Coach Allison's Guide to Life-Work Balance and Burnout Prevention: When Your Lifestyle Demands More Than What's Humanly Possible

Coach Allison's Guide to Life-Work Balance and Burnout Prevention: When Your Lifestyle Demands More Than What's Humanly Possible

by Coach Allison INHC


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This quick read is a lifestyle coaching and guide book for people who have too much on their plate, due to needs, wants, or expectations - therefore, setting aside their human needs to get things done. Humans who are running faster than they have strength, with their superhuman efforts... SuperWorkers, SuperMoms, SuperExecs... you know who you are. You cut corners in your basic human needs (sleep, nutrition, and social support) in order to get things done... because there are only 24 hours in a day. How do you prevent burnouts and manage life-work balance when your lifestyle demands more than what's humanly possible?
"Work" in life-work balance is not limited to a career or employment. It includes work with or without pay, serving others, and anything that does not involve taking care of you. If you're suffering because of too much to do and not enough means to get it all done, your balance is off. This book will help you.

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ISBN-13: 9781517047733
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 09/02/2016
Pages: 86
Sales rank: 989,689
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About the Author

Coach Allison is a health and lifestyle coach, bestselling author, professional speaker, talk show host, columnist, cancer survivor, engineer, musician, Pilates enthusiast, power walker (in her Z-Coil shoes), bargain shopper, and die-hard sports fan. She is certified in Integrative Nutrition and Corporate Wellness.
Her Coach Allison's Guide book series is for very busy people who have too much on their plate. Each book is a quick read (again, for very busy people!) but packed with insights and recommendations they can implement for better health and greater happiness.
After completing her bachelor's and master's degrees in engineering, Coach Allison lived a crazy busy corporate life for about 20 years and thrived under pressure. In her attempts to live her life to the fullest and achieve what she understood as success, she often surpassed human expectations in order to get things done. Sleep, nutrition, and basic self-care sat on the back burner for much of her corporate career. She became a corporate wellbeing health coach after her victory over cancer in which she learned the importance of truly making her health the top priority.
Coach Allison helps busy professionals find energy and mental clarity so they can get more done in less time. The focus of her coaching practice is on life-work balance and burnout prevention, for the optimal wellbeing and performance of individuals and organizations. Her Whole Systems Approach to self-care, which includes emotional, mental, and physical components, have been highly successful in helping people heal from inside out and achieve better balance. She conducts group and individual coaching to help transform the culture of wellbeing to improve productivity and reduce healthcare costs. Her online coaching program Life-Work Balance M6 helps people globally to live with greater joy and energy. She also offers special individual lifestyle coaching programs for burned out overachievers.
She is often quoted as saying:
"When your body is done, you're done."
"It's not just about what you're eating. It's more about what's eating you."
"It's life-work, not work-life."
She loves to laugh, celebrate life, and praise accomplishments of those around her.

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