Coaching on the Go: How to lead your team effectively in 10 minutes a day

Coaching on the Go: How to lead your team effectively in 10 minutes a day

by Phil Renshaw, Jenny Robinson


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In just 10 minutes a day, Coaching on the Go gives you the tools to be an effective leader.

As a busy leader you know that coaching is an important tool for you to bring out the best in people in a most human and natural way. Coaching on the Go shows you how to coach your team in bite-sized chapters, so you can learn on the go – on a flight, on your commute to work - and put it into action right away. Split into two parts:

1. The Main Flight – learn the core coaching skills by following the story of the aircrew chapter by chapter. Each chapter covers a key coaching issue with activities to help you deal with similar situations in your leadership.

2. The Pilot’s Manual - develop your expertise even further by taking a deeper dive into the skills of coaching. With advanced coaching models and leadership theory, you’ll find extra activities and ideas to develop your coaching prowess with colleagues, team members and others around you.

Great leaders coach. And with this book so can you.

‘Great leaders coach. And with this book so can you.’
Tim Pilkington, Chief Executive, World Vision UK

‘In a fast-paced world, Coaching On-the-Go is structured to get to the heart of the matter quickly,
making the content digestible and actionable.’
Selina Millstam, VP, Global Head of Talent Management, Ericsson.

‘Most coaching books tell you how to coach. This one shows you.’
Paul Smith, bestselling author of Lead with a Story and The 10 Stories Great Leaders Tell

‘A novel and useful way to think about coaching. Relevant to every leader.’
Sheelagh Whitaker, Global NED and author of Evaline: A Feminist’s Tale

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781292267913
Publisher: Pearson Education
Publication date: 05/13/2019
Pages: 248
Product dimensions: 5.45(w) x 8.45(h) x 0.75(d)

About the Author

Phil Renshaw started his career in international banking and treasury, going on to become a Finance

Director in the IT sector. Then he tuned into the fact that people, and hence people skills, generate the numbers. And with that insight, he launched a new career. He is now a management and executive coach, leadership development facilitator and an expert in the value of international assignments.

Jenny Robinson has worked all over the world; been kidnapped (yes, but it wasn’t that serious); driven through the Borneo jungle as her commute to work; and learnt to be effective in the normal office environments of Asia, Europe, America and Africa. She works on leadership development and as a mindfulness coach to senior executives.

Table of Contents

About the authors xi

Dedications xiii

Introduction xv

Part 1 About this book 1

Welcome on board 2

The safety briefing 18

Navigation - help with classic leadership challenges 21

Part 2 The main flight 21

Chapter 1 First things first: chocks away! 29

Chapter 2 Giving feedback: revving up 41

Chapter 3 Being present: lift-off 53

Chapter 4 Using Pause-Points™: wheels up 61

Chapter 5 Building trust and rapport: soaring high 71

Chapter 6 Creating awareness: facing air turbulence 81

Chapter 7 Changing perspective: admiring the view from 35,000 feet 93

Chapter 8 Understanding through empathy: maintaining your altitude 105

Chapter 9 Succeeding together: onward and upward 117

Chapter 10 Creating actions to move forward: smooth landings 129

Chapter 11 Learning to learn: time for reflection 139

Part 3 The Pilot's manual 149

Chapter 12 More about YOU 153

Chapter 13 More about OTHERS 165

Chapter 14 More great TOOLS 177

Chapter 15 More about 'Is It Working?' 197

Chapter 16 More about Professional Coaching 207

Before you disembark 215

Appendix: Coaching competencies 217

Index 223

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