Collaborative Advantage: How collaboration beats competition as a strategy for success

Collaborative Advantage: How collaboration beats competition as a strategy for success

by Paul Skinner


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' Collaborative Advantage offers the perfect recipe for successful businesses that improve lives' Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, c o-founders of Ben and Jerry's

'A valuable contribution to the vital task of getting people to see the business world as a complex, interconnected ecosystem, rather than as a sharp-elbowed race to the bottom' — Rory Sutherland, Vice-chairman of Ogilvy Group UK, and the Spectator's 'Wiki Man'.

Strategic consultant and social entrepreneur Paul Skinner argues that we have now reached a turning point in history from which creating Competitive Advantage may no longer be in the best interests of an organization.

He presents today's business and social challenges through a new strategic lens and offers this book as a practical guide to help you create Collaborative Advantage, transform your business and change the world.

You will gain access to world-leading techniques to enable you to:

· Mobilize staff, partners, collaborators and customers around a common purpose that gets everyone you need firmly on your side.
· Foster improved innovation, reach more customers or beneficiaries, build greater loyalty, generate greater income and forge more ambitious partnerships.
· De-couple your potential for growth from the level of resource your organization controls.

This is an indispensable guide that will help you transform the growth of your business or the impact of your non-profit by bringing the fuller value-creating potential of the outside world inside your organization.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781408710746
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company
Publication date: 04/30/2019
Pages: 240
Product dimensions: 9.25(w) x 6.00(h) x 0.09(d)

About the Author

Paul Skinner is the founder of the Agency of the Future, a collaborative consultancy that helps clients and partners create Collaborative Advantage to drive organizational success, create economic value and improve peoples' lives.

He is also the founder of Pimp My Cause, which uses cause-related challenges to enhance the capabilities of individual marketers and marketing teams and supports over 2,000 charities and social enterprises with access to pro bono marketing in the process.

Paul has advised clients as diverse as PwC and the United Nations, Sony and Save the Children.

In 2014 he was awarded an honorary visiting fellowship at Edge Hill University business school, has twice won Consultant of the Year awards from the Chartered Institute of Marketing and is an advisory board member at London's Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising.

Table of Contents

Preface: This book needs you! xiii

Part 1 Why? Collaborative Advantage: a better goal for business

1 Introducing Collaborative Advantage 3

The view from outer space 3

Creating Collaborative Advantage 6

Quick review 10

2 The rise of Competitive Advantage 11

Competition and the birth of strategy 11

Bruce Henderson, the Boston Consulting Group 13

Bill Bain Jr, Bain & Company 14

Fred Gluck, McKinsey 16

Michael Porter, Harvard Business School 17

Competition takes all? 19

Quick review 20

3 The fall of Competitive Advantage 21

Trying to be the best? 22

The tyranny of the accountants 23

Who are your competitors anyway? 25

Broken models 25

Ever-diminishing returns 25

Changing business models 26

Shareholder value versus stakeholder value 26

A better understanding of how we make decisions 27

Is strategy ripe for re-invention? 28

Quick review 29

4 Long live Collaborative Advantage! 31

Changing opportunities and expectations 31

A radical alternative 33

A new mind-set 34

Changed assumptions 35

Removing the upper limit on success 39

Innovation ex machina 40

The Agency of the Future 42

A new framework for success 43

Collaborative Advantage and the bottom line 44

Quick review 48

Part 2 How? Using Outside In to create Collaborative Advantage

5 Introducing Outside In 51

8 Step One: find common purpose 54

Brand agenda versus brand identity 55

Brand agenda for start-ups 58

Brand agenda for global brands 59

On purpose 62

A little more action please 64

One thing leads to another 65

Segmentation by purpose 67

Giving voice to your people 69

Quick review 71

Step One: strategic audit 72

7 Step Two: create opportunities 74

Let's get useful 75

Dining, but not as we know it 77

Who is your chief experience officer? 80

Fixing things before they're broken 82

How much will you play me? 84

Breathing fire 86

Quick review 88

Step Two: strategic audit 90

8 Step Three: engage participation 92

What the world learned from eBay 93

Who would you give your car keys to? 94

What's yours? 96

Roles, customs and rituals 97

Sleight of brand 99

Quick review 106

Step Three: strategic audit 107

9 Step Four: iterate and accelerate 109

Bridging the divide 111

Show me the money 112

Learning from early adopters 113

Bring a friend 114

The march of the copycats 116

Bringing the data in sight 117

Hacking for growth 120

Quick review 122

Step Four: strategic audit 123

10 Step Five: build partnerships 125

Pimp My Cause 126

David and Goliath join forces 130

Strange bedfellows 131

Marriages of convenience 132

New beginnings 136

Quick review 137

Step Five: strategic audit 138

Part 3 What? Putting Collaborative Advantage into practice

11 Solving problems in business 143

Beyond fools, friends and family 146

Complete the sequence: Talk, write, click, tap and…? 148

On a mission to sell 151

That's life 154

Spin the wheel 157

Sony united 159

Making cooperatives more… cooperative? 163

The building society that helps you build society 170

Creating a climate for change 171

The joy of influence 173

Quick review 175

12 Addressing global challenges 177

Our most important capability? 178

UN2.0 181

A world of risks 181

Making a humanitarian of everyone 184

Surthrival unlocked 186

Meet the Surthrivalists 188

Surthrival for change 190

Surthrival insurance 190

The Surthrival index 191

The Surthrival app 192

Surthrival Aid 193

United Beyond Nations 194

The Leading Edge 195

Towards 2030 197

Quick review 198

Conclusion: the art of improving people's lives at a profit 199

Further collaboration 207

Acknowledgements 209

Index 211

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