Cold Dawn (Cold Harbor Book 7)

Cold Dawn (Cold Harbor Book 7)

by Susan Sleeman


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An inferno meant to destroy...
Blackwell Tactical operator and former criminalist Samantha Willis discovers forensic evidence to prove her friend has been murdered. But before she can gather the evidence, an explosion erupts and a fiery inferno traps her in a building. She helplessly watches the evidence go up in flames and prays that she can escape before the encroaching flames take her life.

Or an act of revenge...
Firefighter and former Navy SEAL Matt Finnegan knew his friend's death was no accident, and he arrives at the building to gather his own evidence. But he sees the building engulfed in flames and discovers a familiar car parked in the lot. Sam, his former girlfriend, had to be trapped inside. Despite his training, despite his captain's protest, Finn takes off without a threat assessment, risking his life to enter the building and drag Sam to safety. When he does, he can't help but wonder if the fire was set to destroy evidence or if it was set to kill Sam. Either way, if Sam survives, he vows to hunt down the answer.

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ISBN-13: 9781949009156
Publisher: Edge of Your Seat Books, Inc.
Publication date: 01/19/2019
Series: Cold Harbor Series , #7
Pages: 310
Sales rank: 415,145
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

SUSAN SLEEMAN is the bestselling author of over thirty-five novels with more than one million books sold. She writes romantic suspense novels that are clean with inspiring messages of faith. Readers love her series for the well-drawn characters and edge-of-your-seat action. She graduated from the FBI and local police citizen academies, so her research is spot-on and her characters are real.
In addition to writing, Susan also hosts She has lived in nine states but now calls Oregon home. Her husband is a retired church music director, and they have two beautiful daughters, a very special son-in-law, and an adorable grandson.
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Cold Dawn (Cold Harbor Book 7) 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
swissgranny 17 days ago
It’s been such a treat to meet all the people in Susan Sleeman’s Cold Harbor series. Well, maybe treat isn’t the right word, since they manage to get into more trouble than a barrel of monkeys! Still, the characters are wonderful and Sleeman gets them in and out of trouble with her skillful suspense writing. Samantha and Griff are well-drawn and endearing characters who get a second chance at love when they are drawn together through the death of a mutual friend. Their expertise in their different fields is tested when they work to solve the mystery of his murder. This story has intrigue, suspense, and inspiration all mixed together with a dash of romance. I enjoyed seeing the growth and healing that Samantha and Griff went through to get their happily ever after. Along with their story, we got an introduction to the author’s next series, Truth Seekers, by meeting Emory Steele, the heroine in Dead Ringer, which is the first book in the series. The only problem I had with Cold Dawn was some confusion during the last part of the book. I had a hard time keeping track of all the suspects and extra characters. Other than that, Sleeman’s superb writing and knowledgeable background in crime fighting kept me on the edge of my seat. I’m looking forward to the next series and more great suspense. I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book. All opinions are my own.
DarleneLTurner 7 months ago
Ex-police officer Samantha Willis has turned her badge in for a forensic kit and gloves. She finds evidence proving her friend’s death was no accident, but before she can turn it in she’s locked into a room while a fire rages around her. Can she live long enough to prove the murder? Matt Griffin, former Navy SEAL turned firefighter, only wants to investigate his friend’s death, but when he arrives at the building he sees it’s engulfed in flames and his ex-girlfriend’s car is sitting in the parking lot. Sam and Griff have to learn to put their differences aside to work together in solving this murder, but when their lives are both threatened they need to move quickly to neutralize the situation before anyone else is killed. Can they succumb to their feelings long enough to love each other again before it’s too late? This is the first book I’ve read by Susan Sleeman and I gotta say, I’m impressed. I enjoyed her storytelling abilities and Cold Dawn had me hooked from the beginning. The clever plot drove me to keep reading to find out who was behind the mystery. Sam and Griff are characters I could get on board with. They both had believable qualities that made them jump out on the page. I enjoyed learning about the Blackwell Tactical group and it was apparent to me the author has done her research on forensic and police procedures. This is the last of the Cold Harbor series and can be read on its own. However, I want to know more about these characters, so I will need to go back and catch up! I look forward to reading her new upcoming series, Truth Seekers. I give Cold Dawn four stars. It’s an engaging story that will keep you reading into the night! **An e-copy of this book was given to me by the author for my honest review.
lsnlj 9 months ago
