Collateral Defect

Collateral Defect

by Graveworm


Never ones to shy away from change, Italy's Graveworm have shown an almost reckless desire to keep up a steady pace of evolution throughout their career, arguably taking it up a notch for their sixth album, Collateral Defect, in 2007. And yet, even as they've diversified their songwriting with innumerous new sounds and styles, the group has managed to remain in touch with their dual, defining characteristics: virulent black metal and gothic dramatic flair, both of which descend directly from their primary early influence, Cradle of Filth. Longtime fans have that former allegiance to thank for Graveworm's enduring commitment to uncompromising metallic sonics heard throughout (but especially on the near-Norwegian-intense black metal of "Bloodwork"); and tolerant listens can blame the latter quality for inspiring the Bleeding Through-like, Orange County metalcore of "Fragile Side" and -- get this -- a full-metal cover of Bonnie Tyler's "I Need a Hero"! Collateral Defect also makes time to delve in industrial electronics ("Reflections") and acoustic balladry ("Memories") for its bookends, but wisely focuses the bulk of its attentions on violent but catchy, bite-sized black/goth numbers with synth accents like "Suicide Code," "The Day I Die" and "Scars of Sorrow" (the creepy whistling employed on "Touch of Hate" adds another nice touch, but is too obviously ripped off from Rammstein). All things considered, though, Collateral Defect fares quite well at balancing the old with the new, and should please most fans of Graveworm's risk-taking ways. [The CD was also released with a bonus track.]

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Release Date: 06/05/2007
Label: Imports
UPC: 0727361188023
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