COLLEGE SUCCESS: An Insider's Guide to Higher GRADES, More MONEY, and Better HEALTH

COLLEGE SUCCESS: An Insider's Guide to Higher GRADES, More MONEY, and Better HEALTH

by Gregory P Bullock Ph.D.


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Are you about to start college?

Are you a struggling college student who needs to get on track?

Or are you just looking for a more fulfilling college experience?
Yes? Then this is a "must-have" for you.

This is the 2nd edition of the book that has helped many students find instant SUCCESS in all 4 years of college, by the author of the highly successful (& international hit) "Algebra in Words" series.

This book is much more than a "survival guide." It's a book of INSIDER SECRETS, STRATEGIES & STORIES that only a true insider can give (see below).

Here are a few of the UNIQUE TOPICS you'll find in this book:

• A Checklist of Items for Move-In

• The Importance of Parties

• How to Do a Thorough Room Inspection to Save Money

• What to Put in Your Roommate Agreement Contract

• Commuters: How to Find Parking When the Lot is Filled

• You & Your Resident Advisor

• Using Your Ears to Get A's

• How to Never Lose Your Keys & ID Card

• Be on Your Professor's Good Side

• How to Do Best on Tests

• Save Hundreds of Dollars on Books

• Getting Free Books

• The Best Ways to Sell Books and Get the Most Money

• How to Get Early Class Registration

• Shocking Stats on Drugs, Alcohol & Sex

• Facts on STDs & Pregnancy

• When to Use Your Phone In Class

• How to Break the Vicious Sleep-Cycle (Falling Asleep in Class; Can't Fall Asleep at Night)

• What Does Appendicitis Feel Like? (because many young adults get it but don't realize it)

• The Most Unlikely People Get DUIs

• How Much Does Alcohol Poisoning Cost?

• Common Viruses & Infections

• The Best Jobs for College Students (many updates)

• Do I Want to Be an RA?

• Internships

• Controlling Your Social Media Imprint

• Parking Tickets & How to Get Them Dismissed

• The Importance of Being Nice

• Classroom Etiquette

• Understand How a Professor Thinks & Evaluates You

• Is There Such Thing as a Student Question?

• Laundry

• Preventing School Violence - How to Seek Help, or

• How to Identify & Report a Dangerous Student

• Real Job Interview Q & A's

• How to Use Jumper Cables When Your Car Battery Dies

• How to Keep Organized

• Book Recommendations

• Tips on Paying for School

• Community vs. State vs. Private School - Are They Much Different?

• Resident vs. Commuter - Which is Better for You?

• Who are Better: Adjuncts or Full-Timers?

• How to Avoid the "Rent-Trap"

• Inspiring Quotes

• & Many More

What makes Gregory P. Bullock the ULTIMATE INSIDER? He's been a(n):

-Undergrad Student (state school on part scholarship, part loan)

-Grad Student (private school)


-Intern (2 summers during undergrad)

-Teaching Assistant (grad school with yearly stipend & full tuition remitted)

-Research Assistant

-Resident (undergrad)

-Commuter (grad)

-Graduated with Ph.D. w/ Honors

-Adjunct Professor at 5 Community Colleges and 1 University

-Lived in a Dorm & Apartment (2 years each)

-Author of 4 Full-Length Books

-Also Works Full-Time in the Private Sector (pharmaceutical industry)

... And Still Has a Social Life!

This book makes a perfect gift for high school graduates and college students (in any year).

The eBook contains exclusive hyperlinks for easy topic jumping.

You can even send the eBook as a gift through email.

Gregory P. Bullock is also the author of:

"ALGEBRA IN WORDS: A Guide of Hints, Strategies and Simple Explanations" (2014),

"ALGEBRA IN WORDS 2" (2015),


"ALGEBRA IN WORDS 3: Notes for Algebra 2, College Algebra & Pre-Calculus (2016, eBook only)

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