This is book seven in the Cold Harbor series, even though it is a stand alone book, you will miss a lot of history and some amazing books if you just pick this one up. But, if this is your first in the series you will still enjoy it. I fell in love with the entire Blackwell Tactical team from book one and have enjoyed getting to know each member of the team more personally through each book. I am so excited to see that I will still get to somewhat keep up with the Blackwell team in the next series, the Truth Seekers. Susan Sleeman is one of my favorite contemporary, suspense, mystery, romance writers around. Her books always grab my attention from the get go and keep it, with many twist and turns till the very end. Samantha Willis, Sam, is a beautiful, hardworking former criminalist who is now a part of the Blackwell team. Firefighter and former Navy SEAL Matt Griffin, Griff, (SIGH) must help Sam discover whom killed their friend and stay alive in the process. Sam and Griff have a past of their own and must work through some issues to possibly face a future together. I love the mystery, suspense and of course Romance in this novel, I enjoyed the entire series and am so glad that I have read all seven books.
train_lady 9 months ago
Great series (Cold Harbor), and a great final book to end it. Cold Dawn is the story of Samantha WIllis and Matt Griffin (Griff). They have a shared history. Once in serious love, Sam backed out after her father cheated on her mother, and she lumped all men into the can't be trusted category. But, they never really stopped loving each other, so a major theme is whether they can rekindle the relationship and make it work. Griff is on-board, but Sam not so much. Now the real mystery is who is torching buildings, killed Sam and Griff's mutual good friend, and now seems to be after Sam. Hmm, or is it Griff they're after. It's exactly this type of writing that makes a good author. This was a good read, and I learned a lot about arson and forensics investigating. Of course, the rest of the Blackwell Tactical group was right there to help as well as a few friends form Sam's earlier career as a Portland police officer. I was sad, in a way, knowing that this was the last book in the series. You get to really like the characters, and how they all relate. But, not to worry. I learned after reading it, that Ms Sleeman has new series in the works that will include some of the Cold Harbor characters, but centered around the Veritas Center. We'll have to wait until April for the first of that series (Dead Ringer)
Jutzie 9 months ago
Cold Dawn by Susan Sleeman Cold Harbor Series Book Seven Samantha Willis, forensic expert loves her job with Blackwell Tactical. They are family. When a childhood friend turns up dead...Sam goes to investigate on her own. If there is evidence to find that he was murdered...she's going to find it. And, she even asked for help from an old friend. Matt Griffin “Griff” is thankful that Gage Blackwell lets him help with the case to find his friend's murderer. The Blackwell group is quite impressive and he gets to be close to Sam. Whether that's good or bad is yet to be seen. Another great story in this series. So real life how events in our lives can color our perspectives. And how fear can keep us imprisoned. Stop us from living. These stories have great characters, suspense, and real-life struggles. Love it.
Cheri5 9 months ago
Cold Dawn, the last in the Cold Harbor series, was wonderful. I love how the author creates believeable characters, storylines, and emotions in each and every book. She always delivers with nonstop action, suspenseful plots, and keeps me guessing through the end. I love the way she effortlessly weaves backstories into each of the books, so that the couples have a past that needs to be repaired, rekindled, forgiven, or reconnected. It feels natural instead of romance where boy meets girl and knows he’s in love by chapter 2 though she’s a virtual stranger. Love, love, love this series and definitely will continue to recommend it to all my friends. Now that all seven books are published, my friends (and I) can read the series start to finish, getting to know each and every one better. I received this book for free in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are solely mine.
LGHudson 10 months ago
SUSPENSE OVERLOAD! COLD DAWN (A Cold Harbor Novel Book 7) is filled with suspense from beginning to end! This book should be read in the order it was written in the Series for the reader to completely understand all of the backstory of the Blackwell Tactical Group and exactly what they do, why they all work so well together and why it’s important for them to have significant others in their lives to help support, encourage, ground and love them. Each book centers around one member of the Team. This one centers around Forensic Expert Samantha Willis. A lifelong friend of hers has been found dead and she believes his death is not accidental. She brings in another friend, Matthew Griffin, former Navy SEAL and now a Firefighter and Medic, in to help her investigate the mysterious death. While trying to solve that mystery, there is a much bigger mystery of what happened between Sam & Griff in the past. They had a great relationship going and she broke it off with no explanation. All it takes is for them to see each other to know that their feelings for each other haven’t changed in the past few years. They both know that they must focus on the investigation first and foremost. It quickly becomes apparent that maybe the facts are not adding up and the case is much more complicated than they first thought. This is a case that will take all the skills of the Blackwell Team Members plus the skills of some friends at a specialty DNA Lab to find out the truth of the killer/killers. Will they be too late with the evidence? Will the killer/killers strike again? Are the attempts on Sam and Griff’s lives related to the murder of their friend or coincidental? What if they get blindsided by the murderer/murderer? Who can they trust? Will Sam and Griff find their way back to each other? I was provided an ARC of this book by the author. The opinions expressed here are completely my own and without influence. I also preordered a copy of this book for my own personal collection.
