not going to be easy. Watching these two fight for what they want and learn to be what the other needs was everything and more!! Clipped by Love was EVERYTHING and oh so much more! It was lots of humor between the Sinclair brothers (Jude, Jayden and Jace are hilarious together!), the teammates that become real friends for Baylor (Markus is the best) as well as the only other friends she has in Delanie & Mandie (those two are a mess!). It was lots of competition and proving who is the best but finding that as a team they are even better. It was the sexual tension and learning to find out what real love looks and feels like. It was learning to trust, not only the people that matter the most, but also trust in themselves. It was learning to have faith and when to let go and just be. Plus getting sneaks at some of my past faves at Jude & Claire's wedding, hello Phillip & Reese and Elli & Shea!! Toni Aleo did her fans proud as always!! Loved it so much!!