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Cengage Learning
College Algebra / Edition 7

College Algebra / Edition 7

by R. David David Gustafson, Peter D. Frisk


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ISBN-13: 9780534390495
Publisher: Cengage Learning
Publication date: 09/28/2001
Edition description: 7TH
Pages: 800
Product dimensions: 8.36(w) x 10.24(h) x 1.25(d)

About the Author

R. David Gustafson is Professor Emeritus of Mathematics at Rock Valley College in Illinois and has also taught extensively at Rockford College and Beloit College. He is coauthor of several best-selling mathematics textbooks, including Gustafson/Frisk/Hughes, College Algebra, Gustafson/Karr/Massey's Beginning Algebra, Intermediate Algebra, Beginning and Intermediate Algebra: A Combined Approach, and the Tussy/Gustafson and Tussy/Gustafson/Koenig developmental mathematics series. His numerous professional honors include Rock Valley Teacher of the Year and Rockford's Outstanding Educator of the Year. He has been very active in AMATYC as a Midwest Vice-president and has been President of IMACC, AMATYC's Illinois affiliate. He earned a Master of Arts from Rockford College in Illinois, as well as a Master of Science from Northern Illinois University.

Peter D. Frisk, Professor Emeritus of Mathematics at Rock Valley College, earned both a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Arts in mathematics from University of Illinois. He is the coauthor of several best-selling math texts including BEGINNING ALGEBRA, INTERMEDIATE ALGEBRA, BEGINNING AND INTERMEDIATE ALGEBRA: A COMBINED APPROACH, ALGEBRA FOR COLLEGE STUDENTS, and COLLEGE ALGEBRA. He has been the recipient of the Rock Valley Teacher of the Year award.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1Prerequisites for College Algebra1
1.1Sets of Real Numbers2
1.2Integer Exponents and Scientific Notation13
1.3Rational Exponents and Radicals24
1.5Factoring Polynomials46
1.6Algebraic Fractions55
Problems and Projects65
Chapter Summary68
Chapter Test73
Chapter 2Equations and Inequalities75
2.2Applications of Linear Equations84
2.3Quadratic Equations93
2.4Applications of Quadratic Equations103
2.5Complex Numbers110
2.6Polynomial and Radical Equations119
2.8Absolute Value137
Problems and Projects144
Chapter Summary145
Chapter Test149
Cumulative Review Exercises150
Chapter 3The Rectangular Coordinate System and Graphs of Equations153
3.1The Rectangular Coordinate System154
3.2The Slope of a Nonvertical Line169
3.3Writing Equations of Lines180
3.4Graphs of Equations192
3.5Proportion and Variation207
Problems and Projects215
Chapter Summary216
Chapter Test222
Chapter 4Functions224
4.1Functions and Function Notation225
4.2Quadratic Functions236
4.3Polynomial and Other Functions246
4.4Translating and Stretching Graphs255
4.5Rational Functions265
4.6Operations on Functions279
4.7Inverse Functions289
Problems and Projects297
Chapter Summary298
Chapter Test302
Cumulative Review Exercises304
Chapter 5Exponential and Logarithmic Functions306
5.1Exponential Functions and Their Graphs307
5.2Applications of Exponential Functions319
5.3Logarithmic Functions and Their Graphs325
5.4Applications of Logarithmic Functions335
5.5Properties of Logarithms340
5.6Exponential and Logarithmic Equations350
Problems and Projects357
Chapter Summary359
Chapter Test363
Chapter 6Solving Polynomial Equations365
6.1The Remainder and Factor Theorems; Synthetic Division366
6.2Descartes' Rule of Signs and Bounds on Roots375
6.3Rational Roots of Polynomial Equations381
6.4Irrational Roots of Polynomial Equations389
Problems and Projects394
Chapter Summary395
Chapter Test398
Cumulative Review Exercises398
Chapter 7Linear Systems400
7.1Systems of Linear Equations401
7.2Gaussian Elimination and Matrix Methods413
7.3Matrix Algebra423
7.4Matrix Inversion436
7.6Partial Fractions456
7.7Graphs of Linear Inequalities463
7.8Linear Programming469
Problems and Projects478
Chapter Summary480
Chapter Test485
Chapter 8Conic Sections and Quadratic Systems487
8.1The Circle and the Parabola488
8.2The Ellipse501
8.3The Hyperbola512
8.4Solving Simultaneous Second-Degree Equations521
Problems and Projects526
Chapter Summary528
Chapter Test532
Cumulative Review Exercises533
Chapter 9Natural-Number Functions and Probability535
9.1The Binomial Theorem536
9.2Sequences, Series, and Summation Notation541
9.3Arithmetic Sequences548
9.4Geometric Sequences553
9.5Mathematical Induction561
9.6Permutations and Combinations566
9.8Computation of Compound Probabilities581
9.9Odds and Mathematical Expectation586
Problems and Projects589
Chapter Summary591
Chapter Test595
Chapter 10The Mathematics of Finance597
10.1Compound Interest598
10.2Annuities and Future Value606
10.3Present Value of an Annuity; Amortization612
Problems and Projects617
Chapter Summary619
Chapter Test621
Cumulative Review Exercises622
Appendix IA Proof of the Binomial Theorem1
Appendix IITables3
Table APowers and Roots3
Table BBase-10 Logarithms4
Table CBase-e Logarithms5
Appendix IIIAnswers to Selected Exercises6

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