Coincidence & Intrinsic Inspirations Journal: Four week, 28-day journal to awaken to a higher awareness and discover the human connection without boundaries

Coincidence & Intrinsic Inspirations Journal: Four week, 28-day journal to awaken to a higher awareness and discover the human connection without boundaries

by Kirsten Jansen MSW


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Coincidences, intrinsic inspirations, physical and emotional indicators are calling us to wake-up, pay attention, and be present to our life as it unfolds. We have all heard there really is no such thing as a coincidence and that things happen for a reason. However, when we experience coincidences, or other indicators, we have a tendency to dismiss them as ordinary occurrences and subsequently overlook their messages. This journal is created as a 28-day tool to assist you in awakening your conscious, authentic self by documenting coincidences, intrinsic inspirations (soul whisperings), physical and emotional indicators. Then reflect back upon your journal entries and listen to your own soul's promptings for growth and healing. In addition, to aid in quieting the mind chatter and to open-up an access for your soul's awareness and reflection, the Chartres Cathedral's eleven-circuit labyrinth is included on the back cover, and Mandalas from around the world for coloring. This innovative journal combines a variety of healing modalities into a simple to use journal format. It is sure to please any individual seriously seeking spiritual healing and growth.

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ISBN-13: 9781452566894
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 02/11/2013
Pages: 42
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Coincidence & Intrinsic Inspirations Journal

Four week, 28-day journal to awaken to a higher awareness and discover the human connection without boundaries
By Kirsten Jansen


Copyright © 2013 Kirsten Jansen, MSW
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4525-6689-4

Chapter One

Examples Of What To Document

COINCIDENCES - life experiences that connect us to one another

  •   Thinking about connecting with someone and then they happen to call you or you run into them serendipitously.

  •   A dream that awakens you in the middle of night that seems "real" or provides you with a specific answer to a question you were seeking.

  •   You meet someone significant at a location that you rarely frequent.

  •   You are thinking of someone or a place in time, and a song comes on the radio at the exact same time that specifically reminds you of the person or place in time you were thinking about.

  •   You are continually thinking about a life change, such as "I wish things were different in my life." Then a new opportunity presents itself – a new friend enters your life or a relationship comes to an end; news of a new job or a job suddenly comes to an end; an opportunity arises that will allow you to follow your passion, etc. You say to yourself, "I was just wishing things were different in my life, and then this happened."

    INTRINSIC INSPIRATIONS - inner soul whisperings that provide guidance

  •   Instant information that comes into your mind that you are unable to explain how you "know it," you just do.

  •   A silent intuitive thought that pops into your mind, which calls you to "awake" in the moment, to pay attention and perform an action. For example, you are driving down a road, and a thought comes into your mind for you to turn right at an intersection rather than going straight (your original plan). Then later on you find out there was an accident further down the road that you avoided by turning right.

  •   When you receive an intuitive message to be aware or cautious of a circumstance prior to it happening. You are in a conversation and you say something that you instantly regret saying. Your soul immediately whispers to you "I shouldn't have said that."

  •   A child speaking truths to you beyond their physical developmental stage, and you wonder – "How could he/she know that?"

  •   A seamlessly impossible spiritual conversation with a deceased loved one, an animal, a flower, a tree, a rock, etc.


  •   Your body senses something prior to your conscience awareness. Such as the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Or you are in a conversation and suddenly you get goose bumps all over, or chills run up or down your spine.

  •   Sometimes there are no words, but you experience an over riding sensation that provides a sense of knowing.

  •   A book or a paragraph in a book that makes you sigh "out loud" with curiosity, or align in harmony with a thought, or answers a question you have been seeking.

  •   A poem, story or song that stirs you at the most sacred heart-felt level.

  •   A smell that reminds you of a person or a particular place in time.

  •   Paintings, photographs, or colors that call out to you and provide you with an instant "feel good" sensation that communicates clearly without words.

  •   When your soul is elevated and/or deeply moved from watching, listening or participating in the arts. Your attitude – positive, negative or indifferent.

  •   Your prominent emotions of an event or the day: sad, mad, glad, scared or excited.

  •   Rhythm of your daily life – did your day seem to flow or seem like a struggle?

  •   Your energy levels – high, low, comfort or discomfort.

    EXAMINE YOUR WHOLE HUMAN EXISTENCE - life experiences, mind, body and soul

    "The unexamined life is not worth living." — Socrates


    "It all begins with a moment of wide-eyed wonder, a spirit of stepping into something new and glorious, a spirit of being a partner in a grand miracle!"

    —Chief Dan Evehema, Hopi Elder

    The entire process of discovering the meaning behind coincidences, and awakening to your authentic self is fun and exciting. Patterns and connections will unfold right before your eyes and will provide you with learning opportunities for your soul's growth. You will discover small miracles happen all the time, and experience first-hand our human connection without boundaries.

