Coincidences in the Bible and in Biblical Hebrew

Coincidences in the Bible and in Biblical Hebrew

by Haim Shore


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Unexplainable coincidences abound in the Bible and in biblical Hebrew. For example, the Hebrew words for "ear" and "balance" are derived from the same philological root. But it was only toward the end of the nineteenth century that scientists discovered that the human body’s balancing mechanism resides in the ear. Coincidences in the Bible and in biblical Hebrew details scores of such incidents, including:
-Words in Hebrew that show intent to convey a message
-Coincidences in the Hebrew language that show intent to convey hidden information, and occasionally information that could not be expected to be known in biblical times
-Passages in the Bible that convey or assume information or knowledge unlikely to have been known in biblical times
-Other coincidences from Jewish tradition or Jewish history

Author Haim Shore discusses two types of coincidences - those that can be considered just that, and others that are subject to rigorous statistical analysis. Altogether, nineteen analyses have been conducted with highly significant results. Simple plots that accompany the analyses clarify their meanings and implications so that no prior statistical know-how is required.

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Coincidences in the Bible and in Biblical Hebrew 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is not a book about biblical prophecies, the Bible code or Gematria. Yet, the book exhibits a series of unexplained ¿coincidences¿ that is worth exploring and getting impressed by. There are several unique characteristics to the book, which I believe make it unlike other books of a similar nature. First, the book contains statistical analyses with highly significant results. These demonstrate that some of the coincidences in the book are in fact not coincidences at all, but rather store real and valid information. The statistical analyses, applied to some of the ¿coincidences¿, take the book¿s results closer to be scientifically founded. All analyses are explained in simple language, accompanied by commentary that makes them indeed accessible to those, like me, untrained in the statistical disciplines. A second important point about this book is that since it is not about biblical prophecies, the Bible code or Jewish Gematria, most coincidences are in fact new. For example, the explanation of the Ibur, and how Jewish tradition has long ago arrived at the lunar month duration of 29.530594 days (vs. today¿s scientifically validated value of 29.530589 days) were for me a stunning revelation. Finally, the newly added chapter 22 (in the revised 2008 edition of the book) statistically evaluates the Genesis creation story. The results, as displayed and demonstrated, are fascinating. On the down side, the book is not homogenous in its structure. Some of the coincidences are indeed stunning, others can be seriously debated whether they are of any real significance. I believe that the sheer number of ¿coincidences¿, relating to both the Bible and to biblical Hebrew, makes this book a treasure of information that is both challenging and entertaining.