by Cate Bronson


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The Problem With Building Something Smarter Than Us Is...
It's Smarter Than Us.

Explore the boundaries of science and humanity in this 2020 award-winning high-tech thriller...

As a unique medical product, Abe is humanity's crowning achievement. He is also an intelligent, sentient being. And, he is about to be killed.

In the late 21st Century, prototype 2112 (Abe) is the first cloned human with an android's brain. He's a remarkable innovation, but his existence has embroiled his creator in controversy. To protect their interests, MACC executives unleash a lucrative plan to dispose of their problematic product and ensure the company's future. However, Abe has a different vision of the future and greater potential than anyone realizes. With the clock ticking and a storm of uncertainty raging around him, clonedroid 2112 executes plans of his own. And, the countdown begins...

Offering a unique twist, CLONEDROID: The New Wave is a President's Book Awards gold medal-winning novel that unfolds at high speed to explore the consequences of playing God. This debut hard science fiction story is written in a classic style with a modern feel. Available online at Amazon and Barnes&Noble in various formats.

Editorial Reviews:
Clonedroid: The New Wave...has excellent tension and a big crunchy question to engage readers...

Cate Bronson has done a fine job crafting accessibility in a plot...She stays faithful to her techniques and the plot rewards those who pay careful attention from the start...
~Writer's Digest

It's the kind of thing that Robin Cook has in his books...There's a clock involved, time ticking down. It is classic hard sci-fi and it is a wonderful book...I'm telling you, Clonedroid is a thriller! You have to read it!
~ Patzi Gil, Joy on Paper, syndicated radio program

Bronson's clever, high-tech tale exposes a possible future where the fine line between human and A.I. is frighteningly thin. Clonedroid is a well-timed premonition and a warning, much like Ian Malcom's famous line from Jurassic Park.
~Bria Burton, Award-winning Science Fiction/Fantasy Author

"Super fun hard sci-fi novella in the vein of Asimov and Heinlein. Page turner all the way through...I love that I couldn't predict the ending."
~Chad Parsons, Award-winning Science Fiction/Fantasy Author

"Fun read with a twist...The premise was well presented, and the style was easy to read. I especially liked the twist at the end. If you enjoy near-future sci-fi and are looking for a relatively quick read, this should be on your list."
~MJ Carlson, Science Fiction/Suspense Author

"I found Clonedroid to be a suspenseful and exciting read. The topic is relevant to modern times. It adds one more layer to the question, how long should a human live. With cloning, it could be forever. As long as you can afford it...This kept me coming back...Now, to wait for the sequel."
~Martin Von Cannon, Author

"I do believe Bronson is onto a winning character in Prototype 2112...This novel kept me turning the pages to know what happened next...By the end of the book, I realized we only had a glimpse of this newly-imagined creature, and that left me wanting more...I certainly hope his tale continues. Well done!"
~L.K. Simonds, Author of ALL IN

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ISBN-13: 9781078711890
Publisher: Barnes & Noble Press
Publication date: 08/21/2019
Pages: 230
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 7.99(h) x 0.48(d)

About the Author

Cate Bronson is an award-winning, Canadian-American author of science fiction, thrillers, and nonfiction. She has authored stories and articles for various publications, and in 2018, she became a contributing author for Chicken Soup for The Soul. In 2020, the Florida Authors and Publishers Association recognized her novel, CLONEDROID: The New Wave, as a gold medal winner of Adult Science Fiction in the Annual President's Book Awards. Bronson has also achieved recognition with Writer's Digest, receiving an award of honorable mention for her short story A Bit More Than We Could Chew.

Her love for science and fiction began as a child after watching Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek series and later Carl Sagan's Cosmos. That fascination grew with exposure to Isaac Asimov, Ayn Rand, Robert Heinlein, and Michael Crichton. Bronson’s writing reflects these influences, along with her love for philosophy and passion for exploring what makes the cosmos and everything in it tick.

Cate Bronson lives in Florida with her husband and rescued racing dogs. When she's not writing, she spends time reading in the sunshine while giant hounds lounge by her side.

For more information about her current and new releases, visit to sign up for the author's newsletter.

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