Cold Kiss

Cold Kiss

by Amy Garvey


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ISBN-13: 9780061996221
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 09/20/2011
Series: Cold Kiss Series , #1
Pages: 304
Product dimensions: 5.70(w) x 8.30(h) x 1.20(d)
Age Range: 13 - 17 Years

About the Author

Amy Garvey is a former editor who now works on the other side of the desk as an author. She grew up reading everything she could get her hands on, watching too much TV, and wishing she was Samantha Stephens from Bewitched. (She still wishes that, actually.) She’s always busy writing something (when she’s not obsessively discussing TV’s Supernatural with her friends online and thinking about cupcakes). Amy is also the author of Cold Kiss. She lives in West Chester, Pennsylvania, with her family.

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Lauren Kate

“Beautiful and haunting. Every page tore me apart—and I loved it.”

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Cold Kiss 3.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 294 reviews.
ephrielle More than 1 year ago
From the beginning this book has started in such a way as to make it unique. Instead of following the cause and effect model we are going backwards. Something has already happened and now we are going to figure it out in reverse. A great use of the unexplored areas of the English language. Basically, you have a teenage girl getting carried away by her feelings. Everything at that age seems so permanent and intense. In the throes of her undying love she makes a mistake, a huge mistake. As most teenagers find that intense lasting emotion was more of a growth pain. Now she finds herself not liking the consequences and needing a way out. Sprinkle in some zombie and magic and you are good to go. A relatively quick read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book was great, i mean really great. I managed to read it in an hour but that may be cause im a speed reader anyway it catches your attention when you first see it. As you get into it, its impossible to put the book down. Overall, amazing!!!!!!!! A must read for anyone who loves romance and suspense.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book has a really good story line, realistic characters and a heart breaking tragedy. So in has it all. Wish there could have been a different timeline for the way the story was told. It would've been more gripping if the events were happening as you read then instead of being in retrospect for the main topics. Great book though. Have a boyfriend named danny, who's described exactly the way the one in this book is. Brought on a whole new level of bonechilling, makes you wonder...what would you do?
SammiiTX More than 1 year ago
I recived this as a prize from one of the authors of The International Kissing Club, Shelle Roberts! Thanks so much for the book!! It was amazing! I really enjoyed the book, it was interesting. It was extremley different then most books I read on the terms that I don't do ghost's well. The creep me out, and so I stay away from them. There was something different about this book though, and it was a good change. The plot was adequete, not perfect, and kind of all over the place. Sometimes I had to go back and re-read the page to understand what the next page was talking about. It bothered me because I really don't like doing that. The characters were fun though! They dealt with what teenagers our age deal with. Well other than one of them being from a family of witches and being able to bring back a person from the dead. The character I just described was Wren, the main character. She is a keep to yourself person with only a few best friends, till she meets Danny. He takes her out of her shell and just makes her happy. That is.. till he dies and she goes into depression and pushes everyone away and is hiding a big secret that I can't say!! That is till a new guy comes along... This new guy is Gabriel, he is new to town and is instantly atracted to Wren! Of course Wren is still hiding somethings and isnt interested in this new mysterious hottie! Gabriel is the kind that will do anything he to get what he wants and always wants to help people. Always. So watch your thoughts around Mr. Mystery, you never know when he's listening!! This book was amazing, it was a quick and easy read. I give it 39 out of 59 Tacos!! Which is equal to 3 stars!! Woo!! Pre-order it and you won't be sorry. Even if your against ghost books, this one is worth it!! ~~Sam!
Yogurlala More than 1 year ago
Cold Kiss is unlike anything I have read before, and it was not what I was expecting, but in a good way! It starts off with a girl named Wren trying to cope after her boyfriend dies in a horrible car accident. His name is Danny, and he was everything to her. He is not completely dead though, she brought him back to life with her powers, and is hiding him in her neighbor's garage. No one, except for her knows he isn't truly dead, and she tries to visit him when she can, but also tries to keep her own life going. She tries her best to juggle school, her friends, Danny, her family, and her job; all the while, keeping her powers in check and keeping her secret. This becomes increasingly difficult as Danny starts to remember who he is, and he becomes harder to keep hidden. Also a new Yummy student arrives, named Gabriel; and he rocks Wren's world when he tells her he knows her secrets. When everything in Wren's life begins to fall apart she must find the strength and courage with in herself to make some hard decisions, in order to set things right. It was a very emotional yet beautiful read. It's a book that deals with love and loss, and the struggles a person faces afterwards. Wren was a very interesting and beautiful character. I enjoyed every moment of her story, though some of the moments were very difficult. Your with her as she deals with the loss of Danny, and the loss of love. The struggle with controlling her powers, and understanding them and herself. Also her journey of heartbreak, forgiveness, acceptance, and learning to love again. This is a very heartbreakingly beautiful book. Be prepared to get emotional! Overall Rating = A+
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I was hesitant to read this because i thought it was a book for teens. I am so glad i read it. I am 41 years old and enjoyed this book immensely. Read it in two days! Great, different storyline.
