Cold Solar - A Dark and Gritty Sci-Fi Action Thriller

Cold Solar - A Dark and Gritty Sci-Fi Action Thriller

by Anthony Robinson

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A private corporation lands on Mars before NASA in the 2020's. The secrets they learn from the Martian rock revolutionize energy and genetics for those exposed to an ancient artifact of unknown origin. On Earth, mismanagement of the world economy led to a global collapse. The corporation, rich from its exploits on Mars, buys out the debt of the world governments and takes total control of the globe. Corporate greed drives Earth to treat her own Martian colonies as slaves for personal gain. These colonies throw off the corporate oppression in a violent revolution.

Fast forward to the year 2048 and Bowen, a competition fighter with a twisted sense of sarcastic humor, witnesses his world being ripped in half when the Martian colonists come back bringing a tidal wave of vengeance. In order to survive and stop the horrific violence he learns he must bring a naïve princess of the Martian Empire to safety.

Joanna, a cold-hearted warrior and personal guard of the princess, harbors deep hatred for the corporation and the people of Earth who killed everyone she once held dear on Mars. She learns her leaders are not who they say they are and finds herself caught in the middle of a deep conspiracy fabricated to create the war. She senses her confused feelings toward Bowen constantly splitting between wanting to kill him and wanting to kiss him.

Vladimir, a boisterous alcoholic with a passion for archery, has his nice vacation in Los Angeles turned into a harrowing fight for survival. With luck, skill, and a lot of vodka, he manages to meet up with others seeking to end the war. His attention keeps getting distracted by a hot computer hacker running surveillance for him and his team.

Low spent her whole adult life working as a computer hacker for the corporation. All she's ever known is punching binary numbers and loyalty to her employers. Upon working an assignment with a crack team thrown together at the last minute she learns she can trust no one in her chain of command. Large powers are committing violent acts to keep the war going, but working together with Bowen, Joanna, and Vladimir, she thinks they might be just enough to set things right.

***An Action Thriller with a mix of Sci-Fi, Mystery, and Romance***

Cold Solar contains soft Sci-Fi elements with near future technology. That means it's written with simple scientific principles that anyone can understand and enjoy. It's targeted toward a general audience so there's no lengthy discussions on chemistry or physics. It possesses just enough Sci-Fi to get you right back to the fast-paced plot!

Product Details

BN ID: 2940161456446
Publisher: Anthony Robinson
Publication date: 04/24/2019
Series: Cold Solar , #1
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 9,227
File size: 493 KB

About the Author

Anthony Robinson is a graduate of the US Naval Academy and a former US Navy officer. He’s also a competition swordsman in historical fencing with the European Longsword and has studied longsword fighting in both the US and Russia. He travels abroad often and has visited many parts of the world, including some dangerous ones, which gave him plenty of experience he uses for writing. Now he writes novels on the dark and gritty side featuring themes of dystopia, war, and enemies-to-lovers romance.

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