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Collected Poems of Paul K T Barnes

Collected Poems of Paul K T Barnes

Collected Poems of Paul K T Barnes

Collected Poems of Paul K T Barnes


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His imagery ranges from the striking yet familiar to the nuanced and unexpected. The boldness of his poetry belies his public reticence. Paul was clearly steeped in the literature and folklore of England and Western Europe.
Paul's poetry is clearly meant to be read aloud. Use the rhythms of normal speech; the meter will come out right. Where it gets bumpy, that's appropriate to the context.

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ISBN-13: 9781667855349
Publisher: BookBaby
Publication date: 09/30/2022
Pages: 68
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.20(d)

About the Author

Paul Barnes was steeped in the literature and folklore of England and Western Europe. He was involved with a theatrical group called "The Gallery Players." A small ad in the New York Times, May 18, 1979, announced their production of Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream."

Paul's relationship to his father, Kenton Kilmer, son of poets Joyce Kilmer and Aline Kilmer, became public in the year 2000 with the publication of his limerick in "Joyce Kilmer's Relatives Go Out On A Limb-Erik: Wry 'em and Writhe 'em" (published on demand by Rising Dove Fine Arts).

Family rumors of Kenton Kilmer's biological fatherhood of Paul came out after the deaths of Kenton and his wife Frances. While clearing their house, Miriam found evidence of Kenton's early relationship to Paul: baby pictures, a lock of hair tied with a blue ribbon, an early letter, and a very early poem by Paul. These items were stored in a drawer containing Kenton's treasures.

Nevertheless, it's clear that Paul basically grew up without a father. This fact may have contributed to his own inability to parent, which led to strained relationships with his own children—even estrangement. It is his hope that this volume will contribute not only to the promotion of Paul K. T. Barnes' prodigious talent, but also to healing in his whole, widespread family.
Miriam's parents founded Green Hedges Elementary School in order to give their children a superior education with emphasis on the arts. Her ancestors include poets Joyce and Aline Kilmer and American Impressionist Frederick C Frieseke.
Miriam earned her BFA at UNC-G, and her Masters in Theology from De Sales School of Theology. Her fine arts business has been in operation since 1979. Rising Dove Fine Arts has published music CDs, along with books of poetry, humor, and photographic essays. Miriam Kilmer edited these publications.
In addition to her obsessive writing, Miriam specializes in artists' crayon, pencil, photography, and computer graphics. Whimsy, fantasy, and humor bordering on the bizarre inform her writing and illustration.
Restricted by the pandemic and by mobility problems, Miriam revels in glorious skyscapes from her east-facing windows, the indoor antics of her two rescue cat, and the unlimited world of imagination. One of the sunrise photographs she took from this balcony forms the basis of the book cover for "Collected Poems of Paul K.T. Barnes." Paul is Miriam's half-brother; she is most pleased to contribute to the promulgation of his excellent poetry.

Table of Contents

Frontispiece i

Dedication ix

Introduction Miriam Kilmer, Editor x

Tribute Laurence Kopelovitch xii

The Comfort of the Resurrection 13

Sonnet 14

Waking at morning, in a blaze of day

Debbie's Sonnet 15

Your Soul's thirst rises in your arid mouth

Sonnet 16

Locked in a world of walls and well beset

Sonnet (Flight) 17

For S. Z. P.

Sonnet 18

Locked in a world of walls by brother Law

Valerie Driving 19

A Dream 20

Locked in a world of walls and well beset

Wilderness 21

Sad Song 22

For T.S. 23

Incident 24

For M. Chagall 26

Here the Stream 27

Letter to the Cuban People 28

Sonnet 29

We are no longer children; silken tales

Final Poem 30

(after Robert Bhain Campbell)

Sonnet 31

You long for the feel on your feet of the broad blue plain?

Brian's Mural 32

For S. Z. P.

In Memoriam A. K. B. 33

Epithalamion 34

René Magritte 35

The Rainbow 36

Remembrance 37

The Gesture 38

Will of the Wisp 39

Elektra 40

Daybook 44

Dedicated to Valerie

Coming Down 45

Eirene 46

Dear Page of Cups 49

Red Wine 51

Dreaming 52

Alexander's Song 53

Baby Portraits: Early Interest in Literature 54

Drama at the Little Red Schoolhouse 55

Toddler Tower at the Little Red Schoolhouse 56

Character Sketch of Paul, Age 8 57

By an unknown street artist

Portrait of Paul as a Child, Photographer Unknown 58

Portrait of Paul Barnes as a Teenager 59

Paul K.T. Barnes 1977, Jodel Photo Corp 60

Contact Sheet

Paul Barnes with Grandson Kyle Dion, 2014 62

By Judith Barnes Fuller

A Wandering Breeze 63

(a very early poem)

Limerick 64

From Joyce Kilmer's Relatives: Out on a Limb-Erik

Ink and Wash Painting Andrew Reiss 66

Paul's poem "Eirene" is dedicated to him and his wife, Loretta Hollander

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