Coastal and River Trade in Pre-Industrial England: The Bristol Region, 1680-1730

Coastal and River Trade in Pre-Industrial England: The Bristol Region, 1680-1730

by David P. Hussey


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This is the first-ever book-length analysis of England's pre-industrial domestic trading economy, drawing on extensive quantitative data provided by the computerisation of Britain's Portbooks Programme . It is now recognised that internal trade, for too long overlooked by economic historians, provided a vital link in the organization of pre-industrial economics. This book sheds new light on the volume, nature, structure, and mechanisms of coastal and river trade. In addition, the extent to which Bristol acted as a "quasi-metropolis," influencing the direction and conduct of the internal trade of a geographically-extensive region, is exposed to a more critical analysis.

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ISBN-13: 9780967482644
Publisher: Regatta Press
Publication date: 12/01/2000
Pages: 296

Table of Contents

List of tables, figures, maps and platesvii
1Bristol, coastal trade and the Bristol Channel region1
2Voyages and connections in the Bristol Channel21
3Cargoes, consignments and commodities: the regional trade in goods55
4The organisation of trade: owners, operators, merchants and boats104
5The coastal trade in operation151
Appendix 1Gloucester coastal port books, 1680-1730203
Appendix 2Extant coastal port books, Bristol Channel ports, 1695-1704204
Appendix 3A simple classification of goods recorded in the port books205

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