The Cloak Of Humility

The Cloak Of Humility

by J. M. Eckert


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ISBN-13: 9781440195877
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 12/11/2009
Pages: 184
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.39(d)

About the Author

J. M. Eckert received a BA in Psychology at forty-eight years of age and has owned three successful businesses in different professions. J.M. lives in Austin, Texas, and loves the beauty that surrounds it. J.M. has raised four children alone and all are well-educated.

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The Cloak of Humility

Success is Walking Humbly with God

iUniverse, Inc.

Copyright © 2009 J. M. Eckert
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4401-9587-7

Chapter One

A Chosen Child

The day began without a hint of the insignificant event that would change the destiny of the world over fifty years later. There was no warning, and no explanation of why the accident of a small child would ever make a difference in the world. She was unknown and unknowing of God's plan for her life. It was time for the event and thousands of angels lined up to witness the hand of God touch a small child's life.

It was a beautiful day. The wind blew softly in the air and the birds chirped happily in the trees. Bonnie ran down the steps of the house and began chasing Bullet, her shaggy old dog. She was excited because she was three years old today and she would celebrate with Bullet.

Bullet came up and gave Bonnie a big, slurping kiss right on the mouth. This was his gift to Bonnie on her birthday. After all, being three years old today was a big event in a tiny girl's life. If she was good she knew she would get homemade ice cream and maybe even a Coke to drink.

As Bonnie began chasing Bullet around the yard she ran faster and faster. She almost caught him when suddenly she tripped and fell to the ground. It hurt so bad she could hardly talk but she managed to cry for help toher mother. She could not move her leg as she tried to get up.

Minutes later Dr Baize showed up at the house and sat Bonnie on his knee. She kept looking at his little black bag hoping he would have something to fix her leg. Instead, he told her she would have to go to San Antonio where the big hospital was located. They would be able to fix her leg just like new and it would not hurt any more. This sounded like a good idea if they could make her like new but she really wanted the pain to stop at least for a few minutes.

Before she knew it, she was in the old car waiting to have someone stop the pain. At the hospital, they rushed her into a room and took big pictures of her leg. She thought to herself that they should be making her leg all right instead of taking pictures but grown- ups sometimes seem to do strange things.

The next thing Bonnie knew she was on a big table with a bright light shining in her face. Someone put a mask over her mouth and as she struggled to move everything went black. When she woke up she was in a bed and her leg was tied up in the air. The pain was terrible as she lay there being unable to move. She began crying as she thought about the beautiful birthday that she never had the chance to finish. The ice cream she had wanted so much seemed unimportant now and there was nothing to celebrate. She silently wondered when she could go home and chase Bullet again. Next time she wouldn't fall because she wouldn't get on the sidewalk.

It seemed years but finally the day came when her mother and dad loaded her into the old car and they started home. She looked down at the cast that went from her waist to her ankle. It was so heavy she could hardly lift it. She just knew that soon the doctor would take it off and she could chase Bullet again.

"This was your first battle scar. It became the biggest beauty mark in your life, child. I allowed this to happen because I knew the intent of your heart. If I had left you perfect you would have become vain and rejected me. I made you beautiful in every way when you were born. You could have won any beauty contest but it would have been your downfall. I couldn't take the chance of losing you so what Satan meant for your harm I have used for your good. Never again mourn that your body is imperfect because this made your heart soft and tender."

She looked at the small child she had been so many years ago. The cast on her leg had been so heavy. When she was tired she would climb up in the wheel chair that her parents had gotten for her. It had looked so huge to her. She could barely see the seat she sat in but she knew she could climb up into it by using her good leg. When she sat down she could talk to Bullet and hold him close. Every time she climbed into that big chair Bullet would come and jump into her lap. He was her best friend and she would hold him close as she told him about her day. Bullet was always so polite and he would listen as long as she talked to him. Sometimes he would lick her hand as if to agree with what she said. Then he would lay his head on her cast as if to sympathize with her.

"Did you know that I was touching you through Bullet? I heard every word you said and I held you every day. I love my children through many different sources. When Bullet looked at you it was really my eyes that saw your pain and suffering. You have always been my daughter and my hand has been upon your life. I was the soft wind that blew your hair and cooled your body when it was hot. I flew all around you in the butterflies and watched you during the day. In fact, I was everything around you and I placed a covering of protection around your life that has never been removed. That is how much I love you."

