Cold Case Kennedy: A New Investigation into the Assassination of JFK

Cold Case Kennedy: A New Investigation into the Assassination of JFK

by Flip de Mey


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·Take a front row seat in the investigation to discover what really happened in Dallas just after midday on November 22, 1963
·Flip de Mey has spent many years analyzing the dossier on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. He re-examined all the original investigation documents and challenged both the defenders and the critics of the official account. 50 years after the event, he comes up with a surprising and groundbreaking theory

Cold Case Kennedy is the first book to systematically scrutinize all aspects of the murder dossier. Why did Robert Kennedy remain silent? Was there really a magic bullet? What was the role of Lyndon Johnson in the drama? Was there more than one sniper? Why did the Warren Commission refuse to consider a third victim on Dealey Plaza? What was a convicted gangster doing in the building directly across from the Texas School Book Depository? And, last but not least: was the official investigation the most in-depth inquest ever to be carried out, or was it nothing more than a clumsy attempt to sweep things under the carpet?

Flip de Mey started his career as a lawyer, but studied further to become a forensic auditor specializing in the unraveling of fraud and other irregularities. His expertise based on many years of experience and his specific methods for analyzing complex dossiers served him well during the pursuit of his passion: the assassination of JFK.

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ISBN-13: 9789401413961
Publisher: Lannoo International
Publication date: 09/07/2013
Pages: 432
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