Comanche Canyon

Comanche Canyon

by Blushing Books, April Hill

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Comanche Canyon by Blushing Books

With no means of support and a young son to care for, strong-willed widow Abigail Lindemann agrees to marry Eben Donahue, a Texas rancher she's never met. On her arrival, though, mail-order-bride Abby finds the isolated ranch primitive and lonely and her surly new husband a rare presence. When their cabin is attacked by a band of hostile Comanche, Eben is killed, and Abigail and her son are rescued by Eben's friend, former army scout Daniel Cameron. After a perilous trek through Comanche territory, they reach the home of Daniel's adoptive parents, Elijah and Martha.

When Daniel returns to the cabin to see that Eben is properly buried, Abby tries to follow him, an error in judgment that results in their being captured and forced to live among the Comanche until they're either ransomed or sold. To protect Abby from being claimed in marriage by a vicious war chief called Smoke, they pretend to be man and wife. The ruse works, but Abby soon learns firsthand how hard the life of a Comanche woman can be in a world where a husband holds absolute authority over his wife. The couple is guarded day and night by a querulous old woman who has grown suspicious of them, forcing Daniel to play the role of stern husband convincingly - by taking a strap or a switch to his often disobedient and disrespectful "wife."

With their lives in constant danger from Smoke, whose growing lust for Abby has made him a treacherous enemy, they plan an escape, aided by a sympathetic young Comanche woman - Smoke's pregnant wife.

As Abby and Daniel make their way home across the arid plain, fighting hunger and exposure, their mutual antagonism begins to grow into love. Their stormy relationship is complicated, though, by Abby's stubborn streak and by Daniel's determination to protect the woman he has grown to love from her impulsive and often dangerous actions. Always ready to argue her point, even when she's dead wrong, Abby soon learns that the man she loves is just as ready to argue his point - by locating the nearest hairbrush and taking her across his knee.

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BN ID: 2940148992745
Publisher: Blushing Books Publications
Publication date: 01/04/2014
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
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About the Author

April Hill is a best-selling author of women’s romance, known for her wry humor, sensitive character development and of course, the love.

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Comanche Canyon 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Redrabbitt More than 1 year ago
Western Domestic Discipline COMANCHE CANYON by April Hill Widowed Abigail and her son Jamie travel from Kansas to Texas as a mail-ordered bride to a man, Eben who is rarely around.  Not much of a marriage, and she pretty much does what she wants.  She shoots at a man named Daniel Cameron who turns her over his knee and gives her a well deserved spanking. Three months later Daniel rescues Abigail and Jamie when Comanche raid the ranch and kill everyone.  He takes them to town and plans to return to the ranch to bury the dead and she sneaks and follows him. They are captured by the Comanche and must convince them they are husband and wife or else he would be killed and she would become the chief's newest wife.  Women are spanked harshly to keep them in line and he must spank her with witnesses on several occasions.  They eventually are able to ride away from the Comanche camp and get to a town 60 miles away. Lots of "domestic discipline" in the story with HEA.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I just loved this story! Westerns are one of my favorite's, so this was most definitely up my alley! The characters were all extremely well written. Daniel was a strong, well-meaning and kind alpha male (believe it or not!) He was clearly trying to show our heroine, Abby, the error of her ways!! Now Abby was a fantastic character, too. Full of sass, full of opinions, and definitely in need of some satisfaction in the bedroom (she had not been lucky in love!) There were lots of great extra characters in the story that made it even more enjoyable! I loved it!!
MarybethR More than 1 year ago
A good western! Abigail’s husband has died and they have no money. So, she answers an ad for a “wife wanted’ by Eben Donahue. She corresponds with him and agrees to come to Texas to marry him. She and her son Jamie take the train and it is a long journey. When they get to Texas, they find it is another two day journey to Eben’s “camp”. Neither is very happy about it. But, they get there and she does marry Eben. He only asks for his husbandly rights very infrequently. And it is a “slam, bam, thank you, ma’am” kind of thing. After three months, the Comanche come and kill everyone in the camp except Abigail and Jaime. Eben’s friend, Daniel, rescues them and takes them to town. When they go back to get the money that Eben had hidden, they are captured by the Comanche. They pretend to be man and wife to keep Abigail safe from Smoke, an Indian chief. There are lots of spankings that are ‘encouraged’ by the Comanche as Abigail is not the proper sort of wife. But, Daniel does his best to keep her safe and eventually, they do find love together. I really enjoyed this story. There was good character development and enough background information to make everything make sense. I liked Daniel’s character. He didn’t spank for the sake of spanking and he always had a good reason, except for when forced into it by Elk Woman, an old Comanche woman who watched them. It didn’t portray Native Americans as any more blood thirsty than white men were. I liked that as well.