Coleslaw Recipes

Coleslaw Recipes

by Laura Sommers


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72 Coleslaw Recipes in This Cookbook

Coleslaw is a dish that goes with many meals. During the summer, when outdoor cookouts happen almost every weekend, you know that coleslaw will be served.

Whether it is for a barbecue, family picnic, class reunion, pool party, deck party, cookout, get together or just as a side dish for one, there is nothing like a good heaping helping of coleslaw.

Coleslaw can be made many different ways with many different ingredients. There is a traditional coleslaw recipe, but there are also many regional and ethnic variations. This cookbook contains dozens of recipes that you have probably never imagined. So for your next party or meal, you can try any of these recipes to the surprise and delight of everyone, including yourself. Your coleslaw will never be boring again.

Recipes Include:

Classic Coleslaw
Blue Cheese Herb Coleslaw
Buffalo Coleslaw
Curry Coleslaw
Russian Coleslaw
Waldorf Coleslaw
Kohlrabi Apple Coleslaw
Grape Pecan Coleslaw
Barbecue Chicken Coleslaw
Cajun Coleslaw
Chipotle Coleslaw
Crispy Coleslaw
Carrot Pineapple Coleslaw
Kale Coleslaw
Light Coleslaw
Broccoli Ranch Coleslaw
Thai Coleslaw
Pepper Coleslaw
Hot Dressed Coleslaw
Apple Fennel Coleslaw
Creamy Coleslaw
Green Goddess Coleslaw
Korean Coleslaw
Caesar Coleslaw
Vinaigrette Coleslaw
Confetti Coleslaw
Herb Coleslaw
Beet Coleslaw
Jicama Coleslaw
Mediterranean Coleslaw
Bacon Turnip Coleslaw
Goat Cheese Grape Coleslaw
Vietnamese Coleslaw
Dijon Coleslaw
Chicago Coleslaw
Honey Mustard Coleslaw
Ham and Egg Coleslaw
Celery Root Coleslaw
Brussels Sprout Coleslaw
Cobb Coleslaw
Southwestern Coleslaw
Wasabi Snow Pea Coleslaw
Asparagus Coleslaw
Soy Ginger Coleslaw
Spicy Bok Choy Coleslaw
Ginger Ramen Coleslaw
Zucchini-Mozzarella Coleslaw
Green Papaya Peanut Coleslaw
Mango Peanut Coleslaw
Orange Fennel Coleslaw
Tri-Colored Coleslaw
Ginger Tahini Slaw
Carrots and Beets Coleslaw
Ranch Coleslaw
Sweet and Sour Coleslaw
Garden Coleslaw
Honey Mustard Coleslaw
Mango Lime Coleslaw
Texas Coleslaw
Raman Noodles Coleslaw
Memphis Style Coleslaw
Amish Coleslaw
German Coleslaw
Lexington Style North Carolina Red Coleslaw
Russian Coleslaw
Mexican Coleslaw
Asian Coleslaw
Hawaiian Coleslaw
Firecracker Coleslaw
Apple Bacon Coleslaw
Buttermilk Coleslaw
Sweet and Spicy Coleslaw

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