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Colour Your Way to Creative Consciousness!

Colour Your Way to Creative Consciousness!

by Ma Nithya Sudevi


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-This colouring book is for all ages and all skill levels.

-Although the official page count says 112, there are 50 illustrations to colour, 2 bordered pages for your own drawing pleasure, plus 4 pages of text. The reverse side of each colouring page is left blank to allow you to colour in the book directly without ruining reverse-side images.

-Left side margins are made large enough for easy page removal and photocopying- great for teachers!

- Line drawings are grey dot-matrix, not solid black, so even these can be coloured! Overdraw the outlines in your colour of choice with a fine liner, felt pen, highlighter, marker, coloured pencil or crayon to add an even more personal touch to your finished piece.

- Though some pages are specifically drawn to be challenging, with tiny details and interwoven lines, not all drawings are difficult to colour. Some are very child-friendly, and also doodle-friendly, with large, sweeping pictures just waiting to be drawn into, embellished, or even painted over!

By colouring these original abstract drawings, you activate your higher awareness through right and left brain co-ordination. The left brain, which is responsible for organization, following rules, and utilizing motor skills, benefits from colouring in that the discipline relies on hand-eye co-ordination, and drawn lines as boundaries. The right brain, which is responsible for creative thought, spontaneity and personal expression, flourishes through colouring by choosing colours, visualizing and making spontaneous decisions. When both sides are working in harmony- when we have both linear and creative thinking- we can reach a state beyond thought: intuition.

Many psychologists recommend creative colouring as art therapy, since it occupies the mind so completely that, while engaged in the art form, no mental room is left for worries, stress, doubts or fear. While in the 'creative zone,' ideas and solutions to challenges faced in life will often come to us intuitively, without mental effort. For this reason, some forward-thinking companies actually provide activities like colouring to their creative and executive teams to boost productivity and innovation!

Sudevi recommends being open in your approach to this book. You can colour the images with pencil crayons or fine tip felt pens if you choose to, but you can also photocycopy a page onto cotton rag paper and fill it in with watercolour paints, as seen on the cover image. You can enlarge a page to poster size, hang it on your wall, and invite guests to add colour to it when company visits. You can choose to draw inside and around the drawings instead of colouring them in, and 'finish' the doodles that don't cover the full page. You can even print a page onto a t-shirt to colour in with fabric paint as a unique and highly personal fashion statement.

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ISBN-13: 9781484107508
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 04/15/2013
Pages: 112
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.23(d)

About the Author

Swaroopapriya is known for her popular YouTube channel featuring video discourses about spirituality, religion, politics, and more. Her enthusiasm for art goes back to her very early childhood when, even as a toddler, she would sit for hours on end with a felt pen and paper, making lines, dots, squiggles and shapes. It's been her passion ever since to share these with others, not only by showing her own artwork in galleries and commercial spaces, but also by encouraging those who admire it try making some spontaneous doodle art of their own. Though she studied art for two years at the Emily Carr University of Art, the kind of drawings you see in this book are a style she's had throughout her life. She hopes this book will inspire you to explore your own creative side, and find joy in it's expression!

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