SusanSnodgrassBookworm 10 months ago
'Suffering is a part of life. I've never met a strong person who hasn't suffered.' It was so good to be back with Blackwell Tactical again. This group of former military and law enforcement folks are top notch in their field. This is book 7 and the final book in Susan Sleeman's Cold Harbor series. In my opinion, she saved the best for last. Former criminalist and Blackwell Tactical member Samantha Willis is trying to discover what happened to a friend who died in a fire, and chances are nearly 100% that he was murdered. Her former boyfriend, Matt Griffin, former Navy SEAL, now firefighter and paramedic, was also a friend of the deceased and is helping her with her investigation. Samantha broke up with Griff seven years earlier because of her trust issues. Griff has never stopped loving her and truth be told, neither has she stopped loving him. Samantha and Griff both has some serious issues to work through. But God is gentle with them and is leading them to find His best for their lives. There is a great spiritual message in this book and it ministered to me. As always, Sleeman's suspense is top notch. The action never lets go until the end and I never guess the culprit. She always throws a surprise in. Her research into each aspect of her books is awesome. Sometimes I even am prompted to delve into things myself after reading her books! I love every minute. Highly recommended. *My thanks to the author for a preview copy of this book. The opinions expressed here are entirely my own.
Amigagal 10 months ago
I'm so sorry to see this series end! It was one of my favorites! Blackwell Tactical was a great group of people to follow as I read their stories and got to know them. As with most series I read, I felt like they were real people and I wanted to "really" know them! This final book was about Samantha - or Sam - who was a former criminalist, and she finds forensic evidence at a fire that she feels prove her friend, Andy, was murdered but then she is trapped in the building where the fire was and an inferno erupts! She believes she is going to die and only hopes that someone shows up before she does..... Sam's former love, Matt Griffin, is a former Navy SEAL, now firefighter, shows up at the burning building and goes into automatic "firefighter" mode. Andy was his friend too so that's why Matt - or Griff as he's known"- was at that building. Between Sam and Griff, they vow to find out who killed Andy and why. I really enjoyed catching up with all the Blackwell Tactical gang and not only having them help Sam in her quest to catch the killer but finding out what's happening in their personal lives! A great story to end this series and I will miss these characters!
Suzie_W 10 months ago
4.5 Stars The lone single member of the Blackwell Tactical team is about to meet her match (but she’s already met him). Former criminalist Samantha Willis wants to uncover the truth of what happened to her childhood friend. In order to give the investigation her best, she calls on the man whose heart she broker seven years ago. Griff still wonders why Sam walked out on him. No explanation. No contact afterward. She was just…gone. Now he’s working alongside her and, after multiple attempts on her life, he’s focus is on keeping her alive without losing his heart again. Susan Sleeman once again takes readers through the investigation process with a team of professionals who have each other’s backs—false starts, unanswered questions, and all. Between multiple suspects, professional support from the Veritas group, and intense moments that place Sam and Griff in jeopardy, readers are immersed in an authentic and realistic investigation. Cold Dawn also has the bonus of working as an excellent series bridge to Sleeman’s upcoming Truth Seekers series (book 1 coming in April 2019) with an introduction to Emory and the Veritas group. Disclosure statement: I receive complimentary books from publishers, publicists, and/or authors, including NetGalley. I am not required to write positive reviews. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.
ytcruz 10 months ago
We are back with the Blackwell Tactical group, and this time the story belongs to forensic specialist Samantha Willis. When her friend Andy dies in a fire, she goes to investigate the abandoned warehouse. Sam asks her former boyfriend, Matt Griffin to meet her there, since he too was a friend of Andy’s. Matt, a former Navy SEAL and now firefighter, has never forgotten or stopped loving Samantha, even after 7 years. Never understanding why she left him. When he gets to the location to meet Sam, the building is in flames, and runs in to rescue her. From that moment on, the action in this story is non-stop, filled with bad guys, questions, and danger. In the midst of all the action, both are struggling with personal issues and must take the leap of faith to trust God to help them in their lives. Will Sam be able to trust, and will Griff be able to let go of is guilt he still carries from his SEAL years? It was a well developed story that also gave us a chance to visit with the other members of Blackwell Tactical. Another winner from this author. I was entrusted a copy of this book. The opinions expressed are soley my own.