Collecting Feathers: Tales From The Other Side

Collecting Feathers: Tales From The Other Side

by Daniela I. Norris


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ISBN-13: 9781782796718
Publisher: Soul Rocks Books
Publication date: 11/28/2014
Pages: 104
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.40(d)

About the Author

Daniela I. Norris, a former diplomat turned political writer, lost her twenty-year-old brother in a drowning accident in May 2010. While feeling as much shock and grief as everyone else around her, she also felt something different. She felt that her brother Michael was not really gone. He was physically gone, but he was still around. That was when she embarked on a journey of learning and exploration, her very own skeptic's journey to mediumship. Her writing then shifted from political, to spiritual and inspirational. She lives with her family near Geneva, Switzerland.

Table of Contents

A Reason to Go On 1

The Day of the Dead 23

Repent 31

Train 41

Recognition 47

The Café 53

Clockworks 57

Gemmi Travelers 65

The Right Place 73

The Year Spring Turned into Winter 81

Collecting Feathers 85

Acknowledgements 93

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Collecting Feathers: Tales from the Other Side 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
DeviNair More than 1 year ago
This quote says a lot about Collecting Feathers. The way some stories make you see things in a whole new perspective, really makes you wonder what the author was thinking at the time of writing the story and whether you got the right intended gist of the story or not. Collecting Feathers is a collection of the short stories which bring so many things into perspective. Each story brought out a different emotion in me, which I captured while reading. That is about the story. Now, coming to language and flow of the story. There are some reviews in some sites which say that the stories have abrupt endings. Yes, that is true, but I feel it is more left to the perception of the reader. That makes the story more interactive and forces the reader to use their imagination. It might not work for all, but it definitely worked for me. The cover of the book is very captivating. The bunch of feathers surrounding the Title gives a slightly ethereal but intriguing look to it, which makes the book even more tempting to read. The different types of characters introduced in different stories bring the book to a different league of complexity. It is complex enough to make you want to know more but simple enough to understand where the story is going. Daniela is a wonderful narrator, enough to engage the audience throughout the book without even a single slack anywhere in the book. There are very few books which have touched my heart the way this one has.I would really recommend it to everyone. It has something for everyone.
Nicola71 More than 1 year ago
A collection of beautifully written, atmospheric short stories. So why only 3 stars?........ These are beautiful stories that pull you in from the first, the author then builds the emotive stories which are very enjoyable building to the endings and for me that is where they go wrong. Most of the stories have a very sudden ending, leaving you unfulfilled and disappointed. Some endings are literally one sentence, abrupt and over. If all the stories ended well and as thoughtfully as the rest of the story I would have given 5 stars and recommended this author to everyone, but sadly they were not and therefore I cannot give more than 3 stars. If the rest of the writing wasn't so good it wouldn't matter as much, I felt with the endings as they are the author let herself and her stories down. I will read more from her, in the hope she gives endings as much thought as she does the beginning and middle. Really sorry I can't give more stars, as the stories other than the ends really are beautifully written, full of atmosphere and emotion. Many delicately delectable and bittersweet.
Literary_Classics_Reviews More than 1 year ago
The book Collecting Feathers, by Daniela I. Norris, is a collection of eleven short stories about people who have passed over to the “other side”.  But long after they've gone, the deceased still linger within the land of those still living. Each story explores the themes of life, time, and death while offering a glimmer of hope for those left behind living with grief. This book is a great read and flows easily. The author does a terrific job of casting the hook, and reeling the reader in. In the first story, the main character, “Ollie”, was finally being released from a mental institution after many of years. Ollie was planning on killing himself with sleeping pills which he had been storing up for some time.  But then, as if by fate, he met a kind, old women. He carried her suitcases home, and was invited in for tea. He soon learned that the woman's son and father had killed themselves in the same way that he had planned. He fell asleep on her couch and “met her son” in a dream. Her son asked Ollie to take care of his mother until she passed away, giving Ollie a reason to live. Another great story in the book is a story called “Clockworks”. It is an inventive story where watches made in Switzerland begin slowing down due to physic experiments going on at a collider at CERN. The best story in the book was “Repent” It is a great story about a character named Paulo who tries to dig himself out of a proverbial hole which he's dug for himself. The stories span many time periods and cultures, and the author does an amazing job bringing these stories to life.  It is clear that a lot of research went into achieving these great stories.  Collecting Feathers is highly recommended and has earned the Literary Classics Seal of Approval.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Maria Stoica for Readers' Favorite Collecting Feathers by Daniela Norris has this serene way of showing glimpses from the border between the living and the dead through its eleven short stories. Each plot is skillfully developed, gripping the reader and not letting go until it delivers the punch line, thus teaching a lesson about love, living, family or remorse. Some things run so deep that they go on beyond death. The characters are as diverse as the places in which these “feathers” are found. There is a “feather” about a suicidal Parisian ex-banker in his thirties, who finds a reason to postpone the day he will die, another about a young thief in Luanda who is cursed for stealing a blind witch’s bag, another about a cafe where you were not welcomed back if you stayed more than two hours, and the list goes on. The stories take place all around the world, from Europe to Africa and South America. Even if the events are set during modern times, there are moments in which time seemed to have been captured in objects, places and even people, causing past and present, dead and living to collide in surprising ways. The smooth flow of details and actions portray the power and depth of each story in the collection. It is the mark of skill when a single description tells much more than its words say. These “feathers" are a welcomed lesson for anyone since they bring a sense of balance, peace and humbleness that make you see there are more important things in life than the trivial, everyday quarrels that obscure people’s perspective. Awesome "feathers"! Great writing. Great emotions.