    For this journal experiment, dwell in the possibility of the following:

  •   At our core or spirit level, we are energetic souls who never cease to exist. Our souls are only temporarily expressing themselves through our physical form. Our soul, at its core spirit level, is whole, complete, intact, and fearless as it is a direct extension of the Source of life.

  •   All of our life's experiences are learning opportunities for our soul's growth.

  •   When we are born, we inherit a physical form that is pre-programed with genetic information. A sour physical body develops our mind absorbs additional cultural programming based upon our living environment and life experiences. Our soul has the ability to either allow (consciously or unconsciously) the mind to control thoughts based on this programming, or direct the mind from the soul's intrinsic inspirations.

  •   Our soul's intrinsic inspirations are different than mind chatter. Intrinsic inspirations happen in the present moment, resonate from the heart, and provide compassionate guidance that supports life and wellbeing. Mind chatter is just that – chatter that continually goes on in your mind that rehashes past experiences or future events without purpose, seeks to harm self or others, or are fear-based thoughts. To successfully use this journal, you must be able to differentiate between these two. Helpful considerations:

    • Your soul has the ability to use the mind as an analyzing instrument to change thoughts that are not conducive to others' and your wellbeing. In addition, your soul will provide compassionate guidance for understanding your life experiences and offer solutions to perceived problems that work for everyone. All inspired, original, imaginative, creative, resourceful, ingenious, innovative, productive, artistic, respectful, compassionate, and peaceful thoughts, that support life and wellbeing, stem from your soul. Your soul's intrinsic inspirations will not produce thoughts that seek to harm self or others.

    • Your mind, left to its own accord, will run on its programming. It will create thoughts that seek to harm self or others. It will rehash, blame, criticize, worry, judge, and create drama. It will repeat thoughts of past experiences or generate thoughts worrying about the future, as well as continue dwelling on perceived problems without any solutions.

    • Practicing some form of meditation, prayer or relaxation technique on a regular basis, with the intention of quieting the mind chatter so you may access your soul's information, will aid in distinguishing the difference between the two.

  •   Remember - things are the way they are, because they are the way they are. All of your wishing that some of your life experiences "should be," or "suppose to be," different is a futile exercise. Instead, seek out the underlying learning opportunity from each and every experience. By seeking out the learning opportunity, you will be able to understand the difference between life experiences that cannot be changed and circumstances that can be.

  •   Honor and trust your own soul's guidance, for when you do, a world of possibilities will open up.


    To aid in quieting the mind chatter and to enable you to access your soul's information, the Chartres Cathedral's eleven-circuit labyrinth is included on the back cover. The concept for this journal is to use this labyrinth as a self- alignment, meditative tool for heightened awareness. Note, this labyrinth has only one path that leads to the center and back out again. When you follow its path, metaphorically, you are taking a journey to the center of your soul and back out into the world.

    To use the Labyrinth, initially, focus your attention on your breathing. Breathe in and out, and notice the still, calming effect that being aware of your own breath can create. Simultaneously, focus your attention inward with the intention of creating a sacred space (any space you dedicate as being sacred) for accessing clarity and connection to your true self. Then, use your finger to follow the labyrinth's path to the center and back out. This labyrinth can be used:

  •   First thing in the morning, just after waking, as a meditative tool to ask for a greater awareness throughout the day.

  •   Before and after the Mandala reflections. For the Mandala reflections (details on page six), separate the inward and outward tracing pattern. Once you have dedicated your space (as mentioned above), use your finger to follow the labyrinth's path to the center. Then, proceed to the Mandala reflection. After you complete your reflection, start at the center of the labyrinth and trace the path back to the beginning as you give your soul thanks for providing insight and understanding.


    When you become aware of a coincidence, or recognize your physical and emotional indicators, give your soul thanks and express gratitude for the awareness. The more you acknowledge their existence, the more awakened and aware you will be as they occur.

  •   Pay particular attention to your attitude – positive, negative or indifferent. Consider your attitude to be the most important aspect of this experiment. Recognize that you have the ability to choose your attitude and thoughts in any given set of circumstances.

  •   Track your emotion(s) of the day – sad, mad, glad, scared or excited. There are no "bad" emotions. Emotions are simply energy in motion signaling you to wake-up to a learning opportunity.

  •   Track the rhythm of your day – did it flow or did it seem like a struggle.

