Cognitive Faith: Science, Religion, God and You

Cognitive Faith: Science, Religion, God and You

by Susan Sorensen


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For those that have discarded any version of faith in God or found a religion to lack credibility…
For those that are realists, nerds, or hopeless skeptics, that nevertheless like to read intellectually challenging propositions…
For those that have explored self-help and made progress but are looking to accelerate their personal growth and development…
And for those who are troubled and need some help with finding the strength to change…
Courageously written, Cognitive Faith challenges and disputes some of the central premises of religious faith, including most religious lore, and religious morality and behavioral dictates. With pointed rebukes for the regrettably common inclination toward irrational thinking, in our personal lives, in our spiritual lives, and in current political and social systems, this book nevertheless blazes a path for a modern-day, rational, cognitive version of empowering faith.
From brontosaurs to bosons, from after-life to daily life, from miracles to meanness, and from Pascal’s Wager to present-day politics. If belief in God is to remain relevant in today’s world a new version of faith is required. We can still believe in God, we just have to do it with our minds engaged and our eyes open.

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ISBN-13: 9780984218783
Publisher: WRM Publishing
Publication date: 10/16/2018
Pages: 154
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.33(d)

About the Author

Sue Sorensen was born in Los Angeles and raised in the suburb of Alhambra, California. She attended Cal State University on a full academic scholarship and completed a bachelor's degree in the double majors of Anthropology and English. She followed this degree with another bachelor's degree in Broadcasting Communications and later earned a master's degree in Education from USC. Sue has had a successful career in business as a learning and development professional. Over the years she held management and executive level roles in this field. Sue has also designed and presented numerous business courses on a wide variety of topics, including Emotional Intelligence, Critical Thinking, Problem-Solving and other more traditional management and HR topics. This book represents a career departure for Sue into a subject of personal interest and social importance.

Table of Contents


Part One Science

- The Big Bang and Evolutionary Science

- Logic and Reasoning

- Unexplained Mysteries and Belief in God

- Laws of Physics – Indestructibility

- Newton’s Laws

- The Take Control Model – Free Will

Part Two: Religion

- Religion, Historically

- Explaining the World’s Workings

- Of Two Minds – Conflicting Beliefs

- Prescribing Morality and Behavior

- Giving Comfort and Peace

- The Real Value Faith

- Not a Level Playing Field

- Therapy Versus Faith?

- Pascals Wager

Part Three: God

- The Nature of God

- God and Intention

- God as a Source of Power

- God does not Define Good or Evil

- Evil in the World and Morality

- Unhealthy Behavior

- Goodness

Part Four: You

- The Action of Prayer

- Prayer versus Meditation

- Conscious Contact

- Not a Zero-Sum Equation – It’s Chaos

- Use Your Head – Politics in the Teens of the 21st Century


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