It was then she realized He had been with her all of her life. She had always thought that God was only there when she prayed. If only she had known this from the beginning she would have walked in faith like it says in His word. Then she understood that even when she didn't pray He had led her on the path that had been designed uniquely for her life. It didn't matter that she was just now learning His awesome power because He had directed her life by his spirit and mercy. He always took the measure of faith she had used and touched her life time and time again. What a loving God he truly was. The eyes of her understanding had begun to open and suddenly she was excited to learn more about the One who had been with her all the days of her life. It no longer mattered that she had gone through her life with a crippled leg that was covered in scars.

The simple break to her leg became infected from the heavy cast. She had two more operations and huge scars on her leg. The surgeon cut on her leg so many times there was very little muscle left and it grew to the bone, leaving her leg stiff.

I covered you with the spirit of humility when you received your first battle scar. This first battle in your life would be the greatest beauty mark in your life. There is no greater anointing on my children's life than the character of humility. I can never flow in a person's life to walk with them daily unless they are humble to me. Through humility comes obedience and this allows me to be the Master of your life. It is then that I can be your strength in times of weakness. I can guide you along the road of life and display my glory. It is my glory that sets the captives free and brings victory. When you told Bullet your leg hurt I heard you. Satan had plans to take your leg but I took you to the hospital and stopped the infection. I bore your pain again and held you close through it all. I allowed the pain to produce a greater beauty mark. Satan would always try to destroy you because I loved you so much and He would bring pain to you at every chance. The pain brings strength and faith, which was my special gift to you. I can turn anything that Satan means for your harm into something good. I had great work for you to do and the final step was to write this message. Through your suffering I caused compassion for others to know the fullness of my being. When your destiny is completed I will tell you well done my child. I added a special gift to your life. It was favor wherever you went. Sometimes you saw it and sometimes you didn't recognize it at the time. As we continue to take this journey you will see it and know that I was there all of the time."

Her wrinkled face smiled as she realized His great love. Suddenly every wrinkle was cherished because they were really beauty marks from the battle scars of her life. She thought about all of the women that rushed to the doctor at the sign of age. They would do anything to remove those beauty marks. They did not know that they were really marks of victory that God had won. They were removing precious gifts their heavenly Father had so carefully given to them. No wonder her Father wanted her to review her life and tell others. Her eyes had been opened and she must share the truth with anyone who would listen. For years He had asked her to write to others but there had many so many excuses. She didn't have enough time and then she had no computer. Imagine that.

She had grown up without computers in existence and her time had belonged to Him. Repentance suddenly consumed her as she whispered, "I'm sorry heavenly Daddy."

"You were forgiven back then but now you are delivered from the accuser. Do you see now why this journey is important? To enter into my heavenly kingdom I am here to settle every issue that has been in your life. I try to do this with all of my children but many never pay any attention. My word tells you to ask me forgiveness for your sins daily so they don't grow and accumulate over the years. When you ask for forgiveness you need to name your sins. Ask me to show you what each one is so that nothing is overlooked. Sins are caused when humility to me is missing. The cloak of humility is your protection from the luring of the evil one that watches your every move. When you wear the cloak I can flow through you and bring your victory. When your eyes are on me you will never see defeat. Remember this from now on - humility brings faith. Faith wins every battle. It is impossible to please me without faith. I never see your tears until I see your faith. Your faith releases my mercy and causes me to move in your life. Faith causes you to keep your eyes on me and that is when I bring the victory. As we travel the road of your life I will increase your knowledge to absorb the mysteries of my kingdom. All of the ones that read this will receive knowledge so they will learn my ways. My teaching through this will change millions of lives. You must always wear the cloak of humility to accomplish this work through you. I speak to each of my children individually so fear not what I write through your hands. All that receive it and act upon my teaching will be blessed. You have been praying for me to bless you so you would be a blessing to others. My blessing is now upon you to let me speak through your life."

Quickly she knelt beside the old rocking chair. Her heart's desire was no longer to have riches on earth. Riches in heaven were now waiting for her arrival. She could envision millions that would listen to the Father's teachings and be instantly changed into His likeness. There was no greater time in history this change was needed. Her Father's world was out of control and His heart was crying to help His people. She kneeled quietly as His precious spirit consumed her entire being. What a privilege to service the One who had given her life. He had not only given her life but had loved her so much He would use her for His glory. No wonder Satan had tried to destroy her so many times. If he had taken her life God's mission for her would never had been accomplished. She never wanted to take off the cloak of humility again. It was so ugly to the eyes of the world but it was the most precious thing she had ever worn.