  •   Pay attention to your energy levels throughout the day – high, low, comfort or discomfort. (The spectrum of your energy level can vary on a scale of high to low. You may experience both high and low energy levels throughout the day depending on the circumstance, health, etc.) Did you feel like you had a high level of energy and could get things done? Did you feel like you had a low level of energy in which you were literally dragging your body around and you didn't accomplish much, or nothing at all? For purposes of this experience, particularly pay attention to your energy levels when you experience a coincidence and/or physical and emotional body indicators.

  •   For tracking your comfort or discomfort energy levels, pay attention to how you "feel" in your environment/ space. You will be able to sense whether or not you feel "comfortable" and at peace, or you feel "discomfort" and sense that something does not feel okay.

  •   Track the outcome of your actions or reactions for the day - were they peaceful, harmonious and uniting or were they divisive, discord and conflict-ridden.

  •   Consider one or a few words to describe the day. Then, write these word(s) in the daily word index. The daily word index will assist you in the 28-day reflection.


    Mandalas are symbolic illustrations of wholeness and occur naturally in nature. The word "Mandala" is Sanskrit for "circle" or "completion." Mandalas are used as a tool to assist with meditation, healing, and as a way for many cultures to convey their spiritual beliefs or worldviews. Creating and/or coloring Mandalas automatically place you in a meditative state. To aid you in reflection, pre-drawn Mandalas (taken from different faith traditions and sacred geometry) are included for you to color after each 7-day period, and at the end of the journal. As you color-in the Mandalas, refer back to your journal entries and ask your soul questions for growth and/or healing.

    Consider this Mandala reflection process as an adventure to discover your true self. Dwell in the possibility that you are a spirit in partnership with a grand miracle that we commonly call "life." As you color, allow information to flow to you naturally without effort. Trust that your soul has the ability to override unhealthy thoughts and provide compassionate guidance to understand your life experiences. Awakening begins the moment your mind acknowledges your soul's intrinsic inspirations that support life and wellbeing. Your soul's information will be felt from within your heart.

    The following are examples of questions to ask your self during Mandala reflections:

  •   What was your overall attitude (positive or negative throughout the 7 or 28-day-period respectively)?

  •   Were there any themes, patterns or connections with previous dates? Your mind will point them out, but go deeper within yourself and ask, "What do you want me to understand from these patterns, themes or connections?"

  •   Is there an ebb and flow rhythm or struggle and strife pattern associated with your experiences?

  •   What were your prominent emotions? Pay particular attention to repeating patterns of sad, mad, and scared – these energy patterns are asking you wake-up, to acknowledge and see things as they "are" and not as you "wish" they could or should be. Instead of rehashing "why" you are sad, mad and scared, ask your soul, "What am I wishing to be some other way? Is this something I can change? What do you want me to see or understand?" Asking "why" keeps you stuck. Instead, ask your soul for understanding.

  •   Do these messages bring you comfort and peace or create discomfort and discord?

  •   Do the messages embrace concepts or ideas to unite or divide?

  •   What messages for "change" are you receiving?

  •   How do coincidences happen?

  •   What is the underlying meaning of coincidences?


    At the end of the 28-days, share your findings from this journal with your family, friends and neighbors. Open a dialogue to discuss the following:

  •   How each of us experiences coincidences, intrinsic inspirations and physical and emotional indicators regardless of country, culture, race, religion, spiritual practice, social economic status, sexual orientation, ability, disability, etc. Since we are all experiencing coincidences, intrinsic inspirations and physical and emotional indicators, does this indicate anything?

  •   Do coincidences reflect that we are all somehow connected and being guided?

  •   Are our bodies' physical and emotional indicators really messages to help our soul to be awake in the moment and define for ourselves: "Who we are at our soul level. What we stand for. How are we going to respond and contribute to life?"

  •   Could it be as simple as: "Are we contributing to peaceful solutions or are we not?"

    What would happen if every person defined their soul's principles as:

  •   At my core, my soul's essential essence is love.

  •   I will stand-up for peaceful solutions at all times.

  •   I will contribute peacefully, compassionately, and authentically from my core essential self – which is love.

  •   I will understand there are really no "bad" or "good" life experiences - all experiences have equal value when viewed as learning opportunities for my soul's growth.

  •   I will take nothing personally, but instead, realize I am here to learn and need connection with others in order to do so.

  •   I am not alone; I am consistently being intrinsically guided and have the ability at all times to choose thoughts and behaviors that support life and wellbeing for others and myself.

  •   My presence and existence in this world, is my unique message of life.

  •   May my life's message be a peaceful, compassionate existence and example of harmony and respect for all.

    "I am open to the guidance of synchronicity and do not let expectations hinder my path."

    —Dalai Lama


    Excerpted from Coincidence & Intrinsic Inspirations Journal by Kirsten Jansen Copyright © 2013 by Kirsten Jansen, MSW. Excerpted by permission of BALBOA PRESS. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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