Collected Poems

Collected Poems

by Jane Kenyon


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All of Jane Kenyon's published poems gathered in one definitive collection, now in paperback

Yes, long shadows go out

from the bales; and yes, the soul

must part from the body:

what else could it do?

—from "Twilight: After Haying"

Jane Kenyon is one of America's most prized contemporary poets. Her previous collection, Otherwise: New and Selected Poems, published just after her death in 1995, has been a favorite among readers, with more than 80,000 copies in print, and is a contemporary classic.

Collected Poems assembles all of Kenyon's published poetry in one book. Included here are the complete poems found in her four previous volumes—From Room to Room, The Boat of Quiet Hours, Let Evening Come, and Constance—as well as the poems that appear in her posthumous volumes Otherwise and A Hundred White Daffodils, four poems never before published in book form, and her translations in Twenty Poems of Anna Akhmatova.

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ISBN-13: 9781555974787
Publisher: Graywolf Press
Publication date: 09/04/2007
Pages: 368
Sales rank: 251,813
Product dimensions: 6.20(w) x 9.04(h) x 1.07(d)

About the Author

Jane Kenyon is the author of Otherwise: New and Selected Poems and A Hundred White Daffodils. She lived with her husband, Donald Hall, in Wilmot, New Hampshire, until her death in 1995.

Table of Contents

From Room to Room (1978)

1: "Under a Blue Mountain"

For the Night

Leaving Town

From Room to Room


Two Days Alone

The Cold

This Morning

The Thimble


Finding a Long Gray Hair

Hanging Pictures in Nanny's Room

In Several Colors

The Clothes Pin

2: "Edges of the Map"

The Needle

My Mother

Cleaning the Closet

Ironing Grandmother's Tablecloth

The Box of Beads

3: "Colors"

At a Motel near O'Hare Airport

The First Eight Days of the Beard

Changing Light

The Socks

The Shirt

Starting Therapy


From the Back Steps


4: "Afternoon in the House"

At the Feeder

The Circle on the Grass


Afternoon in the House

Full Moon in Winter

After an Early Frost

Year Day

The Suitor

American Triptych

Now That We Live

The Boat of Quiet Hours (1986)

I: "Walking Along in Late Winter"

Evening at a Country Inn

At the Town Dump

Killing the Plants

The Painters

Back from the City

Deer Season

November Calf

The Beaver Pool in December

Apple Dropping into Deep Early Snow

Drink, Eat, Sleep

Rain in January

Depression in Winter

Bright Sun after Heavy Snow

II: "Mud Season"

The Hermit

The Pond at Dusk

High Water

Evening Sun

Summer 1890: Near the Gulf

Photograph of a Child on a Vermont Hillside

What Came to Me

Main Street: Tilton, New Hampshire


Frost Flowers

The Sandy Hole


Sun and Moon


February: Thinking of Flowers

Portrait of a Figure Near Water

Mud Season

III: "The Boat of Quiet Hours"

Thinking of Madame Bovary

April Walk

Philosophy in Warm Weather

No Steps



Camp Evergreen

The Appointment

Sick at Summer's End

Along for a Week

The Bat

Siesta: Barbados

Trouble with Math in a One-Room Country School

The Little Boat

IV: "Things"


At the Summer Solstice

Coming Home at Twilight in Late Summer

The Visit

Parents' Weekend: Camp Kenwood

Reading Late of the Death of Keats


Campers Leaving: Summer 1981

Travel: After a Death

Yard Sale

Siesta: Hotel Frattina

After Traveling

Twilight: After Haying


Briefly It Enters, and Briefly Speaks


Let Evening Come (1990)

Three Songs at the End of Summer

After the Hurricane

After Working Long on One Thing

Waking in January before Dawn

Catching Frogs

In the Grove: The Poet at Ten

The Pear

Christmas Away from Home

Taking Down the Tree

Dark Morning: Snow

Small Early Valentine

After the Dinner Party

Leaving Barbados

The Blue Bowl

The Letter

We Let the Boat Drift

Spring Changes


April Chores

The Clearing


Private Beach

At the Spanish Steps in Rome


Staying at Grandma's

Church Fair

A Boy Goes into the World

The Three Susans

Learning in the First Grade

At the Public Market Museum: Charleston, South Carolina

Lines for Akhmatova

Heavy Summer Rain

September Garden Party

While We Were Arguing

Dry Winter

On the Aisle

At the Winter Solstice

The Guest

Father and Son

Three Crows

Spring Snow

Ice Out

Going Away

Now Where?

Letter to Alice

After an Illness, Walking the Dog

Wash Day


Cultural Exchange


Summer: 6:00 a.m.

Walking Notes: Hamden, Connecticut

Last Days

Looking at Stars

At the Dime Store

Let Evening Come

With the Dog at Sunrise

Constance (1993)

I: "The Progress of a Beating Heart"

August Rain, after Haying

The Stroller

The Argument


Not Writing


II: "Tell me how to bear myself . . . "

Having It Out with Melancholy





Moving the Frame

Fear of Death Awakens Me

III: "Peonies at Dusk"

Winter Lambs

Not Here


In Memory of Jack

Insomnia at the Solstice

Peonies at Dusk

The Secret

IV: "Watch Ye, Watch Ye"

Three Small Oranges

A Portion of History


Sleepers in Jaipur

Gettysburg: July 1, 1863



Notes from the Other Side

Last Poems in Otherwise (1996) and in A Hundred White Daffodils (1999)


Mosaic of the Nativity: Serbia, Winter 1993

Man Eating

Man Waking

Man Sleeping




Drawing from the Past

The Call

In the Nursing Home

How Like the Sound

Eating the Cookies

Spring Evening


Afternoon at MacDowell


The Way Things Are in Franklin

Dutch Interiors

Reading Aloud to My Father

Woman, Why Are You Weeping?

The Sick Wife

The Uncollected Poems

What It's Like

Indolence in Early Winter

Breakfast at the Mount Washington Hotel

At the IGA: Franklin, New Hampshire

Translations: Twenty Poems of Anna Akhmatova (1985)

Index of Poem Titles and First Lines

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