CNA Exam Preparation 2018-2019: Michigan State Skills Board Exam: CNA State Boards Exam Study guide

CNA Exam Preparation 2018-2019: Michigan State Skills Board Exam: CNA State Boards Exam Study guide

by Rets Griffith


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This book is highly rated as the best book for preparing for the CNA State Boards exam and exclusively customized for MICHIGAN Skills State Boards Exam. The book gives the students step by step guide and highlights the secrets and checkpoints for passing the Exam

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ISBN-13: 9781724800015
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 08/03/2018
Pages: 68
Sales rank: 917,239
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.14(d)

About the Author

Rets Griffith is an accomplished self-published author and a Founder and CEO of the National Nursing Institute in Tampa. She is also an active CNA instructor with. CNA Exam Preparation was inspired by Rets Griffith's outstanding pass rate. The book is rated as the best CNA step by step guide to performing the CNA Skills State Boards Exam with all the 22 checkpoints and secrets. There are 22 skills covered in detail. The book gives a clear picture of how to perform each skill even if you do not have any prior experience or knowledge in the healthcare profession. The CNA EXAM PREPARATION book gives you the confidence you need to sit for the exam. The book gives you insights into what the Examiner wants to see in each skill. And, it also prepares you to pass the exam with higher scores and prepares you to enter your healthcare career as a truly trained professional with a clear understanding of skills and the resident's mindset

About the Author
Rets Griffith began her career in healthcare 10 years ago and has a diverse background within the healthcare profession. She owned several health practices including an independent Pharmacy and Medical Clinic where she was involved in the day to day operation of the business and patient care. She has worked as a pharmacy technician in her own practice and as a medical assistant in her own clinic. She also got the opportunity to work as a caregiver which gave her firsthand experience and exposure in caring for a resident's daily needs. She took the training for CNA Prep Instructor in 2015 and shortly after opened her own CNA Prep training Institute (National Nursing Institute) where she quickly set her mark as a one of a kind instructor who broke the record by having the entire class pass their CNA Skills State Boards Exam in 2016. Rets has a vast knowledge as a CNA Instructor as well as having the experience as a critical patient after a major stroke. The stroke left her paralyzed on her right side, and she underwent a series of surgeries including open heart. So you could say that this book is written by a true expert from both sides of the student training, but also as a patient who knows firsthand what each skill means to a patient and their expectation from a CNA After her major stroke and other health issues, she started a new career as an author when she discovered there was a huge gap in the CNA study guides which were not customized for the students in each state.

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