Collected Short-Stories and Four Novellas

Collected Short-Stories and Four Novellas

by Elizabeth Greenwood


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Elizabeth Greenwood studied Sculpture at St. Martin's School of Art, and in Florence and Rome. She had a classical education, preferring Greek to Latin for the richness of its vocabulary and her sculpture with its references to Greek mythology reflects this predilection. She also writes Poetry. Apart from poetry, she enjoys producing emblematic fiction based on Mary Poppins' philosophical song "a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down", thus fulfilling the writer's task as an entertainer cum moralist. Both the poetical and the modelling activities date from early childhood. Although these were largely ignored, she was fortunate in having been born into a family where close relatives had universal minds, uniting a passion for literature with a keen interest in Science (of Space especially), Politics and the Cinema. In latter years, to counteract the tendency to create works of the imagination, she has applied herself to the discipline of academic works in the field of Religion, i.e. the Bible, with particular regard to the Dead Sea discoveries, no well-documented. A successful breeder and trainer of horses, she has campaigned ceaselessly for higher education in Equine Studies, on the lines devised in America where Hippology has been elevated to university status, thus producing educated riders and saving the horse a lot of unnecessary suffering, She considers horses to be regulators and keepers of conscience, teaching stoical wisdom in the exercise of man's power over life and death.

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