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Cocker's Manual Devoted to the Game Fowl: Game Fowl Chickens Book 1

Cocker's Manual Devoted to the Game Fowl: Game Fowl Chickens Book 1


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This special re-print edition of W.H. Gray''s book "Cocker's Manual Devoted to the Game Fowl: Their origin and breeding, rules for feeding, heeling and handling. Description o the different breeds. Their diseases and treatment" is a historical guide to the breeding and keeping of Game Fowl Chickens.

Written in 1876 during a period when the breeding and fighting of Game Fowls were a popular sport, this classic text on Game Fowl contains a treasure trove of information on the breeding and keeping of Game Fowl. Chapters include Origins of Cockfighting, The Game Fowl, Breeding Game Fowl, Selection of Breeders, Care of Breeding Stock, Breeding to Feather, Breeding In and In, Crossing of the Game Fowl, Breeding For the Pit, The Influence of the Sire, Setting Hens, Young Chicks, Rules For Feeding, Stamper's Rules, Trimming Game Fowl for the Pit, Rules for Heeling, Description of Gafts, Rules of the Pit, New York Rules, Philadelphia Rules, Western Rules, Southern Rules, English Rules, English Notes on Cockfighting, A Plea For the Pit, Descriptions of Game Breeds, Earl Derbys, Serftons, Irish Dare Devils, Heathwoods, Red Horse, Counterfeits, Red Quills, Claibornes, Tartar Fowl, Jack McClellans, Dusty Millers, Ealin Fowl, Irish Slashers, Stonefence Fowl, Newbold Reds, Irish Muffs, Baltimore Tassels, Rattlers, Red Rippers, Dominic Games, Irish Piles, Brass Back Games, Henry Games, Breeding Coops and Pens, Diseases of Game Fowl, The Care of Wounded Fowl, The Standard of Excellence, Colors of Game Fowl and much more.

Note: This edition is a perfect facsimile of the original edition and is not set in a modern typeface. As a result, some type characters and images might suffer from slight imperfections or minor shadows in the page background. This book is presented as part of large series of educational material on the history and raising of numerous chicken breeds. The material presented herein contains information on the sport of cock fighting and is intended to be strictly for educational purposes with the purpose of enlightening Game Fowl breeders about the history of their breed. Publication of the material is neither an endorsement, nor a criticism of its contents.

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