Cognition and Brain Development: Converging Evidence from Various Methodologies

Cognition and Brain Development: Converging Evidence from Various Methodologies

by Bhoomika R. Kar



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ISBN-13: 9781433812712
Publisher: American Psychological Association
Publication date: 01/28/2013
Pages: 328
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Table of Contents

Contributors ix

Foreword Michael I. Posner xi

Introduction Bhoomika Rastogi Kar 3

I Development of Attention and Control 9

Chapter 1 Development of Selection and Control Bhoomika Rastogi Kar Narayanan Srinivasan 11

Chapter 2 The Nature and Nurture of Executive Attention Development M. Rosario Rueda Lina M. Cómbita 33

Chapter 3 Development of Attention Networks Michael I. Posner Mary K. Rothbart 61

Chapter 4 Development of Task-Switching Skills Gijsbert Stoet Beatriz López 85

II Developmental Disorders: ADHD and Autism 103

Chapter 5 Role of Dopamine in the Pathophysiology of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Chandan J. Vaidya Evan M. Gordon 105

Chapter 6 The Dopamine Hypothesis of ADHD and Brain Response to Stimulant Medication James M. Swanson Timothy Wigal Scott Kollins Jeffrey Newcorn Gene-Jack Wang Joanna Fowler Nora Volkow 127

Chapter 7 Exploring Prerequisite Learning Skills in Young Children and Their Implications for Identification of and Intervention for Autistic Behavior Prathibha Karanth Archana S 145

III Origin of Self, Culture, and Social Cognition 155

Chapter 8 Self-Consciousness and the Origins of an Ethical Stance Philippe Rochat 157

Chapter 9 Learning to Share: The Emergence of Joint Attention in Human Infancy Gedeon O. Deák Jochen Triesch Anna Krasno Kaya de Barbaro Marybel Robledo 173

Chapter 10 Culture and Cognitive Development: The Development of Geocentric Language and Cognition Ramesh C. Mishra Pierre R. Dasen 211

Chapter 11 Cultural Differences in Cognitive Styles Pierre R. Dasen Ramesh C. Mishra 231

IV Language and Reading Development 251

Chapter 12 Children's Reading Development: Learning About Sounds, Symbols, and Cross-Modal Mappings Sonali Nag Margaret J. Snowling 253

Chapter 13 Young Children's Use of Color Information During Language-Vision Mapping Folk Huettig 271

Chapter 14 Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Language in Patients With Epilepsy Jija S. James Chandrasekharan Kesavadas 289

Index 311

About the Editor 327

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