ValiaLind-Author More than 1 year ago
I have to begin by saying that this story will take your breath away. When I first heard about the concept I wasn't sure what to expect. There are various way this story could've played out. However, nothing prepared me to the spectacular way Amy delivers Wren's story. When Wren loses her boyfriend in a car accident, she loses her first love. She is a special girl, with powers living within her that she doesn't quite understand. She reaches out to that power in a moment of grief and brings Danny back to life. Or more accurately to the land of the living. Danny is not the same boy she fell in love with. Wren spends most of her time hiding Danny and trying to figure out what the future will hold. Then Gabriel walks into her life, and he knows her secret. Yes, even the deepest and darkest secret of her power. Gabriel and Wren draw closer together. Their relationship is beautiful and difficult because Wren is still trying to make things right with Danny. Danny is a broken shell of a boy she once knew. Gabriel is a gorgeous complication. How do you chose between your first love and a boy who seems to see down to your soul? This book was one of the best books I've read all year. The writing is charming, full of heart. I have to be honest and say that I've shed a few tears reading this story. Alright, maybe a bit more than few. I wouldn't call it an ocean per say. :) I can't begin to explain the decisions that Wren has to make in this book. Even though this story incorporates supernatural, the life Wren lives can be related to every day situations. We all make decisions that may break our hearts. Some things, some people, stay with you to your very soul. How do you let go of that? Do you let go at all? This book is elegantly written. It touches the heart, speaks to the soul, and teaches you that life is beautiful, even with pain and heartache. Amy weaves the words together in a way that brings us close to the characters and shows us the ways of life. You don't just read this book, you feel it.
jenababy13 More than 1 year ago
Heart-breaking and emotional, Cold Kiss is a unique story that will make each part of your heart ache yet, show you that there is a way to overcome tragic events. Wren is devastated when her boyfriend, her first love, Danny is killed in a car accident. When she decides she'd do anything to have him back, she uses her powers, ones she doesn't know much about, to bring him back from the dead. But, instead of the Danny she knew and loved, she find herself with a cold, distant Danny... not her boyfriend she once knew. Hiding Danny from the world seems hard enough, but when Gabriel shows up, being like her and sensing her power, she begins to realize that keeping Danny here may have been the wrong thing to do. But, after losing her love once, could she be strong enough to do it again? Each page of Cold Kiss is heart shattering. Even in the semi-happy parts you can feel the chill within the words. It's an emotional book which is meant to teach you something. That sometimes, your emotions take over and you make the wrong decisions, but you have to be strong enough to set them right. That, just because you've lost something so significant that was such a part of your life, doesn't mean that you won't ever find it again. Cold Kiss shows that sometimes you have to make the wrong decision to realize how to come out on top again. Amy Garvey does this in a beautiful way of using Wren, our lead character. Wren has powers, powers that she doesn't know much about because her mother tries to hide them. She uses them anyway to bring back Danny because she's overwhelmed with grief. I liked watching Wren grow. She goes from this I-can't-lose-you to I-can-learn-to-move-on type of girl, and I enjoy watching characters who come to realize that. Then we have Gabriel. Who to say the least, has had a rough life. I loved his character. He keeps such a good head on his shoulders, yet is strong and smart. His caring side is what gets to you. Not only is he cute with blonde hair and gray-blue eyes, but he's always willing to help. To be there for the people who mean something to him and I love that about a boy. Overall, I think Cold Kiss is a moving story. Literally, about learning to let go and move on. That things happen for a reason, you shouldn't be able to change it, you just have to learn to appreciate what you had when you had it and then accept your new future.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I had a real tough time trying to finish the story. I felt like I was reading the same thing over and over again. When my interest was peaked and I wanted to to delve into more details, the story line was dropped and we were back to the same old rehash of Wren's angst over what she had done. The story had great potential and I liked it's original concept; however, it kind of fell flat.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Wren is a special girl with abilities that she doesn't yet fully understand and her mother, the person who should be explaining them to her, refuses to. So Wren turns to her estranged aunt in order for some guidance. When Wrens boyfriend Danny dies in a terrible accident, she does everything within her reach to bring him back to her. Not understand the cost that came with it. I enjoyed this book and once I started it, I had to finish it. I got it from a free nook friday a couple of weeks ago and it grabbed my attention. I like Amy Garvey's writing. Wrens mother irritated me a little, she seemed a little too closed off and if she doesn't want her daughter using her ability she probably should have explain it to her instead of shutting her out. Telling a teenage daughter not to do something, only made her want to do more. There is a lot of mystery in the book, like why Wrens father left them, why her mother won't talk to her about their abilities, and why her mother and her mother sister won't talk to each other. Unfortunately, none of that get's answered here, which is okay as I wait to eventually hope getting the next book. It was sad and the ending made me teary because it's understandable how a loss like that can be hard to get over and let go. Overall I enjoyed the beginning of this series, and hope to have some questions answered soon.
