Cloud Warriors

Cloud Warriors

by Rob Jung


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The discovery of the century... Anthropology professor Terry Castro, leading a summer-school program in the Peruvian rain forest, stumbles upon the remnant of a nation of tall, white-skinned warriors from the time of the Incan empire. But, when a simple accident leaves Castro poisoned, a series of events are set in motion that threaten his life, and the extinction of the tribe. With the help of a young medium, Carrie Waters, Castro tries to find a remedy and discovers the poison also has the capability of tripling life expectancy. Waters confides in her uncle, Vikter Glass, a pharmaceutical company executive, in the hope that the company can manufacture an antidote. Her innocent attempt to save the man she loves triggers a race to locate the lost tribe and its fountain-of-youth elixir. Scientific advancement collides with corporate greed as competing forces converge on the tribe. The ensuing battle leaves the survivors asking: might extending human life expectancy destroy society as we know it? “I want a book that will take me someplace I've never been before. Rob Jung does that with Cloud Warriors...a fast-paced, exotic suspense novel into the heart of darkness.” Steve Thayer: New York Times bestselling author of THE WEATHERMAN

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ISBN-13: 9781785359187
Publisher: Roundfire Books
Publication date: 02/22/2019
Pages: 312
Sales rank: 543,307
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Robert Junghans was born in California wine-country and raised on a farm in Wisconsin. He studied at Winona State University and earned his law degree at Harvard Law School. He is a lawyer, writer, entrepreneur, historian, world traveller and thespian. Described by a friend as a Renaissance man, Robert is publishing his first novel at age seventy-five. He lives with his wife in Minnesota.

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Cloud Warriors 3.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Nicci41 5 months ago
Book Review of Cloud Warriors Title: Cloud Warriors Author: Rob Jung Publisher: John Hunt Publishing Ltd, Roundfire Books Publish Date: February 22, 2019 Book Blurb: “The picture did not change for several moments until, like apparitions, three naked, white-skinned men materialized in the clearing long, narrow sticks were strapped across their backs and each wore a scabbard-like pouch against his hip, held in place by a thin cord that encircled his waist. One wore a leather pouch on a similar cord around his neck” Location 1304 of 3460 Book blurb: “The once-mighty Chilco had fallen. The nation of towering, fair-skinned yellow-haired people that lived high in the Andes Mountains amongst the clouds, whom the entire Incan nation knew were blessed by the gods was no more?” Location 103 Summary The College Expedition Cloud Warriors was an engrossing read for me. I learned a little about a lost people conquered many years ago. Professor Terry Castro and a part of his class, four students to the jungle to observe new people in their natural habitat. They were thought to be the lost tribe of the Chilco. The Chilco were characterized by their fair white skin; in the Peruvian American that is not common in the jungle. As Professor Terry Castro observed them the men must have caught their scent or wind of it and sent an arrow straight into a tree where the professor hid in a blind. A blind is an enclosure where hunters and birdwatchers stay to watch their observed object hopefully unnoticed. Afraid for his students he slipped away to tell them to go back to the camp. On his way back he remembered the arrow, which he thought might be poison was a good archaeological find. Professor Castro returned to the blind finding the arrow, he pulled it out and examined it; in his examination, he accidentally cut himself. The men came back and waited. Certain they wanted the arrow back Castro returned it to them. The Chilco Amaru Topac was the shaman of the Chilco. His time as the elder was drawing to a close. During a vision, his tribe was attacked. So, he moved them to a safe place to stay. At daylight, they traveled. At night, they slept in the trees. With them, the tribe kept the seeds. The seeds were a well-kept secret of the Chilco. Only the shaman had control of them. With it, they made the poison that allowed them to kill their prey but not damage the animal enough so it was safe to eat. It was a poison called curare. Once they were safe for a while, Amaru began to train his son, Urco, to replace him. They were about to be invaded by white people and once again their lives would change. The College Expedition Professor Castro upon getting back to camp fell ill. So he took some medicine and went to his tent to rest. The next morning the students found him lying down with his eyes wide open. Fearing the worst, the students got the camp supervisor who checked Castro out and found him to be alive. But he was sick and hot. They checked him over and thought it to be poison. Unable to treat him at the camp, they flew him to the nearest hospital. After running tests on him the hospital determined it was poison and treated him for that. But, without knowing the exact poison it was hard. The hospital staff thought it might be curare poison because they had a run in with the nation but, it was usually fatal within a short period of time. The professor had survived past them. The antidote was physostigmine and that was administered to
CLynnT 9 months ago
A tribe of survivors from the Incan empire has managed to stay undiscovered for hundreds of years until an energetic anthropology professor, Terry Castro stumbles upon a footprint deep in the Peruvian forest. Determined to find these well-hidden warriors, he sets up cameras, but once he has their attention he doesn’t respect the wisdom of their artillery. The blow dart they shot towards him was coated with poison. After running his finger along the sharp edge, he becomes deathly ill, dropping into a deep irreversible coma. Back in the States, adding to the intrigue of the developing plot is the loving and wealthy philanthropist couple footing the bill for the expeditions, the crooked and sinister employee that has the unsuspecting elderly couple wrapped around his finger, and his young niece Carrie a medium who can connect with those who have passed on. The pace is quick; the highlight of the book is the forgotten tribe and their rituals. The sappy part is the instant love Carrie feels for comatose Castro and the catfight jealousy Castro’s ex feels towards Carrie. Besides that angle, everything else about this book is exciting and fast paced. The storyline doesn’t fall along like you presume it would; it takes some brave turns which makes it more realistic. Not everything comes up roses in the end, but it’s a satisfying and well-grounded way to end a story that couldn’t, in all respects, end well. (I received an advance copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an unbiased review. Thank you to John Hunt Publishing for making it available.)
Alfoster 10 months ago
This is not normally the type of book I would read but I was immediately caught up in the action. Terry Castro leads a group of students in Peru and is unexpectedly poisoned by an arrow which leaves him in a coma. Medium Carrie feels an instant connection with him and works desperately to connect with his mind to find the answers to how and why the poison works. Interspersed with the Shaman's tribe and family, we see how the "poison" is also used to extend the lives of his people when taken internally and not injected into the bloodstream. But corporate greed comes into conflict with the tribe as of course many believe that things must always change and advance. An interesting look at an ancient culture as it comes into conflict with science. Thanks to NetGalley for this ARC!