The little girl celebrated her twelfth birthday. That day her best friend arrived and introduced himself. He had been there all of her life but she had never known His purpose in her life. His name was Jesus and He was so wonderful. The aura of His presence brought a new meaning to her life. All of her friends in the past had said hurting things about her. Some had even made fun of her limp when she walked. She knew this new friend would never leave her or forsake her. She asked Him to be her savior and to never leave her. His very presence assured her this friend would be there and never leave. At the time she didn't know just how important He would be in her life. He would teach her what a true friend should be. Later she would learn His ways and allow Him into all of the rooms in her heart.

The first room she and her best friend visited was love. He emptied His enormous blessing of love right into her heart and became the Lover of her soul. That love would carry her all the days of her life and be the spirit of compassion for others. When others mocked and looked down on her she would learn to pray for them. She would know that their actions were caused by their own pain and lack of knowledge. She loved the room that held His love and ran to it continually. His love brought a peace that engulfed every thing in her life. His love gave strength and encouragement and it never condemned her.

"I have given you my greatest gift. He is the sacrifice for all of your sins. Listen to Him and He will guide you throughout all the days of your life. He suffered more than you will ever realize to become your best friend. He is the only way you can enter my throne room until I bring you home to me. Anything you have need of He will provide for you. I created the rooms in your heart for Him to abide beside you. He will knock on each door in your heart before He enters. Invite Him in to know His fullness. My work in your life will not be completed until each room is filled with my glory. When I begin my work in a child's life I anoint them with a new name. You will now be called Mercy. It is mercy you will need the most to follow me because of your humanness. The world will never call you mercy until they know me personally. I will personally call you Mercy as long as you walk with the new best friend you now have. Treat Him with respect because He is a perfect gentleman. He will be your strength and carry you when you are weary. He will comfort you and be your provider. Share every area of your life with Him and He will never leave you. That is what a best friend does but the world is not capable of being a best friend."

What an amazing birthday gift her Father had given her. She now had a new best friend and a new name. This meant a new beginning for her life that had been so much suffering. She told her parents and they shared her joy. She was yet to realize that they were the ones that had invited her best friend to meet her. Jesus had quickly introduced Himself to her knowing that He would soon be the replacement of her family. In fact, He would replace everything during her lifetime. This true gentleman that had become her best friend would be her guide and never leave her. It would take most of her life to realize His importance. Every time she saw His greatness she learned to trust Him more.

Mercy grew in the presence of her best friend. Others still made fun of her limp but it didn't hurt any more. Her best friend took the pain and cast it far away from her life. All she had to do is visit the room of His love and tell Him all about her day. He fed her His word a spoonful at a time in the beginning. Each word was a seed He planted in her heart that would be nurtured all of her life. Humility watered and nurtured each word to produce the harvest He had in store for her. He was not concerned how long it would take for the harvest. He would never give up on her until the harvest was complete.

She had her sixteenth birthday. Of course her best friend was there. She never wanted to go anywhere without Him. Soon after she awoke one morning her sister-in-law came in.

"I need to tell you something, my sister. Mother just passed away a few minutes ago."

Mercy didn't understand at first. Her mother had just kissed her goodbye less than an hour ago. She ran to her best friend for comfort.

"I took her to be with me. She knew that I would take care of you and was ready to come home. Don't be afraid or discouraged. I will always be with you and never leave you. She wouldn't leave until she knew I was in your life. I will take your mother's place now. Rejoice and be glad that she is safe with me now and will never suffer again. She had much suffering in her life because she chose to serve me. She will now receive her reward of a heavenly home. She had many jewels in her crown and one of them was you. I placed each jewel in her crown and no one can remove them. Someday you will understand more but until then just rest in my care."

Immediately an anointing of peace fell upon Mercy. She stood up and went to her room. She asked her best friend to forgive her for being rude to her mother just days before. Her heart was broken because she had hurt her mother and not asks for forgiveness. She wanted her friend to be sure to tell her mother that she was sorry. She hadn't even told her mother she loved her that morning when came in to kiss her goodbye. She had pretended to be asleep and had not responded. Mercy asked her friend to please forgive her for being so cruel. His peace never left her as she began each new day. She learned that His peace is never ending while in His presence. That peace would be her strength from that day forward.


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Table of Contents


A Chosen Child....................1
The Beginning....................13
The Oldest Son....................12
The Oldest Daughter....................24
The Youngest Son....................32
The Youngest Daughter....................37
Her Children's Children....................42
Her Brother....................45
The Greatest Calling....................56
The Interim....................75
Mother's Day Message....................109
Ron's Song....................121
The Annointing Of A Chosen One....................123
The Promised Land Is Real....................143

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