Cognitive Science and H. Rationalism: The Human Mind

Cognitive Science and H. Rationalism: The Human Mind

by Thierry P Amisi


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An innovative scientific and psychological approach to understanding the working of the human brain.

Where will a [much] deeper understanding of Cognitive Science lead the human race to? This book, whose chapters respectfully depict the evolution of the human rationalism, introduces a new way to understanding the working of the brain. Through intense analyses of different reflections from various senses, Thierry P. Amisi [currently a student and an inductee of Phi Theta Kappa, The international Honor Society] brings a valid argument that suggests three stages that conditionally and subsequently lead to the development of rationality. That is, Vide intelligence, Prime intelligence and ultimately Rational intelligence. Thierry, in the ending chapter of this book, does suggest a series of researches that could eventually lead to the resolvability of problems or complications that [may] take place in the conceptual level; this, at the time victims are still infants. Also to mention: this book contains some Experiments, Ethical arguments and perspectives, creative or humorous stories and else. The text book itself is written in such a way that all readers, regardless of their backgrounds, can only grasp the meanings of different arguments that have been developed. It is an easy to read book.

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ISBN-13: 9781432787257
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Publication date: 06/14/2012
Pages: 170
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