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College Algebra: Student Solutions Manual / Edition 2

College Algebra: Student Solutions Manual / Edition 2

by Cynthia Y. Young


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ISBN-13: 9780470417034
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 02/03/2009
Edition description: Older Edition
Pages: 504
Product dimensions: 7.85(w) x 10.04(h) x 1.01(d)

About the Author

Cynthia Young received her BA in Math Education from UNC in 1990, has two masters, one in Mathematical Sciences from UCF in 1993 and a second in Electrical Engineering from the University of Washington in 1997.  Finally, she received a PhD in Applied Mathematics from the University of Washington in 1996. She is already a tenured professor at UCF and is very actively involved in the supervision of UCF’s graduate and undergraduate research assistants. Before becoming an award-winning Associate Professor at UCF, Cynthia taught High School.  Cynthia received numerous grants and was named the principal investigator on six military and academic research projects. She has been an administrator/advisor to the Florida Space Institute at the Kennedy Space Center since 1998.  Cynthia is a veteran presenter at conferences and conventions and has published over a dozen journal articles.  In addition, she has been a contributor to several texts, including a College Algebra workbook for McGraw-Hill.  Lastly, she edited the Marcel Decker’s Optical Engineering Encyclopedia.

Table of Contents

Prerequisites and Review     2
Real Numbers     4
Exponents and Radicals     12
Polynomials: Basic Operations     21
Factoring Polynomials     28
Rational Expressions     33
Equations     42
Complex Numbers     47
Oops!     52
Tying It All Together     53
Review     54
Review Exercises     56
Practice Test     57
Equations and Inequalities     58
Linear Equations     60
Applications Involving Linear Equations     69
Quadratic Equations     83
Radical Equations; Equations Quadratic in Form     96
Linear Inequalities     103
Polynomial and Rational Inequalities     113
Absolute Value in Equations and Inequalities     121
Oops!     129
Tying It All Together     129
Review     130
Review Exercises     131
Practice Test     134
Graphs     136
Basic Tools: Cartesian Plane, Distance, and Midpoint     138
Graphing Equations: Point Plotting and Symmetry     145
Straight Lines     156
Circles     172
Oops!     181
Tying It All Together     181
Review     182
Review Exercises     183
Practice Test     185
Functions and Their Graphs     186
Functions     188
Graphs of Functions: Common Functions and Piecewise-Defined Functions     203
Graphing Techniques: Transformations     216
Operations on Functions and Composition of Functions     230
One-to-One Functions and Inverse Functions     240
Oops!     254
Tying It All Together     255
Review     256
Review Exercises     258
Practice Test     261
Polynomial and Rational Functions     262
Quadratic Functions     264
Polynomial Functions of Higher Degree     281
Dividing Polynomials: Long Division and Synthetic Division     299
Properties and Tests of Zeros of Polynomial Functions     308
Rational Functions     325
Oops!     342
Tying It All Together     343
Review     344
Review Exercises     345
Practice Test     349
Exponential and Logarithmic Functions     350
Exponential Functions and Their Graphs     352
Exponential Functions with Base e     361
Logarithmic Functions and Their Graphs     368
Properties of Logarithms     380
Exponential and Logarithmic Equations     389
Oops!     398
Tying It All Together     398
Review     399
Review Exercises     400
Practice Test     403
Systems of Equations and Inequalities     404
Systems of Linear Equations in Two Variables     406
Systems of Multivariable Linear Equations     420
Partial Fractions     431
Systems of Nonlinear Equations     443
Systems of Inequalities     453
Linear Programming     469
Oops!     478
Tying It All Together     478
Review     479
Review Exercises     480
Practice Test     483
Matrices     484
Matrices and Systems of Linear Equations     486
Systems of Linear Equations: Augmented Matrices     490
Systems of Linear Equations: Determinants     510
Matrix Algebra     521
Oops!      541
Tying It All Together     542
Review     543
Review Exercises     545
Practice Test     547
Conics     548
Conic Basics     550
The Parabola     553
The Ellipse     567
The Hyperbola     580
Oops!     592
Tying It All Together     593
Review     594
Review Exercises     596
Practice Test     598
Sequences, Series, and Probability     600
Sequences and Series     602
Arithmetic Sequences and Series     614
Geometric Sequences and Series     623
Mathematical Induction     635
The Binomial Theorem     640
Counting, Permutations, and Combinations     649
Probability     660
Oops!     670
Tying It All Together     670
Review     671
Review Exercises     673
Practice Test     677
Answers to Odd Numbered Exercises     678
Applications Index     713
Subject Index     718

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