Coaching Starter Kit: Everything You Need to Launch and Expand Your Coaching Practice

Coaching Starter Kit: Everything You Need to Launch and Expand Your Coaching Practice



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Easy to photocopy or modify to suit your own practice, The Coaching Starter Kit is a complete toolkit of coaching basics and advice that will equip you well as you enter the coaching field.

For therapists, consultants, and other service professionals interested in learning how to expand their practices by offering coaching services, as well as non-therapists interested in developing a coaching business, The Coaching Starter Kit is an essential, comprehensive all-in-one toolkit to help you get started in coaching. Culled from the extensive resources of, a leader in the coaching field, this book includes over 150 fundamental and practical forms. The material in this book addresses the nuts and bolts of coaching: the coaching process, practice design, attracting clients, session agendas and discussion topics, sample client data sheets and agreements, client questionnaires, communication advice, budget planning and financial upkeep, coaching niches, marketing and PR tips, workshop and conference suggestions, as well as a wide collection of goal-oriented and issue-specific client worksheets.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780393704112
Publisher: Norton, W. W. & Company, Inc.
Publication date: 08/20/2003
Edition description: 1ST
Pages: 350
Product dimensions: 7.90(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author is the leading coach training school worldwide.

Table of Contents

Alphabetical Listing of Formsxi
Note to the Readerxv
Part 1Coaching Practice Design 1011
Chapter 1What Is Coaching?3
Coaching Explained5
The Coaching Process7
Basics of the Coaching Relationship9
Coaching Customs11
Key Coaching Principles13
100 Key Points About Coaching and the Coaching Process15
Should You Be a Coach?17
7 Benefits of Being a Professional Coach19
Chapter 2Getting Started21
Establishing Your Practice
10 Steps to Developing a Successful Coaching Practice23
Practice Design25
Attracting Clients
Top 5 Questions to Ask a Potential Client27
The Importance of Sales Skills29
Selling Questions for the Potential Client31
A Consultative Approach to Enrolling New Clients33
Top 5 Features of the Coaching Service35
Top 5 Ways to Convert Your Website Visitors into Paying Clients37
Top 5 Objections Raised by Potential Clients39
New Client Checklist41
Client Lead Form43
Client Retention Checklist45
Sixty Referrals47
Client Welcome Materials
Welcome, Thank You, and Congratulations!49
Welcome Packet53
Personal Information55
Reflection Questions57
What Am I Tolerating? Where Am I Procrastinating?59
Basic Coaching Guidelines & Agreement61
Basic TeleCoaching Guidelines & Agreement63
Coaching Fast Start65
Starting Budget
90-Day Budget67
Start-Up Budget for a Coaching Practice69
Chapter 3The First Session71
Where to Start
First Session Agenda73
Coaching Prep Tips75
Top Issues with Which to Start77
Coach's Mission Statement79
Introductory Materials
Logistics and Procedures81
Client Welcome (for TeleCoaching)83
Client Questionnaire89
Policies & Procedures95
Client Data97
Client Questionnaires
Client Laser Questions: Creating Value in Coaching99
First Client Meeting Questionnaire101
New Client Questionnaire103
First Coaching Session105
About the Client107
Client's Life109
Client History111
Coaching Client Profile113
Part 2Coaching Maintenance115
Chapter 4Coaching Recommendations117
Connecting with the Client
7 Important Things to Know About Your Client119
58 Things Clients Want Most121
20 Things I Want for My Clients123
Coaching Strategies: 88 Ways to Help Your Clients Get More of What They Want125
Coaching Mistakes to Avoid127
The High, Hidden Costs of Coaching131
12 Reasons That Coaches Are Not As Successful As They Could Be133
Communicating with the Client
90+ Common Communication Faults135
What to Say to Your Client: Helpful Phrases and Questions to Share137
95 Creative and Powerful Ways to Make Your Point139
90+ Things a Coach Listens for and Hears141
Words That Encourage/Discourage143
Chapter 5Practice Upkeep147
Organizing Your Sessions
Monthly Practice Checklist149
Monthly Coaching Form151
Coaching Session Agenda153
Filling Your Practice
100+ Ways to Fill Your Practice (and Keep it Full)155
More on Filling Your Practice157
Flnancial Planning
Checks Received159
Cash Receipts Log161
Current Top 20 Clients163
Chapter 6Niche Coaching165
Types of Coaching
100 Areas of Specialty167
Business Coaching
Business Mission Statement #1169
Business Mission Statement #2171
10 Things I Want for My Business Clients173
Business Plan: 1-Year Projection175
Business Plan: 5-Year Projection177
Business Budget179
98 Steps to Establish, Market, and Manage a Successful Virtual University181
90+ Skills and Steps to Design and Lead TeleClasses185
Part 3Marketing Your Practice187
Chapter 7Marketing Essentials189
PR and Press Kits
Media Sound Bites191
The Media Pitch195
Speaking with Reporters197
Your Press Kit199
More PR Tips201
97 Ways to Market Yourself and Your Site on the Internet203
Website Design and Function207
Top 5 Things Your Coaching Website Should Be Set up to Do211
e-Tip Broadcasting213
Certified Cyber: Internet-Related Skills That Everyone Should Have217
Chapter 8Event Planning and Evaluation219
Event Preparation Short Survey221
Trade Fair / Event Checklist223
Workshop Setup Checklist225
Workshop Feedback227
Conference Venue Quote Request229
Seminar Evaluation231
Part 4For Your Client233
Chapter 9Basic Client Worksheets235
Preparing for Coaching Sessions
Q & A About Business and Personal Coaching237
The Professional Coach Is239
Coaching Focus Areas241
My Commitments & Coaching Preparation243
Focus & Scope of Work245
Promise Log247
Coaching Session Prep Form #1249
Coaching Session Prep Form #2251
Coaching Session Discussion Topics253
Strategies for a Fulfilling Session
Maximizing Coaching255
Top 10 Ways to Get the Most out of Your Coaching259
6 Benefits of Working with a Coach261
The Success Process: 10 Steps to Sustainable, Fulfilling Success263
19 Evolutionary Practices265
Self and Coach Evaluation
Are You Ready for Coaching?267
Coaching Readiness Scale269
Client Coachability Index271
Coaching Success Assessment273
Coaching Evaluation275
Client Evaluation of Coach277
Organizational Leader Coach: 360[degree] Feedback Tool279
Life Coaching Evaluation283
Chapter 10Making Progress285
Setting Goals
10 Keys to Time Management287
Resources and Assets289
Special Project291
Current Status Evaluation293
Well-Formed Outcome: Criteria by Which to Evaluate Your Goals297
Overcoming Obstacles
Anger Is Energy301
What to Do About Fear303
The Extraordinary Wonder of Obstacles307
5 Sources of the Most Common Problems That People Have309
Taking Action
Life Purpose Worksheet313
Uncovering the Fundamental Lie315
Action Plan319
The Action Log321
Chapter 11Target Issues323
Financial Concerns
Money Interview Questions327
Annual Spending Plan329
Income Date Spending Plan331
Spending / Debt Questionnaire333
Personal Budget: 1-Year Plan335
Personal Budget: 5-Year Plan337
Debt Pay-Off Schedule339
New Money Questionnaire341
Career Concerns
First Steps to Setting Career Goals343
Career Assessment345
Your Ideal Job Exercise347

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