Collected Essays of a Reluctant Blogger

Collected Essays of a Reluctant Blogger

by Keith B. Darrell


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I never wanted a blog. My friends insisted I start one, but I resisted. Frankly, the entire concept made no sense to me. When the first blogs appeared, I opined there were 10,000 blogs writers and 10,001 blog readers. To be fair, the early blogs were little more than online diaries, mostly authored by teenage girls obsessing over boys and makeup and school and boys and that snarky girl in fifth period math class who wore too much mascara and boys… Then, the mommy bloggers arrived. Stay-at-home moms discovered blogging and took the Internet by storm. While I appreciated paragraphs that read less like banter overheard outside a high school’s girl’s locker room, I still couldn’t relate to discussions of diapers, car seats, and Oprah. Next came the business blogs. At first, I was enticed back to the Blogosphere. Here was a subject to which I could relate. But I soon realized they were all saying essentially the same thing, stating the obvious with a newfound sense of discovery. Soon, every business was told it must have a blog. Never mind if they had nothing to say; the competition had blogs so customers expected them to, as well. The proliferation of blogs continued. It expanded beyond business. Everyone needed a blog. No matter if they had nothing worth saying. No matter if they lacked writing skills. No matter if they lacked potential readers. It was de rigueur. So I started a little blog. No one read it. But when my friends asked if I had a blog, I could answer yes, and that seemed to satisfy them. They never asked to follow it, but at least I no longer received daily lectures on why it was essential that I have a blog. I had conformed and they were satisfied. As Winston Smith had accepted Big Brother, I had accepted the Blogosphere. It left me alone. For a while.

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