DonnaWDW More than 1 year ago
I thought it was a cute book, easy read. I do think she could have added a little closure at the end, such as what actually happened to the father, and where is he now.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this book, great story and really liked the way Amy Garvey writes, would definitely recommend this
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book is written for teenage girls. I think they would like it. The story shifts from present to past and back to present but not difficult to follow.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Very good book. I'm surprised it was free. I really liked the writing and storyline, it was sad and unique. I am surprised there were any negative reviews...
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have read few books that has tugged at the heartstrings and this is one of them!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Ar first I thought this was going to be another Twilight wannabe. It's not. It's better. So good you'll cry.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Ok read but ending predictable and left questions unanswered..
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Um JFB, this is a story, just for fun, no one believes the protagonist really raised him frim the dead, the author wrote this for entertainment. I too am a Christain and I believe very strongly in Christ, but I enjoy and appreciate fiction and fantasy.
Tawni More than 1 year ago
Cold Kiss was such a great and unique read! It was a refreshing new story about a love lost by unforeseen circumstances and coping with it in an unusual way. I really, REALLY loved that this book was lightly paranormal. Its definitely not something I come across often, but it played out nicely throughout the story. Wren is a great character and I loved her real and raw emotions. She has power and enough of it to bring back her dead boyfriend (Danny), which turned out to be a flop. I appreciated the truthfulness Wren put out - well not when it came to hiding him from others, but in any other situation. I enjoyed all of the other characters in Cold Kiss. Each character was so dynamic even if they weren't a huge part. I admire that and it always kept me interested. I think I liked Danny more than anyone else. It was creepy to think that he was really dead, but you are learning so much about what was between him and Wren, along with his personality. The only thing I didn't love was that it kept going back into the past. We don't experience some of the things alongside the characters and I feel this takes away from reader connections. I did however enjoy the writing very much and will be looking forward to seeing more of Amy Garvey! Overall, Cold Kiss contained love and learning to cope with the reality of losing someone you love. It's a book you'll really enjoy and might even want to read again! Review based on ARC
DarkFaerieTales on LibraryThing 8 months ago
Review Courtesy of Dark Faerie TalesQuick & Dirty: This novel has a new take on zombies and forces the reader to see all sides of love ¿ as well as what it can cost, but unfortunately lacks tension or a good climax.Opening Sentence: I wasn¿t thinking of falling in love the day I met Danny GreerThe Review: Wren uses her secret magic powers to bring her first love back from the dead. After Danny died in a car crash she started researching some spells and actually pulled it off. So not only does Wren now have an undead boyfriend to keep a secret, but she¿s way more powerful than she thought. Let me start out by saying that I like the living Danny. From Wren¿s memories of him and comparing the old Danny to his new zombie counterpart, he seems like he used to be a great boyfriend. It¿s really sad when Wren remembers when he used to be alive, because even though Danny isn¿t your typical zombie ¿ he has the full gambit of emotions, for one thing, he¿s still cold. But undead Danny needs Wren for everything, his dependence on her means not only that her grades are dropping but she¿s neglecting her family and friends. Enter Gabriel, the new, gorgeous student who can¿t seem to stop staring at Wren. He can feel her power ¿ both the fact that she¿s powerful and that she¿s hiding something. With his help Wren learns what needs to be done to undo undead Danny.Garvey really connects the reader to Wren¿s emotions. Her narrative voice is really sad and heartbreaking. It also overwhelms the plot. To the point where the story was dragging under the weight of this depression. The book devolves into a diary of her rants, which is not only painful to the reader but inhibits any character development. Getting her to let go of Danny was hard, but a big part of the problem was that it¿s clear the author was already planning for a sequel. I understand that she blames herself for bringing Danny back, but there was so much more going on in this story that Garvey should¿ve been exploring. Like why the women in her family have magic and why Wren is so powerful and why her mom won¿t discuss magic no matter how much Wren needs her guidance. Those were really important questions to me that never got answered.Now I like Gabriel, but I¿m not sure his character