Cloud Rising in the West

Cloud Rising in the West

by Timothy M Kestrel


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This historical, action-adventure drama, set in the 1750s in Colonial America during the time of the French and Indian War (aka the Seven Years' War), is the culmination of the epic trilogy The Rule of Ranging by former US Army Ranger Timothy M. Kestrel. In Cloud Rising in the West, brave hero Finn discovers that the meaning of life is found even in the grimmest of circumstances-including suffering, sacrifice, and death-as he battles under the direction of Major Robert Rogers alongside his loyal best friends: a freed slave Gus, an eccentric wanderer and mentor figure Fronto, and a fierce Wappinger warrior Daniel. Nicknamed "Most True" by the Iroquois, the handsome and strong Finn fights not because he wants to, but because he truly believes it is his duty. He calls on his ability to hunt, which he learned at an early age tracking the movements of wildlife through the forests of his Finland home, to assist him on the battlefield that is the grand natural scenery of upstate New York and Pennsylvania. Finn's grim determination to survive the war as a member of the legendary Rogers' Rangers takes him on a journey through the untamed wilderness of North America as he expertly fights the French in a major push toward Montreal. But it is the inner battle that proves to be Finn's harshest struggle as he attempts to quell the arrogant boy he once was to become the man-and potential loving husband and father-he hopes to be. Through the historically accurate text that reads like a gritty Western looms the specter of the notorious Hessian mercenary Johan "Totenkopf" Kopf-the man who left Finn an orphan and who will finally drive him toward his valiant end. Ultimately, the empathetic Finn learns the most important life lesson is to distinguish between what can be controlled and what cannot. But will he develop the wisdom to tell the difference?

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780988666054
Publisher: Timothy Kestrel Arts & Media, Inc.
Publication date: 01/26/2015
Series: Rule of Ranging , #3
Pages: 402
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.06(d)

About the Author

Timothy M. Kestrel, (or Timo), is an author, screenwriter, and creator. His work is inspired by a deep fascination with the past, and the mysteries inherent in every historical period. "To me, history is full of life and color," he says, "Even the most accurate historian cannot tell exactly what happened in any specific point in time. As a writer of fiction, I explore that gap of uncertainty."
When he is not working on creating exciting stories, Timo is an Ordained Stoic Philosopher and a Fellow of the College of Stoic Philosophers. In 2014, Timo was the first in over 2000 years to graduate on the original site of the school at Stoa Poikile in Athens, Greece, where the original Stoics congregated in ancient times.
While his work is steeped in history and philosophy, his achievements are not merely academic. He earned the coveted Ranger tab while serving with the notorious US Army Rangers, and his military work led him on missions in both Central America and the Caribbean.
Today, Timo continues to delve into the unknown, using his rich imagination to breathe life into fascinating characters, unforgettable places, and compelling stories.

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