Coevolution of Human Potential and Converging Technologies

Coevolution of Human Potential and Converging Technologies



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ISBN-13: 9781573315012
Publisher: New York Academy of Sciences
Publication date: 05/28/2004
Series: Annals of the New York Academy of Scienc , #1013
Pages: 259

Table of Contents

Part I.Overviews
Science and Technology Integration for Increased Human Potential and Societal Outcomes1
Vision for Converging Technologies and Future Society17
Collaborating on Convergent Technologies: Education and Practice25
Part II.Research Contributions
Integrative Technology for the Twenty-First Century38
Converging Technologies for Enhancing Human Performance: Science and Business Perspectives50
Tactile Sensory Substitution Studies83
Bio-Inspired Nano-Sensor-Enhanced CNN Visual Computer92
Object-Oriented Design Tools for Supramolecular Devices and Biomedical Nanotechnology110
Systems Theory and the Ethics of Human Enhancement: A Framework for NBIC Convergence124
The Evolution of Semantic Systems150
How the Legal System Should Change as a Result of Converging Technologies178
Designing the Future: NBIC Technolgies and Human Performance Enhancement186
Multidisciplinary Opportunities and Challenges in NBIC199
To Think Bigger Thoughts: Why the Human Cognome Project Requires Visual Language Tools to Address Social Messes212
Neuroethical Considerations: Cognitive Liberty and Converging Technologies for Improving Human Cognition221
Neurotechnology and Society (2010-2060)229
Early Convergence Research and Education Supported by the National Science Foundation234
Index of Contributors259

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