was really necessary. Not that Wren doesn¿t deserve to have another love interest, just that Gabriel¿s insights didn¿t add anything to the story. Their relationship made me uncomfortable when Wren began to neglect Danny more and more, particularly when our characters reach a certain point. I wish this book had focused on letting go after grieving and didn¿t try to add in these other elements. The love interest was forced and this book would have been heart-wrenching without him.I will say that bad decisions can lead to great stories, and Cold Kiss had that potential. Wren clearly never saw Practical Magic or she would¿ve known bringing back loved ones never ends well.Notable Scene:Gabriel¿s watching me, and he puts his apple core down on the table before he speaks. ¿It¿s not what you¿re thinking,¿ he says, so low I have to lean forward a little bit. ¿I can¿t hear your thoughts, not word for word, not unless I really try, and even then it¿s not really accurate. You were trying to tell me something before, right? I don¿t know what it was, but I could feel you sort of¿poking at me.¿Oh. That¿s¿unexpected.I must make a face, because he shrugs. ¿It¿s more that sensations sort of come at me? Sometimes images. Like, say someone¿s across from me on the bus, thinking really hard about her sister. I might get the feeling of worn cotton, or certain colors, or a scent first, and then maybe a memory of them hiding together under the covers, looking at a book, or fighting over the last pancake or whatever, so I know it¿s her sister and not her mother she¿s thinking of. See?¿The Cold Kiss Series:1. Cold Kiss2. Glass HeartFTC Advisory: Harper Teen provided me with a copy of Cold Kiss. No goody bags, sponsorships, ¿mate
Bookswithbite on LibraryThing 8 months ago
As soon as I got this book and began reading it, I was hooked. I loved reading every moment in this book!First off, the plot line I felt was amazing! I really liked the idea of magic, zombies, and of course a love lost too soon. As the reader, it captured me in the moment of Wren in her grief yearning to find a way to bring him back. I also adored her strength to do such a thing without even knowing what she is doing. She showed some great perseverance.Another thing that grab me about this book is the drama. I loved drama. Wren in caught in magic that she knows she has but it is not spoken out loud in her family. I really enjoyed watching the family drama unfold before my eyes. It was like opening a Christmas present! Wren's family held back loads of secrets from her so when it is finally revealed it was BAM! So freaking awesome! The love interest in this book is also great. Wren, still grieving over her Danny, never thought she find another love again. I really like how this love all played out. Gabe is such a open guy and one hell of a great listener. When he was listening to her so intently he made my heart melt. He was so sweet, non-judging guy who knew that Wren was in trouble and needed some help.One thing this book has, zombies! I mean you got to love them right? The whole zombies aspect in this book is great! I loved reading about Danny and seeing him as a zombie. Things aren't always what they seem, but Danny isn't the zombie I imagined him to be.Cold Kiss is one great book that you must read. I can tell you right now that you will read this book in one sitting (just like I did). You will cry. And your heart will break and be made whole again.
TValeros on LibraryThing 8 months ago
Cold Kiss is a story that you will surely be empathetic for. It was like "sugar icing on top of a poison cupcake." A well written and sweet story of a love that knows no bounds, although with every flip of the page will kill you bit by very bit. Leaving you with a mountain of used tissues.I was drawn into Wren's sorrow. You can't help but to wonder if you would do what Wren is capable of, bringing back the dead. Just one of the powers she is still trying to understand. It's not farfetched to love someone so dearly, and having Danny be her first love is easy to grasp and understand as to why Wren did what she did.To love someone either a boyfriend, a husband, a girlfriend, or even a grandparent, the way she devoutly loves Danny; I would have made the same choice and deed if I was capable of the act. (I miss you Grandpa!)Amy Garvey has done a great job in pulling her readers into the story not only in thought but with their hearts. Putting the reader in Wren's mind and experiencing the pain and tribulations right along with her.I fell in love with Danny! He isn't your typical zombie. He had emotions, thoughts, and no mindless cravings for brains. He was such the ideal boyfriend that even in death and rising he only thought of Wren. In life he was the person who made everyone smile, and the one who would make a fool of himself just to cheer you up. And he is the prime example of a wonderful person whose life was just cut short.Garvey has such a lyrical and ballad like form of writing that I'm sure everyone will enjoy!The ending though heart breaking, gave me the feeling of 'closure.' But if Amy Garvey decides to have a sequel, I won't in the least bit mind opening the wound back up!Thank you Amy and HarperTEEN for Cold Kiss!!
