Code Black (Paranormal Crimes Division, #1)

Code Black (Paranormal Crimes Division, #1)

by Tina Moss

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Meet Sera. Journalist. Outcast. Firestarter.

Heat Up the Night...Heed the Call. 

Gossip mag reporter Sera Benenati knows a thing or two about unearthing secrets...and burying them. As an unregistered supernatural, her freedom depends on keeping her fire-wielding abilities contained. Yet the threat of a little flame isn't enough to snuff out her journalistic pursuits. She's determined to claw her way to the top and land a spot with a real paper.

When she tracks a lead on a string of gruesome paranormal murders to the small town of Buckhorn, Arizona, she's certain she's landed the perfect scoop. But as the crime scene reveals victims with bite marks, torn flesh, and battered bodies, Sera may have smoked out more than she can burn. As the investigation grows hot and Sera winds up in the crosshairs, she'll need the help of a sexy shifter, special agent Talon Rede, to unmask the murderers before she becomes the next victim.

"A cast of vampires, psychics, and shape-shifters delivers...witty quips that round out this solid example of the genre." - PUBLISHER'S WEEKLY ★★★★★

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BN ID: 2940152322811
Publisher: City Owl Press
Publication date: 09/29/2015
Series: Paranormal Crimes Division , #1
Sold by: Draft2Digital
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 3 MB

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Code Black (Paranormal Crimes Division, #1) 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The book is hot. Thank you for making book pararnormal cops book. I was a paranormal cop. I love this book. I feel bad for woman in this book. The book about a paranormal cop guy and a reporter woman who keep getting in the way. She keep getting in troble. The cop and reporter fall in love. If you romance or paranormal book, you would love this book. I camt wait to the next book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This story kept my attention to the end. Laughed (couldnt help it) at the race with a mouth full of teeth, need meat. Interesting characters and interactions. Romance, mystery, violence, and paranormals.
BuckeyeAngel More than 1 year ago
Talon was an agent for the PCD and also the leader of his division and a shifter. Sera could call fire from her body and was learning to control it. Talon was as attracted to Sera as she was to him. Then Sera was kidnapped. This was an excellent plot and overall story. The characters were off the wall, especially Talon and Sera, who had so much to go through, and how they grew. I loved it. I highly recommend to anyone that likes this genre. **I received an ARC of this story in exchange for an honest review**
Publicist More than 1 year ago
PRAISE FOR CODE BLACK "A cast of vampires, psychics, and shape-shifters delivers...witty quips that round out this solid example of the genre." - Publishers Weekly "The introduction to the Paranormal Crimes Division (PCD) promises to be entertaining and tense. Humor is never far from the surface, which comes in handy because the world they patrol is treacherous and fear-inducing." - RT Book Reviews
jeanniezelos More than 1 year ago
Code Black, Paranormal Crimes Division, Tina Moss Review from jeannie zelos book reviews Genre:  Romance, Sci-fi and Fantasy This sounded a fun read and I’m always hoping for a new series that I can fall in love with....but first books in a fantasy series have a huge task. They need to introduce new characters, different paranormals, a new world setting and of course deliver a gripping story. For me this book didn’t quite make it – there’s promise there but I’m torn over whether I want to read more. I think on balance there’s enough there for me to put aside my reservations and read at least one more book before choosing. Sera, we see right from the start she’s different, and I felt for her because she was so alone ( apart from Guy!), and there’s no-one to tell her what she feels is right or wrong or how to control her powers.Its a world where many Supernaturals are registered and recognized, but she’s a type no-one seems to know about and she’s always been told by her dad to keep quiet, to never show she’s different.  Then she’s on the scene as part of a lead on a gruesome story and gets dragged right into it. It brings her to the notice of special agent Talon Rede and his colleagues. There’s a connection between the two right from their first conversation – and that’s simply a phone one!  The issues I had were that there were so many types of paranormals, and so many different departments and groups. It took til at least halfway through the book before I could even begin to get them clear in my mind, and there was lots of flipping back to see who belonged to which group. They seems so disorganised too – with everyone treading on the others toes, no-one sure of who’s really in charge. For a specialist group Talon’s crew are not at all what I’d expect, instead of a tight knit group of close colleagues who respect each other and work seamlessly, they’re a shambolic bunch who seem to dislike many of the others in the group, and things get done more by accident than design. I could take most of that though if it wasn’t for my pet hate, Powers we’ve never heard of coming into play to get people out of an impossible spot just at the right moment. All Supernaturals in fiction have a bit extra talent, its what makes the genre such a fun read and each author tailors the format, but here it seems like some people have abilities to cover almost every situation, and it takes the excitement, the danger element out when you know that one of them will always be able to handle it.  There was a bit too much of that – the hand waving moving air currents to get things/people just where they needed to be, that kind of problem solving. Then there’s Sera’s handy fire, she gained some pretty accurate control over that very quickly. I need the characters to struggle a bit, to use their talents certainly but not this catch all magic fixes we saw here. Stars:Three, a decent read with some fresh elements but I’ve reservations about the series. ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers. If you enjoyed my review I'd love it if you would please click “Like” and if you didn't I'd love to know why, in case I've inadvertently added a spoiler and need to edit.