Coffee Rings

Coffee Rings

by Yvonne Lehman
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Coffee Rings 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I enjoy books on women and their relationships. Coffee Rings has a story that shows what has taken place in different lives and how the friends help each other through their good and bad times.
Guest More than 1 year ago
COFFEE RINGS by Yvonne Lehman seems destined for Hollywood. It will be a movie X-rated for explicit sex, skinny dipping, murderous jealousy and suicides attempted and real. With the right director (Ang Lee?) and with actresses like Gwyneth Paltrow and Andy McDowell it might be nominated for an Oscar. COFFEE RINGS is that good a yarn. *** If the movie director spins COFFEE RINGS as being about an oddball, exotic, inward looking cult (a temptation) in the author's Black Mountain, North Carolina he will make a mistake. This is a novel admittedly about a dozen or so people who belong to the same evangelical Protestant church, who accept the same Calvinist theology and who use Christian insights to critique their own behavior and that of their co-religionists. But think of this: a strong plurality, possibly a majority, of millions of Bible Belt Protestants relate strongly and positively to the beliefs it presents about the impact of Bible- reading, conversion and election for glory. *** It cannot be denied that the author's most informed readership will be evangelical Christians living within 30 miles of Black Mountain (called Laurel Ridge in the novel). Who else could understand hyperbole about diving from Mount Mitchell into Lake Junaluska, a fast 90 minute drive apart. *** Yet the novel transcends its doctrinal and geographic limits by honestly describing Everyman's passions and needs, strivings and failings: revenge, lust, shame, religion, redemption and love. There is the convincing incomprehension by the younger generation of the values of the older. There is suppression of past sins by the older generation now repentant (in varying degrees) and trying to be models of good behavior. *** COFEE RINGS is also a detective story with clues popping up every ten pages or so about the awful tragedies that occurred 19 years before the imminent death from cancer of Eunice Hogan, longtime (but once unfaithful) wife of preacher Henry Hogan. How did four teenage Christian girls, strong friends, manage to bring so much sorrow to themselves and especially to the Hogans? How did the doomed Eunice Hogan both make her peace with them and help them to find peace in the Lord? COFFEE RINGS will keep you guessing. -OOO-