nbmars on LibraryThing 8 months ago
Seventeen-year-old Wren comes from a family of women who have an extreme sensitivity to electrical energy and can harness and manipulate it. They can also cause great havoc unless they learn how to control this power properly. But Wren¿s mom wants so desperately to pretend they are normal, that she refuses to discuss it with Wren and her younger sister Robin. The girls are thus left on their own to figure out how to manage their unusual reactivity. When Wren¿s boyfriend Danny dies in a car accident, Wren is so distraught, she impulsively uses her power to bring him back from the grave: "I wanted him back. I wanted him back so much I couldn¿t think about anything else. ¿ It seemed so right. Danny was mine, I was his, and that wasn¿t going to work if he was dead. So I would make him not dead, not anymore. I didn¿t think any further than what it would feel like to kiss him again, to wrap my arms around him and bury my head against his shoulder. That was my first mistake. It also turned out to be the biggest."Unfortunately, Danny is not quite who or what he used to be. And of course Wren can¿t tell anyone what she has done. She hides Danny in the attic of an old woman¿s house behind her own, and visits him at night. This new Danny is needy, and panics when she leaves for school. Complicating matters further, a new guy at school, Gabriel, also has an unusual sensitivity. He can pick up thoughts from other energy-sensitive people, and figures out what Wren has done. In spite of Wren's fear of exposure, she is relieved to have someone to discuss the ¿problem¿ of Danny with, and it also helps that Gabriel is very good-looking. As their relationship develops, Gabriel becomes more and more worried about Wren¿s safety, as Danny becomes more and more threatening. Before long, Wren and Gabriel are plotting about ways to get rid of the boy Wren loved so much that she brought him back from the dead.Evaluation: This story is not quite as silly as it sounds. The concept of an animated anthropomorphic being has played a powerful role in human mythology, and tying it into the idea of an everlasting love that can conquer even death has great appeal. And women with the power to harness electricity! Well, who wouldn't want, for example, to make the vacuum do what it does all by itself? The execution of these ideas is a bit lacking in this case, but the author is not without promise. Her updating of the classic narrative about the mystical creation or reincarnation of a being is a clever device for a morality story. And she has a good ear for teenage angst, and for what is important to high school kids. But the lack of depth in the story detracted from my ability to take the ethical issues seriously, and the characters for the most part are just not appealing; by the end of the book, I found myself preferring the often catatonic and increasingly zombie-like dead Danny to the incredibly self-absorbed and whiny live Wren.
sealford on LibraryThing 8 months ago
This was perhaps one of the sweetest teenage love stories I've read in a while. I read through it very quickly, but I attribute that to the fact that I was so caught up in it, I didn't want to put it down. Wren was a character who was so easy for me to relate to, and I can easily empathize with her plight after she revived her boyfriend from the dead. I do wish I fully understood what happened with Wren's dad, as the book doesn't exactly make it clear, but that didn't ruin the story for me. In the end, I probably felt just as sad and alone as Wren did, which is a good sign actually because it means that the book was that powerful to make me have that feeling.
summerskris on LibraryThing 8 months ago
Amy Garvey has brought us a gem within the flurry of dark, tension-ridden paranormal romances. From the first pages, Amy caught me within the haunting, chilling embrace of Cold Kiss. The imagery is vivid, and Wren's yearning for the Danny before the car accident had me pining for him too. Zombie Danny is sweet, but he's cold, clingy, and has no heartbeat--a stark contrast from the once warm, vibrant, and living Danny. Wren is a very relatable narrator. While her regret over Danny's situation give her a bleak view on her life, her sarcasm and wit add spice to the narration. You might question why she's so obsessed--protective--of Danny, but when she flashbacks to life before the accident, everything becomes clear. You might even want Danny for yourself. It's clear that Wren has it bad for Danny. She really loved him. Now, she regrets having brought him back to life. Zombie Danny is needy. Taking care of him has caused her to push away her closest friends, and Wren has no desire to start a new relationship. However, Gabriel comes into her life and refuses to be daunted by her attempts to push him away. Their relationship takes time to develop unlike her relationship with Danny. It's fresh and sweet. I loved every moment of it. So what about Wren's powers? Cold Kiss is a paranormal romance, but it is more about emotion than action. It is more about romance than powers. It's clear that Wren isn't quite normal; at the same time, Amy doesn't make a big deal about Wren's powers. It's different, and I like how it all comes together. Cold Kiss is about love, regret, and moving on... with some supernatural happenings on the side. It is a definite must-read for those of you who seek emotion and soul in a book.