Colton's Twin Secrets

Colton's Twin Secrets

by Justine Davis

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ISBN-13: 9781488093166
Publisher: Harlequin
Publication date: 09/01/2018
Series: The Coltons of Red Ridge , #9
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 288
Sales rank: 60,981
File size: 1 MB

About the Author

Justine Davis lives on Puget Sound in Washington State, watching big ships and the occasional submarine go by, and sharing the neighborhood with assorted wildlife, including a pair of bald eagles, deer, a bear or two, and a tailless raccoon. In the few hours when she's not planning, plotting, or writing her next book, her favorite things are photography, knitting her way through a huge yarn stash, and driving her restored 1967 Corvette roadster—top down, of course.

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Colton's Twin Secrets 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Booklover225 More than 1 year ago
Thank you Harlequin Romantic, I received a digital copy of the book from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review. I liked this book it is sweet, funny and has drama and intrigue. The characters will captivate you. Dante Mancuso is a K9 officer. He's unmarried, and is the only one in his family to go straight and abide by the law. He and his K9 Flash are trying to find evidence to tie the Teflon Twins to their multitude of crimes. While searching a house Flash finds crucial evidence. However, before they can get out of the house bullets fly from the street and tires screech in the getaway. Then a horrendous crash is heard and the perp crashes into another car killing the occupants and gets away. To his horror Dante sees that the other car is none other than his own notorious brother and wife. Even if he is estranged from his lawless family seeing his only brother and wife dead is a shock. With greater shock he remembers they have twin six month old daughters. What will become of them? To his utter disbelief he finds out his brother left their care to him should anything happen to them. What is he going to do with two six month old babies! As he sits in the station house with two babies in carriers he panics to find a nanny. Gemma, a very very rich reportedly spoiled twenty something is searching for a way to prove to the man who broke up with her that she can be maternal When she hears about Dante needing a nanny she asks for the job. Dante looks at her like she's crazy. The rich girl standing in front of him with spike heels and clothes that do not come from any store he could even afford to walk by wants to take the job. She begs him to give her a chance. One the twins starts to give an ear piercing cry creating complaints from other officers. Gemma steps in and takes over. Getting a burp accompanied by some milk down her thousand dollar blouse that can't be cleaned she doesn't even notice she is so happy she did it. Smiling and talking to the babies while Dante checks up on her with people he trusts who just happen to be related to Gemma. Ok he gives her a chance but she has to move in with him can she do that? And what will she say about his apartment with two bedrooms and a den and a K9. This book has such a good feel to it. The communication between Dante and Gemma and what they endure keeping the babies safe and secure while a killer wants them all dead. Gemma proves to be of better character than her reputation suggests. She is proving she can be nurturing so her boyfriend will take her back. However, Dante's body and close proximity is quite disturbing and she doesn't know why. She loves the other guy right? Entertaining, keeps your interest and quick great read with some adult content.
LynnB888 More than 1 year ago
4 1/2 STARS! A life they never expected! With another trip to Red Ridge, we get the story of a cop out to track down the troublemaking Teflon Twins who gets sidetracked with a personal crisis and gets aid from none other than Gemma Colton. A little less intrigue in this one than we might have become used to in a Red Ridge story, but the adorable life with twin babies makes up for it with the heartstring pulling it brings. A really sweet one! K-9 officer Dante Mancuso is used to life with just his partner Flash by his side, but when an accident happens, he finds himself suddenly the guardian of his infant twin nieces. He's a single guy with no immediate plans for settling down, so what does he know about babies? Absolutely nothing ... and panic is ensuing! Heiress Gemma Colton is tired of being thought of as an air-head with nothing to offer, and she's determined to somehow find a way to prove that she can be a wife and mom like the best of them when she decides she wants to be. Dante's emergency gives her the perfect opportunity to step in and offer her services as the live-in nanny he desperately needs. Before long, she finds herself liking the baby girls and their sexy uncle a little bit too much!
MalkaShayna More than 1 year ago
I received a free advanced copy of this book from the This is my unbiased and voluntary review. This is a round robin like series, with each book penned by a different author. The Colton family has a large presence in Red Ridge, some of the branches wealthy, some not so much and even some on the criminal side. K9 office Dante Mancuso's family are all criminals, but that was not the life he wanted to live. He has worked hard to pull himself away from that life and only trusts his bloodhound partner, Flash. While working on a case, his brother, Dominic and sister-in-law, in the wrong place and the wrong time are killed in an auto "accident" and Dante finds himself the guardian of their 6 month old twin girls. Gemma Colton, youngest daughter of wealth Fenwick Colton, has been dating wealthy Devlin Harrington, after having dogged many men who were really out for her trust fund or connection to her father. But he breaks it off, claiming it is because she has no maternal instinct. To show him she does, she volunteers to be the nanny for the twins. And finds out that her instincts were there all along, just the man was wrong. When the lives of Gemma and the twins are threatened, Dante realizes the gift his brother gave him, but can he keep them all safe and can he get over Gemma's wealthy background? On the pro side, the characters were well developed and appealing, so the reader cares what happens to them and the scenario, intriguing. Since I have read some of the previous books, I am already familiar with some of the characters and "The Groom Killer", but new readers would be confused, so it would have been helpful, especially since the previous books were written by other authors, to have some sort of Cast of Characters or Prologue. That some many male characters had names begining with D, was very confusing. In addition, there was no secret about the twins, so the title, really doesn't work.