College.Edu: Online Resources for the Cyber-Savvy Student: Version 12.0

College.Edu: Online Resources for the Cyber-Savvy Student: Version 12.0

by Lisa Guernsey

Paperback(New Edition)



Anyone who has merged onto the Infobahn knows how easy it is to get overwhelmed and lost without a good road map. This guide will keep you on track. After an overview of Internet basics, leads you through hundreds of useful sites on financial aid and admission, including the best bulletin boards and newsgroups. You'll learn whether it's advantageous to apply for admission and financial aid online, what to look for in virtual campus tours, and how to make sure the information you're getting is objective.

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ISBN-13: 9781575091273
Publisher: Octameron Associates
Publication date: 09/28/2008
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 143
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.60(d)

Table of Contents

Part 1 Getting Plugged In

Chapter 1 Site Seeing: The Basics 8

Chapter 2 Connecting and Communicating 10

Connecting 10

Communicating 11

Part 2 Search, Snoop, and Select

Chapter 3 Searching Online Databases 16

Collecting Information About Colleges 16

Looking for Specific Types of Schools 21

Finding and Using College Home Pages 23

Chapter 4 Snooping for the Real Story 26

Getting the Latest College News 26

Getting the Regional Scoop 28

Thinking About Safety 29

What About College Rankings? 29

Thinking Critically 30

Chapter 5 Selecting the Best Schools for You 32

Preparing for a Campus Tour-The Real Thing 32

Taking a Campus Tour-Virtually 33

Gathering More Advice 35

Do Some Social Networking 37

Do Some Interviews of Your Own 38

Chapter 6 Considering Distance Education and Co-op 40

Learning About Distance Education 40

A Sampling of Distance Education Programs 43

Cooperative Education 45

Part 3 Ready to Apply?

Chapter 7 Those Stressful Standardized Tests 48

Getting Organized 48

Getting Prepped 49

Chapter 8 The Application Form 53

The Almost-Paperless Application 53

Online Applications 54

Get Discovered Before Applying 56

Chapter 9 Essays, Interviews, and Recommendations 57

Ugh! The Essay 57

Useful References for Any Writer 58

Don't Forget the Interview 59

Dealing with Recommendations 60

Part 4 Financial Aid-The Wired Way

Chapter 10 Financial-Aid Overview 62

Thinking Ahead 62

Financial Aid 101 64

Applying for Financial Aid 66

Chapter 11 Federal Student Aid 69

More on Loans 70

Banks, Guaranty Agencies, and More 71

Tax Cuts Explained 73

Chapter 12 Beyond Uncle Sam 75

State Aid 75

Collegiate Aid76

Focusing on Scholarships 77

Don't Get Scammed 79

Considering the Military 80

Or Community Service 81

Aid for Would-be Health Professionals 82

If You're an Athlete 82

Recruitment Services 83

Commercial Education Loans 84

Installment Plans 86

A Few More Radical Options 86

Part 5 If You've Procrastinated Too Long 88

Part 6 Cyber-College Life

Chapter 13 The Fun Stuff 90

Chapter 14 E-Campus Bookstores and Online Lecture Notes 94


Appendix 1 Metasites 98

Appendix 2 FAQs for Internet Newbies 104

Appendix 3 Index to Every Internet Address in this Book 120

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