Clothes and Your Appearance

Clothes and Your Appearance

by Louise A. Liddell, Carolee S. Samuels


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ISBN-13: 9781590706862
Publisher: Goodheart-Willcox Publisher
Publication date: 01/01/2008
Pages: 176
Product dimensions: 8.40(w) x 10.90(h) x 0.40(d)
Age Range: 12 - 17 Years

Table of Contents

Part 1You and Your Clothes
Chapter 1Your Clothes Speak for You18
Why People Wear Clothes19
Highlights in History: Body Adornment Has a Long History23
What Your Clothes Say About You27
First Impressions31
Body Language31
The Way You Look32
Chapter 2Understanding Fashion36
Fashion Terms37
Fashion Cycles40
Influences on Fashion42
Highlights in History: Christian Dior: A Name Synonymous with Fashion48
Fashion Trends Today50
Chapter 3The Evolution of Textiles and Apparel54
The History of Textiles and Apparel56
The Textile and Apparel Industry Today61
Did You Know? Textiles and Their Many Uses62
Factors Influencing the Apparel Industry67
Part 2Managing Your Apparel Dollar
Chapter 4Planning a Wardrobe76
Your Wardrobe Plan77
Trends Making News: Teen-age Trendsetters80
Your Clothing Preferences84
Selecting Appropriate Clothes87
Chapter 5Clothing Decisions and Choices92
Decision Making93
The Decision-Making Process95
Trends Making News: Casual Confusion96
Factors Affecting Family Clothing Decisions98
To Sew or To Buy103
Chapter 6Consumer Rights and Responsibilities108
Labels and Hangtags109
Federal Legislation to Help Consumers111
Your Rights as a Consumer114
Consumer Responsibilities118
Trends Making News: Shoplifting-A Cost to Everyone119
Chapter 7Your Choices as a Consumer126
Types of Stores127
Non-Store Shopping131
Trends Making News: .com Shopping-Buyer Beware134
Shopping Strategies135
Paying for What You Buy139
Chapter 8Getting Your Money's Worth146
Getting the Right Fit147
Judging Garment Quality149
Buying Accessories154
Highlights in History: Shoes Through the Ages156
Chapter 9Selecting Clothes for Family Members166
Selecting Clothes for Children167
Highlights in History: Pink and Blue for Children's Clothing171
Selecting Clothes for Adults175
Selecting Clothes for People with Disabilities177
Part 3Looking Your Best
Chapter 10Colors for You184
Understanding Color Terms185
The Color Wheel188
Choosing Your Best Colors193
Did You Know? Blue Rules as the Most Popular Color200
Color and Its Meanings201
Chapter 11Making Design Work for You204
Elements of Design205
Principles of Design212
Focus on Technology: Virtual Reality Puts You in the Fashion Picture211
Achieving Harmony216
Chapter 12Taking Care of Your Body220
Body Cleanliness221
Special Care for Facial Skin223
Your Skin and the Sun228
Trends Making News: Sunscreen Use on the Rise229
Taking Care of Your Teeth230
Good Health and Good Looks232
Chapter 13Taking Care of Your Appearance240
The Eyes Have It242
Your Hands Tell On You245
Appreciate Your Feet246
Trends Making News: Backpacks-A Real Pain in the Back248
Heads Up for Good-Looking Hair249
Part 4Fabrics and Their Care
Chapter 14From Fiber to Yarn260
Fiber Characteristics261
Natural Fibers262
Highlights in History: The Discovery of Silk272
Manufactured Fibers275
Chapter 15From Yarn to Fabric286
Focus on Technology: Microfiber-A New Name in Textiles288
Adding Color297
Chapter 16Keeping Clothes Looking Their Best306
Daily Clothing Care307
Clothing Care Products308
Clothing Care Equipment312
Outsmarting Stains313
Doing Laundry the Right Way316
Dry Cleaning327
Focus on Technology: What's New in Cleaning Clothes?328
Clothing Storage329
Caring for Accessories331
Chapter 17Repair, Redesign, and Recycle334
Repairing Clothes335
Redesigning Clothes339
Trends Making News: Tye-Dyeing--A Fun Way to Design Your Own Fabric343
Recycling Clothes344
Part 5Sewing Techniques
Chapter 18Figure Types and Pattern Sizes352
Determining Your Figure Type353
Determining Your Size354
Body Measurements356
Trends Making News: Junior Pattern Sizes Make a Comeback361
Selecting a Pattern That Fits362
Chapter 19Looking at Patterns366
Pattern Catalogs367
Understanding Your Pattern368
Did You Know? Patterns-New Kinds, New Places374
Choosing Your Pattern375
Chapter 20Sewing Equipment380
Cutting Tools381
Measuring Tools382
Marking Tools383
Highlights in History: Inventions We Can't Live Without388
Sewing Box390
Pressing Equipment390
The Sewing Machine391
Chapter 21Getting Ready to Sew398
Preparing the Fabric399
Preparing the Pattern402
Highlights in History: Hemlines-The Highs and the Lows of the Last 100 Years404
The Pattern Layout406
Pinning the Pattern Pieces408
Transferring Pattern Markings410
Chapter 22Basic Sewing Skills414
Machine Stitching Techniques415
Seams and Seam Finishes419
Did You Know? Sewing for a Cause423
Pressing Techniques443
Chapter 23Advanced Sewing Skills448
Waistline Treatments457
Sewing with Knits462
Did You Know? Fleece-A Popular Choice for Cold-Weather Wear463
Sewing with Pile Fabrics465
Chapter 24Serging Skills468
How the Serger Functions469
Serger Machine Parts471
Basic Serger Stitches472
Selecting Thread and Accessories474
Threading the Serger475
Operating the Serger476
Adjusting Thread Tension478
Adjusting Stitch Length and Width481
Using a Serger in Clothing Construction481
Serging Seams484
Serger Care487
Trends Making News: Sewing-Not Just for Grandma Anymore480
Chapter 25Sewing and Needlecrafts for Fun and Profit490
Benefits of Sewing and Needlecraft Projects491
Trends Making News: Crafts Gaining New Converts492
Choosing a Project493
Sewing Projects494
Needlecraft Projects499
Profiting from Your Skills505
Part 6Career Preparation
Chapter 26Preparing for the World of Work512
Being an Effective Team Member515
Student Organizations519
Conducting Meetings521
A Job for You522
Focus on Technology: Technology and the Interview Process Join Forces533
Succeeding on the Job538
Leaving a Job540
Chapter 27Careers in Textiles and Apparel546
The Textile Industry548
Apparel Production553
Fashion Merchandising559
Making a Career Choice567
Managing Multiple Roles568
Focus on Technology: Job Hunting Made Easier Via the Internet569

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