Clouds over the Equator: The forgotten Italians

Clouds over the Equator: The forgotten Italians

by Shirin Ramzanali Fazel


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Italy was given a trusteeship administration of Somalia, its former colony, from 1950 to 1960. The Amministrazione Fiduciaria Italiana della Somalia (AFIS) is a unique case within the context of African decolonization, as it was a colonialism limited in time, during which the Italian government controversially gave the previous Fascist administrators the task to lead this African country to democracy and independence. Shirin Ramzanali Fazel's Clouds over the Equator provides a powerful description of meticcio literary characters during the AFIS administration, and makes readers view this period from the perspective of two women: that of Amina, a Somali woman, and her daughter, Giulia. Clouds over the Equator contributes to re-imagine national spaces, and provides a powerful representation of the condition of those who straddle different cultures. Because of her ability to raise critical questions about the nature, the role, and the legacy of 'scientific' racism, Shirin's voice feels necessary and relevant not only to grasp the legacy of AFIS administration, but the resistance to the pervasive white privilege that was institutionalized in the colonies and shapes the contemporary world. Clouds over the Equator is a wonderfully detailed, graceful and thought provoking novel, which builds on those reflections, by providing a unique depiction of the AFIS administration in Somalia and its legacy. [From Simone Brioni's Foreword]

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