Coaching the 3 x 2 Empty Formation

Coaching the 3 x 2 Empty Formation

by Bill Renner


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The 3 x 2 Empty formation has a place in everyone's play book. If the down and distance situation determines that a pass play is necessary, or, you know you are going to call a pass play, then why not use the hardest pass formation for the defense to defend?

Coaches don't shy away from using strong run formations when down and distance or field position, inside the 5-yard line, favor a running play. They will put two tight ends and three running backs in and don't care that they are telling the defense it is going to be a run. So, why not apply the same strategy to the pass and increase your chances of completing the pass?

The 3 x 2 formation can become your 2 minute offense. It can serve as your end of the half offense. It can be used for your last play Hail Mary formation. You can also use it as a change of pace offense.

The 3 x 2 formation presents the clearest picture for a quarterback to read and attack a defense.

1) You force the defense to cover your 5 receivers with a minimum of 5 defenders which limits their coverage options.
2) The defenders are spread out which makes the technique they are playing transparent.
3) When the defenders are spread out it is more difficult for the secondary and linebackers to communicate with each other.
4) Blitzing defenders are easier to identify.
5) Pass protection is simplified.

Each of these statements is explained in specific detail in Coaching the 3 x 2 Empty Formation to give you an idea of how it can impact your passing philosophy.

The book contains diagrams and game pictures of defensive alignments, coverages, and blitzes that can be used versus the 3 x 2 Empty Formation.

Complete details are presented for pass protection versus multiple defensive fronts with simple rules to insure there are no protection errors.

With over 10 years of experience running the 3 x 2 Empty Formation, Coach Renner has amassed knowledge that will surely benefit you either for running this formation or defending this formation.

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