Collected Essays

Collected Essays

by M. N. Srinivas, M. N. Srinivas



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Collected Essays by M. N. Srinivas, M. N. Srinivas

This is the definitive collection of essays by renowned Indian sociologist M. N. Srinivas. Methodologically rigorous and elegantly written, Srinivas' work spans spans a wide range of topics, from important fieldwork to new research methods to seminal advances in theory. The book collects all of his major papers and includes work that had gone out of print or which had never before been published. The book is an important reference for sociologists, anthropologists, and anyone studying the diverse social changes in modern India.

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ISBN-13: 9780195651744
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
Publication date: 01/22/2002
Pages: 758
Product dimensions: 5.80(w) x 8.50(h) x 1.80(d)

Table of Contents

Part IVillage Studies: Rampura
1.The Indian Village: Myth and Reality3
2.The Social System of a Mysore Village40
3.The Dominant Caste in Rampura74
4.The Study of Disputes in an Indian Village93
5.A Caste Dispute among the Washermen of Mysore100
6.A Joint Family Dispute in a Mysore Village122
7.The Case of the Potter and the Priest143
Part IICaste and Social Structure
8.The Evolution of Caste in India161
9.Varna and Caste166
10.Some Reflections on the Nature of Caste Hierarchy173
11.Mobility in the Caste System187
12.A Note on Sanskritization and Westernization200
13.The Cohesive Role of Sanskritization221
14.The Caste System and Its Future236
15.Caste in Modern India251
Part IIIGender
16.The Changing Position of Indian Women279
17.Some Reflections on Dowry301
18.Culture and Human Fertility in India324
Part IVReligion
19.A Brief Note on Ayyappa, the South Indian Deity349
20.Gandhi's Religion355
21.The Social Significance of Religion in India362
Part VCultural and Social Change in India
22.On Living in a Revolution373
23.Nation-Building in Independent India388
24.Science, Technology and Rural Development in India414
25.The Dual Cultures of Independent India429
26.Changing Institutions and Values in Modern India443
Part VISociology and Social Anthropology in India
27.Social Anthropology and Sociology457
28.Sociology in India and Its Future467
29.The Development of Sociology and Social Anthropology in India480
Part VIIMethod
30.Village Studies, Participant Observation and Social Science Research in India515
31.The Fieldworker and the Field: A Village in Karnataka532
32.The Observer and the Observed in the Study of Cultures542
33.The Insider versus The Outsider in the Study of Cultures553
34.Participant Observation561
35.Studying One's Own Culture: Some Thoughts571
36.Indian Anthropologists and the Study of Indian Culture588
37.Social Anthropology and Literary Sensibility594
Part VIIIAutobiographical Essays
38.My Baroda Days609
39.Sociology in Delhi623
40.Itineraries of an Indian Social Anthropologist641
41.Practising Social Anthropology in India664
42.All is Not Lost if Your Plans Go Awry689
Afterword: An Interview with M.N. Srinivas696

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