Color Serenity: Sacred Geometry: A grown-up coloring book featuring natural proportions for optimum relaxation

Color Serenity: Sacred Geometry: A grown-up coloring book featuring natural proportions for optimum relaxation

by Mike Roy


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Let the stress of your day drain away as you relax with this Sacred Geometry coloring book from Color Serenity.

You'll find thirty soothing designs, each one printed on its own page with no designs overlapping the edges or the binding. Adults and children alike will enjoy coloring the variety of designs in this book, which is based on natural geometric principles.

What is Sacred Geometry?

Sacred geometry are the naturally occurring patterns found everywhere we look. These universal designs can be found in the nautilus shell, the structure of atoms, and in the magnetic fields of the planets.

From ancient times, humankind has ascribed a spiritual significance to these forms, believing that God created the universe with an underlying geometric plan. Our ancestors studied their mathematical structure, found them inherently sound, and used them in the construction of buildings and objects. The ancient Greeks, among others, adapted their forms into both art and architecture, creating works that still stand today in both physical presence and influence.

These ratios, forms, and formulas (which can be infinitely complex) don't have to be studied in a scholarly fashion to be appreciated. We can simply sit in peace and gaze at the fractal pattern in a leaf or the radial symmetry of a daisy. When we absorb these forms, much like our skin absorbs vitamins from the energy from our sun, our innermost being resonates and harmonizes with the creation around us.

This grown-up coloring book is a collection of some of the commonly used shapes and patterns associated with sacred geometry. As you direct your hands to apply color to the natural forms in this book, my wish is that you feel that inner peace that comes from being in harmony with the universe that you are an integral part of.

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ISBN-13: 9781944943004
Publisher: Mythmaker Media
Publication date: 02/09/2016
Pages: 72
Sales rank: 935,605
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