Cocktails with Molotov

Cocktails with Molotov

by Barry Farber


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ISBN-13: 9781936488513
Publisher: WND Books, Incorporated
Publication date: 06/05/2012
Pages: 226
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

BARRY FARBER is a writer, journalist, nationally syndicated talk show host, Army veteran, and advocate for Jewish charities. In 1991, Farber won the title of Talk Show Host of The Year, and he was recently named among the top 10 radio talk hosts of all time by Talkers Magazine. Farber's books include How to Learn Any Language, which is the leading book in that field world-wide.

Table of Contents

i A Note to the Reader

1 The Second Chance Club

2 Colored Water

3 How Bob Hope Saved Not My Life, but My Livelihood

4 Cocktails with Molotov

5 My Night on the Leningrad Black Market

6 Alfred Hitchcock Answers My Most Brilliant Question

7 The Lieutenant with the Strange Name

8 Suomen Pankki

9 Can You Guess Which Relative Is Coming?

10 The Man Who Married and Divorced Six Jewish Women within Eighteen Months

11 Charlie Fawcett: Act Two

12 My Best Day in the Army

13 Are You Black or Cuban?

14 Oysters, Russian Glue, and Yugoslav Elephants: The Stuff of Heroes

15 Why the Rabbi Got Annoyed

16 Cheering for the Other Side

17 When the Army Wisely Decides to Keep Its Mouth Shut

18 Everybody Always Gets Everything Wrong

19 Buzz and I

20 The Veteran Who Wasn't Getting His GI Bill

21 Bette and Joan and I at 21

22 The Best Practical Joke I Ever Witnessed

23 My Scariest Moment

24 "We Know You Don't Eat Ham!"

25 My Most Unlikely Hebrew Teacher

26 The Indonesian Misunderstanding

27 "We Make Them Berter!"

28 Honor, Southern-Style

29 From Maryland to Yugoslavia

30 Mother Almost Obeyed Dad

31 Archangel. Murmansk. All Mine!

32 The Best Nap I Ever Had

33 The Boston Strangler

34 Cuss Words: Then and Now

35 General Bradley, Admiral Burke, and Private Farber

36 The Winner: My Daughter Celia. The Loser: The Communist Party of Cuba

37 Baby's First Pro-Family Act

38 Choo-Choo

39 Confederate Flag over the Deep Southern Dormitory

40 Daddy and the Duke

41 Mother and Dad and Matty and Henry

42 The Ram and the Blue Devil

43 Eddie

44 Rock 'n' Roll Station Covers Fidel's Visit

45 My Freak Adjustment

46 How My World War II Started

47 Can You Believe? Both Grandmas and Grandpas!

48 How Can the Score Be 18-0 with No Touchdowns, Safeties, or Place Kicks?

49 You Do the Math--in English or Indonesian!

50 My Worst and Best Questions on the Radio over Fifty Years

51 Have You Ever Lived a Biblical Moment?

52 Which Is Mightier: Your Coincidence or Mine?

53 The Albanian King's Ridiculous Joke about the Italian Invasion

54 Out of Wedlock

55 The Real Reason Men Don't Like to Ask for Directions

56 Bridge: The Kind with Cards, Not with Girders

57 Daddy's Shameful Victory

58 The Maryland Used-Car Lot

59 The Greatest Line of World War II-in North Carolina

60 Take a New York Cab and See the World

61 Was It "Nuts!" or Something Else?

62 The Russians Aren't Just Coming; They've Been Here

63 How I Learned Europeans Are More Cultured Than We Are

64 Queen Wilhelmina and the Nazis

65 Tex, I've Got the Cabinet!

66 The Ant

67 The Answer That Saved Fifty Thousand Lives

68 The House on M Street

69 The Orthodox Rabbi and the Castro Defector

70 The Lifesaving Sled

71 America's Two-party System

72 Why Refuel at Vilna?

73 Speak Now, or Forever Hold Your Peace

74 How Hollywood Can Induce You to Love Thine Enemy

75 When I First Heard of Waco, Waco Heard More Importandy from Me

76 War Stories That Almost Missed Iraq and Afghanistan

77 Felix

78 My Favorite Terrorist

79 Sid

80 Ulla and the Sex Maniac Killer

81 My Most Unforgettable Radio Show

82 Sara

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